Marlena's eyes widen upon looking at her tablet on her couch on Days of Our Lives
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In the Square, Gabi tells Jake about Philip’s blackmail. She asks if he killed that guy in Philly. Jake says, “Not here. Not in public. Let’s talk at home.” Gabi mentions Ava being there. Jake wonders if she’s behind this. Gabi responds, where else would Philip have gotten the evidence?

In their room, Jake tells Gabi about Ava pretending to want to make peace earlier. When Gabi again asks if he killed someone, Jake says he didn’t, but he’s not innocent. He reiterates that he enforced business owners to pay up for the Vitali’s protection. One day, he and his partner, Carmine, went to scare Jed Zanetti, who was late on his payments. Jake breathes deeply as he recounts how they roughed him up. Carmine went too far and beat Jed to death. Gabi tells Jake Carmine is Philip’s witness against him. Jake insists he tried to pull Carmine off Jed. Gabi believes him. Jake calls it the worst day of his life. Gabi understands and tells him about Nick. Jake wonders what Philip wants her to do. Gabi explains she has to choose between Gabi Chic and him. She already decided though — there’s no way in hell she’s losing him. She starts to call Philip. Jake stops her. He appreciates her trying to protect him, but he won’t let anyone take her company from her. They need to find another way to stop Philip.

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Marlena lounges on the couch under a blanket looking at a tablet on Days of Our Lives

Marlena lies on the couch looking at an Intruder article about Doug attacking Julie. The devil talks to her about how easy it was to dispense of Doug, and how much more fun they could have. She jolts up and yells, “No!” John runs into the room. In a daze, Marlena tells John the article about Doug upset her.

Ciara sits on Ben’s lap in their apartment. With Chinese food containers on the table, he calls Marlena to schedule an appointment. She agrees to meet him right now. After Ben leaves, Ciara gets a call from Shawn. She exclaims, “What happened to Grandpa Doug?”

Back at John and Marlena’s, John questions his wife’s need to rush out. Ben needs her, she says. She couldn’t help Doug, but maybe she can help Ben.

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Marlena looks up at Ben from her desk in his office on Days of Our Lives

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In her office, Marlena pulls out a recorder for her session with Ben. She freezes as she flashes to the devil talking to her through it. Ben asks if something is wrong. She snaps out of it. Ben tells her he’s there because of his concerns about having a baby. He has tried to make up for what he’s done, but doesn’t know if he can risk bringing a new soul into the world who might be capable of doing more evil. His guilt and shame will never fully leave him. He can’t chance his child suffering that same fate. Marlena is genuinely sorry. Ben thanks her for taking the time to see him. As he gets up to leave, the devil talks to Marlena through the recorder. He tells her she has to convince Ben to have a baby with his wife.

After seeing Brady and Chloe hugging in the woods, Philip stomps into his living room and downs a drink. He then orders Henderson to have the gardener bring him a saw. He remembers chopping the original tree and says, “This one’s going to be a lot easier to cut down.” He turns to leave, but runs into Chloe. When she doesn’t tell him about being with Brady, Philip shouts that he saw her. Chloe tells her jealous beau about going there for Rachel. She also told Brady she only wanted to be with Philip. Brady accepted it and even believed Philip was over his jealousy. However, it appears Philip’s dangerous obsession has gotten worse.

Maggie visits Julie at the Horton House. They catch up on recent events with Summer and Doug. Ciara enters. Julie tells her Doug is in isolation until he is further evaluated so she told Hope there’s no reason to come home right now. Ciara can’t believe her grandpa would attack her. Julie says he didn’t. The person who hit her is not her Doug. She didn’t want to believe he had dementia, but it’s clear he’s losing touch with reality. Maggie reminds Julie the one thing he’ll never lose is her. After Julie promises to hold on to that, Maggie leaves.

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Ciara holds Julie's hands in the Horton House living room on Days of Our Lives

After Ciara comforts Julie, Julie wants to hear about her and Ben. Ciara talks about their baby issues. She adds that Ben is talking to Marlena right now — and there’s no one she trusts more than Dr. Evans.

As Chloe yells at Philip for being a “jealous ass,” Maggie enters the mansion. Chloe is sick of Philip not trusting her and stomps out. Philip tells Maggie Chloe is right, but he won’t sit still while Brady steals her away from him again.

When Brady returns to the penthouse, John catches him up on Doug accusing Marlena of trying to kill him. John can’t imagine the one person you love most in the world being a threat.

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