Abe reunites with Lexie in the afterlife on Days of Our Lives
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When Paulina becomes impatient waiting for word on Abe at the hospital, Eli leaves to seek information. Julie shows up to offer support to Paulina and Lani. She reminisces about meeting Abe when he was working a case that involved her son David, Eli’s father. She says, “It just hit me. Abe has been a part of our lives for 40 years.” She knows he’ll be around for many, many more. Paulina recounts her own meeting with Abe. She can’t believe she’s engaged to him eight months later. She declares, “I can’t lose him now.”

Kayla scrambles in the E.R. to save Abe. Eli walks in as Abe flatlines. Kayla turns to him and says, “He’s gone.” Eli urges her to do something. Kayla declares she won’t give up and performs chest compressions.

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Julie and Lani look at an anguished Paulina at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

Eli rejoins the group in the lobby. Paulina asks if Abraham is going to be all right. He tells them they’re still working on him. Lani says she was waiting to call her brothers, but she doesn’t think she should wait any longer. Eli pulls his wife aside and supports her as she calls Theo. Meanwhile, Julie commiserates with Paulina over feeling helpless. Julie talks about not being able to see Doug. Paulina’s incensed and offers to get her lawyer on it. Julie thanks her. She believes their men know they are with them. Until they can hold them again, Julie suggests they be there for each other. Paulina says, “Thank you… my friend.” They hug.

Lani tells Julie and Paulina that Theo’s on his way back, but she couldn’t get a hold of Brandon. Lani says Abe is the dad she always dreamed of. They were robbed of so many years. This can’t be the end. Paulina looks guilty.

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Eli watches Lani talk on the phone at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

Abe finds himself in a brightly lit area surrounded by green bushes, flowers and a bench. He looks around and says, “Lexie?” A woman, obscured by the light, says, “Hello, Abe.” Abe tells Lexie he misses her. She’s still in his heart, and their son Theo’s. He hugs her and then recounts their journey to conceive. Abe tells Lexie she lives on in their son. “And so will we both.” Next, he recalls how she struggled, but understands now she had a lot to overcome. Abe flashes back to confronting Lexie about the baby switch involving Zach.

Abe says there are always difficult times, but the hardest thing of all for him was losing her. He remembers holding her next to a bench among the greenery as she slipped away. Abe thinks they can be together again, now. Lexie says, “No, Abe. We can’t.” She’ll be there waiting, but it’s not his time yet. Abe agrees. His children, grandchildren, friends and Paulina need him. He kisses her and says, “I’ll be seeing you in my heart. And so will Theo. I will be seeing you in his smile.” Abe lets go of her hand as he turns to walk away.

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Kayla performs CPR on Abe in the E.R. on Days of Our Lives

Back in the E.R., the nurse urges Kayla to stop compressions and call it. Kayla reluctantly says, “Time of death…” Then, the monitor starts beeping. She exclaims, “We have a heartbeat!”

Kayla meets with the family. She tells them it looks like Abe will pull through. Lani and Paulina visit Abe in his room. He opens his eyes. The women tell Abe how much they love him. Lexie looks on from behind the women. She turns to walk out the door.

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Paulina and Lani at Abe's hospital bedside on Days of Our Lives

John recoils upon MarDevil confirming his suspicions that Marlena’s possessed again. John places his hand near the holy water to splash her, but MarDevil prepared for that. She puts her hand in it making the water glow red and bubble. MarDevil explains that Marlena couldn’t bear to let Doug die so she let Satan back in. John wonders why Satan came back for Marlena now. MarDevil explains she waited and waited for years. She finally got her chance by using Doug. John realizes Doug did all those things to Julie. MarDevil says she took care of Doug, but now John knows about her — and that’s a problem.

John says, “I beat you once and I’m going to beat you again.” He’s going to get his wife back. He talks directly to Doc, urging her not to surrender. MarDevil shouts, “She can’t hear you.” Internally, Marlena says she can hear John. His love is making her stronger. MarDevil falters, but eventually regains power. She raises her hand, which sends John flying against the wall.

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John hurtles past a stained glass window in a church on Days of Our Lives

MarDevil steps over a motionless John on the floor. She says, “I have waited a lifetime for this.” She picks up a candle holder and raises it, but Marlena yells out for her not to kill him. MarDevil relents, but knows she can’t leave John there in this condition. She drags John away.

MarDevil drags John by the leg in St. Luke's on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Kristen’s back, and Lucas confronts Brady.

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