In sweats and a tank top, a stressed looking Jake sits up in bed. His arms rest on his bent knees. His hands are clasped.
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Ben and Ciara wake up in bed together. He’s happy he came around on their baby making project, because it’s so “awesome.” They make out. After sex, Ben wonders if they already made a baby. He kisses her belly, as she reminds him there might not be one yet. He says they should keep trying and suggests the shower.

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Ben kisses the top of Ciara's head in bed on Days of Our Lives

Jake looks stressed as he sits in bed. He stands and pulls out a gun. To himself, he says, there’s no way in hell he’ll let Philip steal Gabi’s company away from her. Wrapped in a towel, Gabi enters the room. He stashes the gun. Gabi says they need to figure out how to stop Philip. All that’s important right now to Jake is the woman he loves looking sexy as hell. Jake says he’d do anything to make her happy. She says, “Anything?” They passionately kiss. Her towel drops as they fall onto the bed.

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Jake and a towel clad Gabi in each other's arms on Days of Our Lives

Ben and Ciara run into Jake and Gabi outside Brady’s Pub. As the women go into the restaurant, Jake shows Ben his gun. He tells his friend what’s going on with Philip. Ben thinks there’s got to be a better way to handle things. Jake assures him he’s not going to kill anyone. He just needs it to persuade Carmine, a.k.a., Philip’s witness against him, to keep his mouth shut. When Jake gets a text from Carmine to meet, Ben offers to go with him. Jake refuses and leaves.

Inside the Pub, Ciara tells Gabi she wants to work for her at Gabi Chic. Gabi informs her Philip fired her. Ben joins them. He looks nervous when Gabi asks where Jake is.

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Abe and Paulina lean in for a kiss on Days of Our Lives

At home, Abe kisses on Paulina as she tries to plan their wedding. Abe offers up Marlena as an officiate. Paulina looks concerned as she recalls confessing she’s Lani’s mother to the doc. But after hearing how much it means to Abe, she agrees. He suggests they go over to John and Marlena’s right now.

At home, MarDevil texts Ben. She asks how the procreation is going. John walks in as Julie knocks on the door. She barrels through demanding to be allowed to see her husband. MarDevil responds that Doug is dangerous. John pleads Julie’s case, but MarDevil isn’t having it. Julie storms out.

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John's and Julie's eyes widen as they face MarDevil on Days of Our Lives

Abe and Paulina pass Julie on her way out. They share their engagement news and ask “Marlena” to officiate. Before she agrees, MarDevil says there’s something Abe needs to know. Paulina’s face falls. After making her sweat, MarDevil says she needs to hear from Tamara herself that she’s fine with their union. Once that happens, she’ll be thrilled to do it.

When John and Abe leave to go suit shopping, Paulina confronts “Marlena” about almost outting her secret. MarDevil grins. It did cross her mind, but Paulina’s the one who needs to tell Abe and Lani the truth. Paulina doesn’t know how she can break Abe’s heart like that. MarDevil says it’s imperative for a woman of faith like herself to tell the truth. If she doesn’t, “God have mercy on your soul.”

After getting coffee in the Square, John tells Abe how “off” Marlena’s been acting. Abe asks if John thinks his wife is possessed again. John just thinks she’s in trouble and needs his help. He needs to listen to Doug’s session tape.

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MarDevil gives Paulina a cool look as the latter holds her finger up while speaking on Days of Our Lives

Lani finds Eli eating key lime pie on their couch. She takes the plate out of his hands, sits on his lap, and feeds him a bite. She kisses a crumb off his lips.

Later, as Eli and Lani rearrange their clothes, Eli says, “So much for making it to the bedroom.” Lani marvels over how easily they’ve been to able keep up their “extracurricular activities” going despite having kids. Eli declares them honeymooners for life.

Later, Julie pounds on their door. She rants about “Marlena” not letting her see Doug. Lani doesn’t think there’s anything they can do. Eli offers to take his grandmother to Bayview as an officer of the law.

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John furrows his brow as he holds his phone close to his ear on Days of Our Lives

As Paulina stops by Lani’s place, MarDevil delights in all hell breaking loose. “Marlena” then gets a call from Bayview. The nurse informs her Julie Williams and a detective are there to see Doug.

John breaks into Marlena’s desk. He plays the recording of Doug’s session.

Jake meets with Carmine in the park. When he can’t strike a deal with him to keep quiet, he pulls his gun. Carmine laughs and disarms him. Abe walks up, demanding to know what’s going on. Carmine swings the gun to Abe, as Jake lunges for it. The gun goes off. Abe looks stunned and touches blood oozing from his jacket.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Jake is in police custody, and John makes a shocking discovery.

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