EJ and Chad face off at the DiMera mansion on Days of Our Lives
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At the Pub, John and Roman are incensed upon learning Johnny’s movie is now all about Marlena’s possession. John won’t allow it to be made, but Allie doesn’t think anything will stop her brother. John points out Will never got the rights to Marlena’s story when he wrote the script. He’ll just talk to Marlena who will stop Johnny from doing this.

In her office, Marlena wonders what the devil wants with Ben’s baby. The devil explains it would inherit the genes of a serial killer, which means it could turn into the perfect instrument of evil. Marlena counters that Ben is not inherently evil. The devil declares the capacity for evil still resides in him, as it would in his child. He calls it a perfect blending of genes. It will have Ben’s potential for evil, while being a pure, innocent soul, courtesy of Ciara. A soul that can be easily corrupted. It’s exactly what he’s been wanting. Marlena demands to know what that means. Satan tells her not to worry about it. She won’t allow him to use Ben and picks up the phone to warn him.

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Fully dressed, John holds Marlena in bed on Days of Our Lives

John arrives, interrupting Marlena’s call. She hangs up the phone. John asks about her session with Ben. Confused, she looks around. She thinks she led Ben down the wrong path and needs to talk to him. Marlena stands to leave, but John stops her. She’s paler now than when she left the house. He takes her home.

John gets Marlena settled in bed. She’s worried about Ben, but doesn’t know why. John urges her to just take care of herself tonight and turns on a white noise machine to help her sleep. He leaves the room as Marlena lays back, closing her eyes. The devil speaks to a sleeping Marlena through the machine. He urges her to give in to him. As the devil repeats, “Give in to me,” Marlena levitates.

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Marlena levitates over her bed as red light is cast on the room on Days of Our Lives

At home, Ben tells Ciara he’s ready to have a baby. She jumps into his arms and kisses him. He shares that Marlena gave him good advice. However, she was different today. It felt like she had a personal stake in them having a baby. Ciara only wants Ben to do this if it’s what he wants it, not just because it’s what she wants it. Ben assures her he can’t wait to make a baby with her. She pulls out her birth control pills and throws them away.

Later, Ben lights candles as Ciara returns to the room in lingerie. He looks at her and smiles. They should have been making babies a long time ago. He picks her up and carries her to the bed. After sex, Ciara says it felt extra special. Ben agrees. She wonders if they just made a baby. Their balcony doors fly open. Wind gushes in as papers swirl around.

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In bed, Ben and Ciara look stunned as wind whips around on Days of Our Lives

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After making out in the Square, Johnny asks Chanel to play Celeste in his movie. Upon learning she’s Black, Chanel wonders if that’s the only reason he wants her for the part. Johnny stammers but insists it’s because she’s strong and smart and beautiful. Besides, she’s Theo’s grandmother. Chanel says, “You want me to play my old boyfriend’s big mama?” Johnny offers the role of Lexie instead, but that doesn’t make it better. Chanel scrunches her face as she says she has to think about it. She suggests he stop playing director and get back to wooing. He suggests they go to the Pub for a free meal considering EJ cut him off.

Johnny and Chanel join Allie at a table at the Pub. Roman sees his grandson and pulls his funding for the movie. He doesn’t think Johnny understands what a bad idea it is. After Roman leaves, a defeated Johnny declares this will tank his movie. There’s no one else to ask for money.

As Chad and Abigail discuss the kiss in the movie at home, she reminds him they are taking things slow. Chad assures her he won’t turn it into something it’s not. Chad dons his John persona as they lean to kiss. EJ interrupts to get a nightcap. They pointedly explain they are running lines for his son’s movie. In fact, Chad is thinking of auditioning for the role of John. EJ wonders how he’ll handle his duties at DiMera if he goes off to play actor. The brothers bicker. EJ threatens to talk to Shin about his movie dreams, declaring Chad never should have undermined him with Johnny.

Alone again, Chad isn’t worried about Shin. He’s been killing it at work. He suggests they get back to the script, but Abigail wants to check on the kids. Chad offers to go with her to protect her from any dangerous creatures in the hallway, especially ones with “plummy British accents.” She takes his hand, leading him out of the room.

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Abigail and Chad talk outside their bedroom door on Days of Our Lives

After checking on the kids upstairs, Chad tells Abby working on the movie together would be fun. Besides, if he were to play John, he wouldn’t have to worry about her having sex scenes with someone else.

Johnny storms into the mansion. He tells his father his project is over before it even got started. EJ offers to cover Roman’s investment. Johnny wonders what the catch is. He knows there is one. EJ says, “You’re right.” He wants is to play John Black.

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