EJ seethes at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives
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Bonnie is taken away as Jack comes to see Gwen at their cell. After Jack and Gwen rehash what’s happened, Gwen asks Jack to give Xander a message from her.

In their cell, Xander and Justin speculate on what Victor could possibly give Trask in exchange for their freedom. Xander is doubly confused over Victor wanting to help him, considering they’re not on the best of terms. Justin reminds his cousin, he’s family. That’s Victor’s bottom line. A guard comes to get Justin.

Jack visits Xander. He relays that Gwen wants to take the sole blame. Xander insists she can’t do that and tells Jack about Victor’s deal with Trask. Jack wonders Victor could have that’d make Trask drop the charges.

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Xander and Justin face each other while standing in a jail cell on Days of Our Lives

The guard brings Justin to the interrogation room where Bonnie is handcuffed to a chair. Justin explains to a surprised Bonnie he’s there as her lawyer since he technically hasn’t been convicted or disbarred. The guard gives them five minutes. Bonnie dissolves into tears over what she’s done to him. Justin tells her to stop. They only have five minutes. After assuring her he still loves her, Bonnie orders him to look out for himself. He needs to do whatever he can to get out of there. Justin tells her about Victor’s deal. There’s hope for them, but he doesn’t want to talk about their case. He wants to talk about them. Whatever happens, he still wants to marry her, even if it’s in the Statesville cafeteria.

Back in her cell, Bonnie fills Gwen in on her meeting with Justin, while Justin runs into Jack in the squad room. Justin flashes to learning Gwen is keeping a huge secret from Jack. He tells his eager brother-in-law that finding out the truth could open up a whole new can of worms.

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Justin and Bonnie reach across the table to clasp hands in the interrogation room on Days of Our Lives

At home, Abigail shows Chad an online article about Gwen’s arrest for trying to bribe a judge. Chad thinks Gwen offering up sex is too much even for Gwen. Abigail counters her sister claims she used to be a sex worker, but she doesn’t believe it. They muse on what Gwen is really trying to cover up. Abigail opines the worst thing for Gwen would be for Jack to discover she’s done something to hurt his family. Chad suggests they forget about Gwen and just focus on their family. Abigail can’t. She knows Snyder must have known about something Gwen did to Jack. She needs to protect her father, which means they need to find out what Gwen did. Abigail thinks Kayla might be able to find something in Snyder’s office.

After Abigail sends Kayla a text, she thanks Chad for really listening to her tonight. It felt like they were “us” again. She wants it to stay that way. It’s starting to feel like home again. Chad kisses her.

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Abby and Chad talk on the couch at the DiMera mansion on Days of Our Lives

EJ comes to Nicole’s place to ask for a do-over on their date. She says it’s been a long day and Holly’s at a sleepover. She just wants to relax. EJ promises to get her back early. He tempts her by ensuring a martini will be waiting for her. Nicole agrees, but asks for a minute to “fix up.” EJ assures her she’s doesn’t need fixing.

Steve meets Kayla at Julie’s Place for dinner. She vents her frustration over Marlena keeping Julie from Doug. Steve then says Victor wants him to find Kristen in exchange for Xander and Justin’s freedom. They agree it’s unfair to free Victor’s family while Gwen and Bonnie languish behind bars. Steve has a plan. When he finds Kristen, he will go around Victor and tell Trask to drop the charges against all of them. Kayla thinks it’s too dangerous. Not only because of Victor, but Kristen as well — she kills people. Besides, how will he track her down? EJ and Nicole enter. Steve thinks the answer just walked through the door.

As EJ and Nicole dine at a nearby table, Steve and Kayla speculate on what EJ could know. Kayla doesn’t think EJ would give up his sister, but Steve thinks Nicole might. Kayla suggests they get Nicole alone.

At their table, Nicole brings up their kiss to EJ. He apologizes if he overstepped. Nicole doesn’t think they’re a good idea. EJ counters it could be fun to see what happens, reminding her their fun used to be spectacular. Nicole says if he buys her another martini, they could talk about it. Kayla stumbles over, pretending to be drunk. She spills her drink on EJ. He seethes as she loudly suggests he go to the bathroom to clean up.

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Nicole and EJ toast at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

Once he’s gone, Steve and Kayla ask Nicole about Kristen. She wishes she could help, but she doesn’t know anything. Steve thinks there could be answers in EJ’s phone. Nicole reluctantly agrees to let Steve mess with it. EJ returns, prompting Steve and Kayla to leave. Outside, Steve tells Kayla he can trace EJ’s phone and hopefully track drown Kristen.

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