John and Marlena glare at each other while sitting up in bed on Days of Our Lives
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Brady is surprised to find Chloe at Basic Black so late in the evening. Refusing to believe she’s simply catching up on work, he questions the beauty who finally admits that after yet another fight with Philip, she moved out. Brady applauds Chloe for having broken up with Philip, but she says that’s not what happened. She always intended to move out once she recovered, she insists, adding that she and Philip are simply slowing things down, not calling them quits. She still thinks that if Philip gets his act together, they could have a chance. “I fell in love with him in high school, and I’m not ready to give up on him,” she insists.

Chloe faces Brady in front of the Basic Black sign on Days of Our Lives

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Brady wishes Chloe the best, even if he doesn’t sound all that enthusiastic. Given that Chloe has nowhere to go, having moved out impulsively, Brady suggests she stay with him. Flabbergasted, Chloe points out that doing so would make Philip’s head explode. He kinda sorta backtracks, pointing out she wouldn’t be living with him, per se, but rather John and Marlena. (I’m sure Philip will see the difference, right?) Rather than run the risk, she decides to get a room at the Salem Inn, and Brady offers to help with her bags. Of course, Philip sees Chloe and Brady entering the Inn together.

Meanwhile, Kate comes across Philip and, taking one look at his sad face, knows what’s going on. “Every time you’re like a puppy in a thunderstorm,” she quips, “it’s because of Chloe!” She calls his pouting boring, accusing him of being “like Hamlet on downers.” When he explains that Chloe moved out, Kate asks, “Are you just saying that because you know it’s what I want to hear?”

After running through a few more jokes at Chloe’s expense, Kate suggests that Philip accept his latest dumping with some dignity and self-respect. (As if!) Suggesting that the pot might be calling the kettle black, he replies, “This coming from a woman who pretended to be blind and have amnesia!” Eventually, she admits to feeling bad for him, but says she hates seeing Chloe hurt him over and over again. Having a moment of self-awareness, Philip admits it’s not Chloe’s fault, it’s his own for being so jealous of Brady.

At the pub, Roman admits to Lucas that following his talk with John, he’s no longer funding Johnny’s movie. Soon, Kate arrives with Phillip, suggesting they join Lucas for a family dinner. Lucas says Philip needs to calm down, stay clear of Brady and give Chloe some space. Kate, on the other hand, suggests giving Chloe the heave-ho.

Later, Roman is a bit stand-offish with Kate. When she questions why, he says she’s made it pretty clear that she’s not interested in him the way he is her. They can just stay friends, he says. “We are friends,” she responds, to which he snarks, “You don’t treat me like a friend… you treat me like an incompetent waiter!” Reluctantly, Kate admits she’s bothered by the fact that he was right about her relationship with Jake. Hearing him say “I told you so” would be humiliating, so instead, she’s kept him at arm’s length. Instead, Roman says he’s sorry he was right and calls Jake a moron for not seeing that she’s the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Roman and Kate sit across a table from each other in Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

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Acknowledging all the amazing ways in which Roman is an awesome guy, Kate points out she’s way too screwed up to start anything despite how attracted she is to him. “It’s easier for me to ridicule my son’s emotional life than to talk about my own,” she sighs. Roman agrees to give her space until she’s ready to let him in.

Johnny pitches woo in the park and asks Chanel if she wants to make out. Instead, she warns him he might face a roadblock in Marlena, but the young filmmaker tells his girlfriend that his grandmother has given his project two enthusiastic thumbs up. Chantel is surprised, and even Johnny admits he’s baffled by Marlena’s change of heart, not to mention that she snapped at John when he tried to stand in the production’s way. Chanel wonders if perhaps Johnny should respect his father’s objections since the movie would be telling his story, too, but he’s determined to move forward.

Johnny smiles as he puts a flower in Chanel's hair in the Square on Days of Our Lives

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Johnny catches Chanel up on the latest casting developments, including that his dad is going to play John opposite Abigail’s Marlena. “Doesn’t it worry you that you’ve assembled a cast with some complicated histories?” Chanel asks. (Not raised? The question I have: “Doesn’t it worry you that you’ve assembled a cast with absolutely no acting experience whatsoever?” But moving on… ) Johnny hopes that he can channel the real-life tensions into on-set drama. He and Chanel head over to Allie’s to pick up her contract.

Having just finished work, Tripp shows up at Allie’s to find that she hasn’t made dinner. As they’re preparing to order out, he finds the contract Johnny dropped off, but Allie says she won’t sign on to play Sami until Marlena agrees to have her story put on film. When she can’t figure out how to mend Henry’s blanket, Tripp offers to do so, asking if Nicole might have a sewing needle. “Only if you use it to make a martini,” laughs Allie. As the self-proclaimed Boy Scout begins fixing the blanket, Allie whips up dinner.

Allie and Tripp hold hands on Days of Our Lives

Chanel and Johnny arrive at Allie’s to pick up her contract. Seeing Tripp sewing the blanket, Johnny jokingly asks if he wants to do costumes for the movie. Allie hands over the contract, surprised to hear that Marlena changed her mind. “Let the filming begin!” says an excited Johnny, although his twin seems far less enthusiastic. “My whole life, I’ve spent vowing to never become my mother and now I’m going to be playing her in a movie!”

Once Chanel and Johnny leave, Tripp shows Allie the blanket he’s finished fixing… having even stitched in Henry’s initials. His efforts earn him a kiss. (And hopefully, the dinner he’s been awaiting since the episode’s beginning!) Meanwhile, Chanel tells Johnny that after careful consideration, she’s decided that she’d like to play Celeste in his movie. “I like that she could see what everyone else couldn’t,” explains the young woman. “She knew before anyone else that evil had come to Salem.”

Hair blowing through her bedroom, Marlena remembers some of the awful things which took place the last time she was possessed, including her holiday rampage and John performing the exorcism. As the lights flicker, Marlena shouts “Finally, we are one!” Somehow John, on the other side of the bedroom door, doesn’t hear what’s going on inside as he knocks. By the time he enters, things have returned to normal in the bedroom and Marlena’s reading the script… swearing sunglasses. A skeptical John questions his wife, who says she’s wearing the sunglasses because she was getting glare off the pages. “The last time you started wearing sunglasses inside,” says John, “was when you were possessed!”

John crosses his arms, staring at MarDevil, who sits on the bed wearing sunglasses on Days of Our Lives

John points out that his wife has been acting strangely, and not simply because she’s wearing sunglasses. After all, she changed her mind about the movie, going from having nightmares one day to offering Johnny her support the next. She insists the reason she did that was to put a stop to all the whispers so John cuts to the chase and suggests she take the glasses off. She finds the suggestion “insulting,” but eventually does as he asked.

MarDevil's eyes glow as she sits in bed with the script on her lap on Days of Our Lives

“Are you satisfied?” asks Marlena when her eyes appear normal. “More relieved,” he admits. But he’s still concerned, as she hasn’t seemed like herself of late, and he’s not the only one who thinks so. He tells her that Kayla stopped by to ask why Marlena was keeping Doug from having visitors, including Julie. Marlena points out that Doug is a danger, having supposedly conked Julie over the head. The more John pushes, the more agitated Marlena gets, snapping that Kayla needs to come directly to her if she has concerns. John apologizes and leaves Marlena to read the script while he whips up dinner.

Of course, the second he leaves, MarDevil takes off the glasses and, eyes glowing, says that John’s attempt to trick her failed. Why? “Little does he know that I am so powerful, I can change my appearance.” However, John’s suspicions could, the devil muses, “become a problem… “

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