Ben looks surprised in Marlena's office on Days of Our Lives
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At the DiMera mansion, Johnny hands Abigail the updated script that focuses on Marlena’s possession. He wants both her and Chad to read it over and give him notes. Johnny leaves an excited Abigail to look at it. She opens the script now titled: Possessed. The Marlena Evans Story.

After closing up Sweet Bits, Chanel and Allie catch up in the Square. Chanel tells Allie she was part of a surprise engagement. Allie’s eyes bulge, “You and my brother got engaged?” Chanel laughs and corrects her — Abe and Paulina are engaged. However, Johnny did serenade her. Allie rolls her eyes and calls her brother a player. Chanel says if he is, so far he’s playing it exactly right. Allie thinks her brother couldn’t be cheesier if he tried.

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Allie and Chanel share a look in the Square on Days of Our Lives

Johnny shows up and hands Chanel chocolate-covered nuts — Chanel’s favorites. Allie side-eyes her brother as Chanel eagerly indulges. Johnny has something for Allie as well. He gives her the new script, but she refuses it. They rehash the events of the past that are in the film and that shaped their mother, who Allie would be playing. Allie continues to resist, until Chanel chimes in. Allie finally agrees to play Sami in the film, but hopes it doesn’t all come back to haunt them. After Allie has left, Johnny and Chanel flirt and kiss.

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Allie gives a disdainful look as Johnny hands a smiling Chanel a gift in the Square on Days of Our Lives

Chad enters the living room, scaring Abigail as she reads Johnny’s script. She hands him his copy. Chad offers to help her run lines. He cocks an eyebrow and deepens his voice as they read dialogue from the night of John and Marlena’s pivotal affair. However, it reminds them of issues in their own relationship. Abby stops and stares at Chad after he gives a heartfelt monologue as John. Chad asks what’s wrong. Abigail says, “It says they kiss.” Chad looks into her eyes and says, “I know.”

Roman serves Kayla chowder at the Pub. She tells her brother she just committed Doug to Bayview for evaluation. After they discuss the situation, she gets up to leave. Kayla passes John who’s there to talk to Roman. He wants him to pull out his financing for Johnny’s film. Roman knows he’s worried old wounds will reopen, but he assures John he’s over his and Marlena’s affair. John flashes back to the night he and Marlena slept together. John can’t imagine that moment being recreated on the big screen. He’s not worried so much about the affair, but about Marlena being possessed. Roman offers to talk to Johnny about leaving the possession out of the movie. Allie shows up and tells her grandfathers she’s starring as Sami in the movie that is now all about Marlena’s possession. John looks anguished.

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Julie and Ciara sit facing each other on the Horton House couch on Days of Our Lives

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At the Horton House, Julie and Ciara talk about Ben’s concerns over being a parent. Ciara insists she will be fine with Ben’s decision whatever it is. She won’t push him into something he doesn’t want to do. Ciara also consoles Julie over Doug, before leaving.

After Ciara has left, Kayla stops by. She tells Julie there’s no change in Doug. She suggests she wait a full 24 hours before visiting him. Julie feels helpless. Kayla says she believes in the power of prayer. So does Julie, who will pray for her husband until her last breath.

Marlena and Ben sit across from each other at her desk on Days of Our Lives

The devil, speaking through the recorder, orders Marlena not to let Ben leave her office. She asks Ben if he heard that. The devil tells her he has a direct line to her head and soul — Ben can’t hear him. Satan orders Marlena to tell Ben to have a baby or else he’ll pay a visit to Doug. Rattled, she tells Ben that not having a baby would be a terrible mistake. A confused Ben can’t understand why she’d suggest he pass on his genes. She tells Ben his child would grow up in a loving home, something he never had. Besides, if he denies Ciara a chance to be a mother, she could eventually resent him. Marlena says, “Go home. Make love to your wife and see if you can make a baby together.” Ben scoffs. This doesn’t sound like her. She never tells him what to do. Marlena just doesn’t want him to go down the wrong road. He’s worked so hard to be with Ciara. Ben thinks she’s right. He thanks her and leaves.

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Ciara holds Ben's face as they smile on Days of Our Lives

As Ben and Ciara return home, Ben tells Ciara, “If you want to have a baby, let’s have a baby.”

Back in her office, the devil says, “Good job Marlena. I knew you could do it.” A distraught Marlena doesn’t understand. What does this have to do with Ben? The devil cackles as he says, “I have big plans for Ben Weston’s baby. Big plans.”

Next on Days of Our Lives: EJ interrupts Chad and Abby’s moment, and Marlena learns the devil’s wicked plan.

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