Justin stands stoically in the interrogation room. Xander uses one hand to make a point while the other is handcuffed to a chair on Days of Our Lives
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After waking up in bed together, Jake and Gabi promptly start making out. As things turn more passionate, Ava barges in with freshly baked muffins. Jake and Gabi are incensed. Ava sweetly smiles. She just wanted to make sure they got the baked goods while they were warm. When she leaves the room, Ava smirks to herself. This could be Jake’s last homecooked meal, she says.

Back in bed, Gabi panics over Ava possibly bugging their room or poisoning them. Gabi won’t let Ava get away with it. Jake asks, “Get away with what?” Gabi doesn’t know, but she’s sure Ava’s up to something. Later, Jake tries to secretly eat one of the muffins. Gabi throws it across the room. She says she’ll distract him from the muffin and they dive under the sheets.

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A confused looking Gabi pulls a sheet around her in bed as Ava happily places a muffins near her. A shirtless Jake stands nearby.

Philip joins Chloe in the Kiriakis living room as she admires her roses. Brady breezes in with a plate full of muffins. He sits to eat one as he says he’s there to see the most beautiful woman in the world — Maggie. She enters and Brady embraces her. After catching up, Philip gets a text from Ava. He says his goodbyes, makes pleasantries with Brady, and leaves.

Maggie tells Chloe and Brady about Summer dying and spreading her ashes over the ocean. She felt a sense of calm knowing her daughter was finally at peace. Brady is glad she was with her at the end. Maggie is too. She’s happy to be home now though. She’s also thrilled to hear from Victor that Brady and Chloe are back together. They correct her.

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Brady eats a muffin while sitting in an armchair in the Kiriakis mansion on Days of Our Lives

Philip meets Ava in the park. She hands him evidence she got from Angelo against Jake. It could send him to prison for a long time. Ava knows Gabi won’t be able to connect the evidence to her, but she’ll know, deep inside, that she was the one who blew up her life.

After getting summoned to the park, Gabi meets Philip. He fires her for putting the key logger on his computer. He also demands she sign Gabi Chic over to him. If she doesn’t, he’ll send Jake to prison for murder.

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Ava smirks at Philip who makes an emphatic point in the park on Days of Our Lives

Justin meets with Xander in the interrogation room. Xander’s thrilled to see him, eager to hash out their plan to blackmail the judge. Justin isn’t on board, reminding him it’s illegal, not to mention, stupid. Xander informs him Gwen’s already put it in motion. Justin is incensed. Xander calls him a prig. Justin wonders how Xander can send his girlfriend off to sleep with the judge? Xander explains she’s only going to offer sex, she’s not going to go through with it. He explains Gwen is going to bring him the tape of their “exchange” and then someone else will confront him with it. Someone like Justin. Justin refuses, but Xander thinks their visits already incriminate him. Besides, the tape could get Bonnie’s charges dropped as well. With a corrupt judge and a power-hungry D.A., Justin the lawyer can’t help her now, but Justin the Kiriakis can. Xander adds, “Just imagine the look on Victor’s face when you tell him Bonnie’s going to go free.” Justin chuckles.

Gwen enters Judge Smails’ (played by Richard Steinmetz) office. She turns on the charm and waterworks. She gets him to agree to dismiss Xander’s case in exchange for sex with her. They agree to meet later.

Gwen joins Justin and Xander at the SPD. She sealed the deal and hands Xander the recording of her meeting with Smails. Xander asks Justin if he’ll help them.

Justin enters Smails’ office. He suggests the judge dismiss Xander’s and Bonnie’s cases and plays Gwen’s recording.

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In lab coats, Kayla and Tripp pour over a tablet at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

At the hospital, Kayla and Tripp discuss the hospital’s new initiative, which Tripp is taking the lead on. She asks if he found a volunteer to be the face of the campaign. Tripp has. Steve enters to announce, “That would be me.” Kayla wonders if he knows what he’s volunteering for. He doesn’t. Kayla steps out to take a call as Tripp explains to his dad it’s a flu shot campaign. When Tripp confirms he’ll have to get a shot, Steve says, “Absolutely not.” Kayla returns and learns Steve won’t get a shot. Steve declares he’s never had a one, he rarely gets the flu, and he’s healthy as a horse. Kayla points out he could be sick as a dog if he’s exposed to the flu. Besides, there’s no risk and as a medical professional, she insists. Steve says, “Well. I guess she told me.” He agrees to it.

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