A shirtless and distraught looking Ben stares out his window on Days of Our Lives
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Outside Abby’s bedroom, she wonders if Chad wants to play John to her Marlena because he doesn’t trust her. Chad denies he’s jealous. He just thinks doing the movie together could bring them closer. He notes all the things John and Marlena have overcome, calling it a beautiful love story. It gives him hope they can come back together too. Maybe by the time the film is done, they can sleep in the same room. They coyly smile at each other. Chad knows she’s not ready for that now though. He’s just expressing hope for the future. Abigail says there’s nothing she wants more than to trust in their marriage and their love. He’ll wait as long as it takes. He loves her. He always has and he always will. Chad starts to walk away, but Abby grabs him. She appreciates his patience and understanding. He’s done everything she’s asked, so it’s time she let him back in.

Chad holds Abby’s face as he kisses her. Things turn more passionate as they stumble into the bedroom. As they start undressing each other, Chad picks Abby up and walks over to the bed.

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Abigail and Chad talk outside their bedroom door on Days of Our Lives

Abby lies in Chad’s arms after having sex. Chad asks his wife if this means they’re back together. She doesn’t want to shut him out anymore, but they still have a lot of things to work on. She doesn’t want to work on things alone though. She wants to do that together. Chad promises they will. She lays back on his chest as he circles his arms around her.

Roman stops by John’s to tell him he pulled his funding for Johnny’s movie. They have to do everything they can to protect Marlena. John says, “Amen to that.” Roman offers to be there if they need anything.

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A shirtless Chad carries Abby while kissing her on Days of Our Lives

As a sleeping Marlena levitates, the devil says he needs her to let him back in — tonight. Ben and Ciara’s baby is important for the future. “I want that baby,” he says. “I need that baby for myself.” He can feel Marlena fighting him so he thinks it’s time he shared exactly what he has in store. His plan is so monumental, so magnificent and it all begins with… John knocks on the door interrupting the devil’s speech. John tries to open it, but the door’s stuck.

John bursts through the door. He looks around the bedroom and sees Doc lying on the bed. She stirs awake. She wants to get dressed and talk to Ben. John thinks he’ll be fine. Right now, he’s more concerned about her. He gives her tea as he reluctantly informs her Johnny is focusing his movie on her possession. However, he assures Doc he won’t let Johnny make it. John declares everything in the past will stay in the past. It will be smooth sailing from here on out. John holds her as the white noise machine crackles.

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John leans on the bed close to Marlena to sits and looks at him on Days of Our Lives

In bed, Ciara wonders if she and Ben just made a baby. Suddenly, a gust of wind blows open the windows. Curtains billow and papers fly around the room. As Ben runs to close the double doors, Ciara asks if a storm is coming. Ben pants as he says everything looks clear. He hopes it wasn’t a bad omen. She wonders if he thinks an unknown force is trying to warn them not to get pregnant. He denies it, but she knows something is going on. Ben admits he’s still nervous about having a baby. She assures him she’s nervous too. Ben’s sorry for freaking out, but she could be pregnant right now. Ciara points out the odds are slim on the first try, but she looks forward to trying again and again.

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Ben and Ciara shield themselves from billowing curtains in bed on Days of Our Lives

As Ben and Ciara lie in bed together, Ciara turns on the TV. She quickly turns it off when Rosemary’s Baby comes on. She doesn’t want horror in her head before she goes to sleep. Ben nervously laughs as he says a woman giving birth to the devil’s baby is pretty dumb. Ciara assures him the movie coming on isn’t an omen. She’s not Rosemary and he’s not evil. They should just focus on their love for each other. Ben knows they will make the most beautiful family together. He holds Ciara as she falls asleep. He looks off, pensively.

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Eli, Lani, Paulina and Abe stand in a semi circle, toasting with champagne on Days of Our Lives.

Eli and Lani toast to Paulina and Abe’s engagement at Paulina’s place. After the younger couple has left, Abe and Paulina pull out their calendars to pick a wedding date. They decide on the third week in November. Abe is hopeful that will give Theo and Brandon time to plan a visit. Abe praises Paulina for not keeping any more secrets and says he’s never been happier. He hopes she feels the same way. She says of course she does, but looks guilty as she hugs him.

After checking on the kids at home, Eli holds Lani as he says he wants something sweet. Not pecan or key lime pie though. He wants Lani pie. They rush off to the bedroom.

At home, Eli looks seriously at Lani who holds a baby monitor and grins on Days of Our Lives

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