Chad angrily points his finger at Johnny as Abigail watching in the DiMera living room
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Philip brings Chloe apology flowers at the mansion. She throws them in the trash. She can’t handle hearing the same apology from him over and over again. She storms out, passing Jake on the way. He lashes out at Phil for blackmailing Gabi over his past. Jake says if he wants to fire someone Philip should fire him. Philip shrugs and obliges. After more bickering, Jake warns Philip Ava will feed him to the wolves to save her own hide and he won’t even see it coming. He reminds Philip that Brady took a bullet with Philip’s name on it last time he got mixed up with the mob. Next time, Philip might not be so lucky.

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Philip glowers as Johnny talks to him at the Kiriakis mansion on Days of Our Lives

Rafe and Ava find Gabi in the kitchen with breakfast and coffee ready for them. Rafe asks, “Who are you and what have you done with my sister?” She just wants them all to get along. Rafe is pleased and leaves for work.

Once Rafe’s gone, Gabi’s smile fades. She accuses Ava of giving Philip dirt on Jake. Ava gloats that once Gabi gives up Gabi Chic to protect Jake, it will become Ava Chic. Gabi wonders what Rafe will think about what she’s doing. Ava knows he’d dump her, but assumes Gabi won’t say anything because then he’d find out Jake helped cover up a murder. Gabi declares she won’t give up her company or Jake. Furthermore, when Rafe finds out what Ava tried to pull, it will send him straight into Nicole’s arms.

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Ava grins as she reaches out to a defiant Gabi's plate of food on Days of Our Lives

When Brady and Nicole arrive at Basic Black, they find a bouquet of flowers. They’re for Nicole from EJ. Brady can’t believe she’s falling for EJ’s crap again. Considering his drama with Chloe and Philip, Nicole thinks he’s the last person to dole out advice. Brady insists he’s staying out of Chloe and Philip’s relationship. In fact, he’s their biggest cheerleader. Chloe shows up.

After Nicole has left, Choe tells Brady what happened with Philip. She’s so tired of tiptoeing around his jealousy of Brady. Brady recalls how in love they were. They couldn’t get enough of one another. If he were Philip, he might be having a hard time as well. He assures Chloe he is always there for her. They hug as Philip stands in the doorway.

In the park, Jake pulls out a gun out of a brown paper bag.

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Rafe and Nicole talk on the bench outside Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

Nicole runs into Rafe outside Brady’s Pub. He offers her one of the donuts he bought at Sweet Bits. She reluctantly sits with him on the bench. As they indulge in donuts, they talk about their awkward encounter at Julie’s Place. Rafe can’t understand why she’d do anything with EJ after the way he treated her. Nicole thinks it might be her way of alleviating her loneliness and feeling attractive again. Rafe understands, but thinks she could do better than EJ. If Nicole had her way, she would have gone out with Rafe instead. She misses their friendship, but they have an agreement to keep their distance. Rafe admits he gets jealous every time he sees her with EJ. Nicole asks him not to say that because he is with Ava. They lock eyes. He says, “I know, but…”

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Chad and Abigial kiss while in bed on Days of Our Lives

Chad and Abigail wake up in bed. He knows everything isn’t resolved between them, but he hopes she feels as good as he does. She assures him he is where she wants him — in her bed and her life. However, she worries EJ will make trouble if Chad joins the movie. Chad isn’t worried about his brother.

Johnny bickers with EJ in the DiMera living room about his sudden interest in his film. He points out he could lose everything if Chad and Abby walk away when they find out he’s playing John. EJ suggests Johnny have them sign contracts before giving them the bad news. Johnny calls it underhanded, but he has no other options.

Chad and Abby grimmace while reading their contracts as Johnny watches with concern and EJ stands nearby on Days of Our Lives

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Chad and Abby enter the living room. EJ tells them he’s now an investor. Also, he drew up contracts for them. Abby signs on as the lead actress and Chad and EJ both as investors. Chad says they should draw up another one so he can play John Black. EJ announces he’s already signed a contract to play John opposite Abigail. Chad and Abby are incensed. Chad orders Johnny to rip up the contract. Johnny is sorry, but there’s nothing he can do now. He needed to get the movie made. It’s not personal. It’s just business. EJ needles Chad about his and Abigail’s past, while telling his brother he can play Roman, the cuckold instead. EJ makes comments about the conference table scene and leaves with a smirk.

Chad rails at Johnny, who leaves to finish casting the rest of his movie. Alone with her husband, Abigail assures Chad he is the man she loves. No one will get between them.

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