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Justin declares he’s in hell with Jack LaLanne as Xander does pushups in their shared cell. Xander knows he owes Justin so he’ll take him under his wing and show him how to survive prison life. When Justin scoffs, Xander blames himself again for Justin’s predicament so he’s going to look after him whether he likes it or not. Justin assures him he knew the risk he took by trying to extort the judge. They commiserate over the things they do for love. Xander thinks it was easier when he didn’t give a crap about anyone but himself. When Justin brings up Gwen’s sex work, Xander lets slip that’s not what Snyder was blackmailing her with. Justin wonders what she doesn’t want Jack to know. Xander implores his cousin to forget this conversation took place. Justin agrees not to say anything.

Xander sits shirtless on the floor of a jail cell talking to Justin, sitting on a cot, on Days of Our Lives

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After being moved for the third time, Bonnie discovers she’s landed in a cell with Gwen. She wonders what she’s in for. After hearing her story, Bonnie learns Justin has been arrested too. Bonnie cries. Everyone was right about her ruining his life. Gwen counters he must really love her to risk his freedom. Bonnie retorts Justin really loved his wife whose life she made hell. And now, she’s ruining his too. Even if Justin forgives her, she doesn’t think she can forgive herself. When talk turns to Xander, Bonnie can see how much Gwen cares about him.

Trask visits Victor at home after being summoned. She tells him he can forget trying to deal with her. She has no choice but to prosecute Justin to the fullest extent of the law. In fact, she has four defendants dead to rights. Victor doesn’t care about Gwen or Bonnie, just his nephews. She wonders what’s in it for her. He knows she doesn’t want money. She confirms, stating she just hates losing. Victor grins, declaring them soulmates. Trask says she needs something big in exchange for giving up two high-profile cases. She asks if he knows who she’s talking about. Victor smiles and says, “Oh, Madam District Attorney, I’m way ahead of you.”

Kayla watches as Steve makes a point to Jack in the Horton House living room on Days of Our Lives

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Steve visits Jack at the Horton House, while Kayla checks on Julie. After they rehash Doug not being allowed visitors and Justin’s arrest, Steve gets a text from Victor. Kayla stays behind as Steve leaves to see Victor, and Jack heads to the jail to see Gwen. Alone, Kayla gets a call from Bayview. She exclaims, “Dr. Evans did what?”

When Steve enters the mansion, Victor makes Steve an offer. He wants to hire Black Patch to find Kristen DiMera.

Trask visits Justin and Xander. She says if their Uncle Victor comes through, they might be off the hook.

Justin behind bars on Days of Our Lives

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At the penthouse, Marlena tells Johnny she wants him to make his movie about her. John doesn’t think she understands what the movie is really about, but she assures him she does. Johnny wonders if she’s sure. Marlena advises that when someone gives him exactly what he wants, he should take it and run. John again tries to get through to Marlena, who tells Johnny she wants front-row seats at the premiere. Johnny gives her the script and tells her to share any concerns she might have.

After Johnny leaves, John says to Marlena, “What the hell has gotten into you?” Marlena drops the script on the table wondering what he means. John can’t believe she has entrusted the most painful moment of her life to a kid who wants to make a movie on his phone. Marlena explains she wants Johnny to make the movie because everyone who loves her acts like her possession never happened. John counters they just don’t want to upset her. Marlena doesn’t like being handled. She doesn’t want to hide and wants people to know she’s not ashamed of it. John thinks it will make everything worse, but Marlena points out she was the one who was possessed. John reminds her, “And you still would be if it weren’t for me.” Marlena thinks John has unresolved issues about that period of time, but this is her decision and nothing will change her mind. She leaves the room to read the script.

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Kayla stops by John and Marlena’s. She tells John Bayview has no problem with Julie visiting Doug. It’s Marlena who extended the no visitor order. John admits his wife is not herself.

Through the white noise machine In the bedroom, Satan tells a startled Marlena, “It looks like you and I will be making a movie together.” She yells, “No!” Wind whips as the devil tells Marlena to let him in so they can be one. After Marlena remembers all the events of her last possession, her eyes glow and her voice changes. “Finally,” MarDevil declares, “We are one!” She cackles.

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