John is face to face with MarDevil in front of a stained glass window at St. Luke's on Days of Our Lives
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Over the phone, MarDevil tells the nurse at Bayview to stall Eli and Julie until she gets there. After hanging up, she says it’s time Julie learned to leave well enough alone.

“Marlena” shows up at Bayview as Julie and Eli demand to see Doug. When “Marlena” refuses to allow it, Eli chimes in. “Marlena” may have the authority to keep Doug from having visitors, but he has the authority to question Doug about a crime. Eli smirks and says he wants to hear more about how “Marlena” tried to kill him. “Marlena” gives them a bunch of doctor speak about everything that’s happened. Julie accuses her of not being compassionate. She says even “Marlena’s” eyes are cold. Julie just doesn’t know her anymore.

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abe grabs his chest shot days

Abe is shot in the park. Jake rushes to his side as Abe falls to the ground. Carmine throws the gun and runs. Jake calls for an ambulance.

Rafe shows up with the paramedics. He sees the gun and arrests Jake, as Gabi runs into Carmine outside of Brady’s Pub. She knows who he is. She assumes Philip brought him there, but Carmine says Jake has bigger problems. He runs off.

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jake tends to abe shot days
Back at Bayview, Eli gets a call from Rafe about Abe. Eli hangs up and leaves to tell Lani. “Marlena” offers to drive Julie home, but Julie wants to be with her family at the hospital. “Marlena” suggests they pray at St. Luke’s instead. Julie pulls out her rosary, causing MarDevil to flinch. She tells Julie to put it away until they get to church. Julie apologizes for “demonizing” her earlier.

In Doc’s office, John listens to Marlena’s recording of her session with Doug, but he only hears Marlena’s voice. He realizes Marlena isn’t talking to Doug. He wonders who is in the room. Kayla enters. She’s furious to see John there again trying to access patient information. John pleads with her to listen to the recording. Kayla gets a call about Abe who’s being brought in now.

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In the interrogation room, Jake remains mum when Rafe questions him. He wants his lawyer. Rafe assures Jake, if he is responsible for Abe’s shooting, he won’t rest until he pays. He hands Jake the phone and leaves. Jake calls Gabi.

Gabi rushes into the interrogation room. She asks if he’s there because of Carmine, who she saw at the Pub. Jake tells her the whole story. Gabi blames Philip and Ava for putting this whole thing in motion by trying to steal her company. Jake says that Abe has to pull through for all the people who love him.

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At Lani’s, Paulina says there’s something they need to discuss. After Paulina talks about family, she tells Lani she’s more than just her niece. She says, “The truth is…” Eli walks in. He tells them Abe’s been shot.

Lani, Eli and Paulina arrive at the hospital. John doesn’t have any details yet. Paulina walks away to get some. Lani follows. Eli tells John he left Julie and “Marlena” at Bayview. When Eli mentions Julie texted to say they’re going to St. Luke’s, John runs off.

In the ER, Kayla and her team work on Abe. His blood pressure starts to drop. Paulina bursts in. Kayla tells her she can’t be in there. Paulina says Abe needs to know she’s there for him. Lani arrives and pulls her aunt out of the room.

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Back with Eli in the waiting room, Paulina wonders why Abe was shot. She asks if Abe was targeted because he’s Black. Eli hopes not, but he will follow up with Rafe. Paulina assures Lani they will all get through this and then celebrate her and Abe’s wedding.

Back in the E.R., Kayla urges Abe to fight as he flatlines.

mardevil tries to attack julie days

As Julie prays at St. Luke’s, MarDevil silently talks to God. She asks how it feels to have her back in his sacred space again. She has a sacrifice for him: Julie. MarDevil plans to drown her right where her great-grandbabies were baptized. “Nothing says Satan has returned like a little drowning in the house of God.” MarDevil chuckles to herself. When Julie is finished praying, Marlena rushes to attack her from behind. John’s sudden presence stops her in her tracks. John suggests Julie head to the hospital. He side-eyes “Marlena.”

After Julie leaves, John tells “Marlena” he knows she’s the one who attacked Julie and caused all of this. “It’s you isn’t it,” he yells. “You have possessed my wife again, haven’t you?” John is ready for her and will battle her for his wife. MarDevil smiles. “Aren’t you the clever one John Black,” she purrs. John recoils as MarDevil’s eyes glow. She says, “You’re precious Marlena is mine now.”

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