EJ and Chad face off at the DiMera mansion on Days of Our Lives
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Lani comes home to Eli who shushes her. He just got the twins to sleep. They sit on the couch to talk about Abe proposing to Paulina, and Doug getting shipped off to Bayview. Lani tells him her mother is the reason Paulina bailed on their Paris trip. Eli thinks there’s more to the story that Paulina isn’t telling her.

At her place, Paulina tells Abe that Chanel got it wrong — she hates key lime pie. It’s Florida lime pie she likes. Abe says he has pecan pie, but she hates that too. Paulina offers to just skip dessert and leaves the room to take off her shoes. Chanel apologizes and assures Abe she’ll get a Florida lime pie.

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In her apartment, Paulina stands across the room from Chanel and Abe on Days of Our Lives

After Chanel has left, Abe and Paulina enjoy the short ribs he made. He confesses he had Lani stall her so he could finish preparing his surprise. As Abe beams over being Lani’s dad, he tells a guilty-looking Paulina that it’s one of the most precious gifts he’s been given. After dinner, Paulina is ready to turn in, but Abe drops to one knee. He asks if she would do him the honor of becoming his wife. Paulina hesitates. She didn’t expect a proposal so soon. He asks for an answer. She excitedly says yes and admires the ring he puts on her finger. He stands and they kiss.

Back on the Grants’ couch, Eli wraps his wife in his arms as he wonders what they’ll do now. Lani offers to show him what she bought today and pulls out a black negligee. He kisses her and takes off his shirt. He says they can just pretend she put it on and throws the lingerie on the floor. As they fall to the couch kissing, Chanel bangs on the door. Eli begrudgingly opens it. Chanel gives them her pecan pie as she breezes in. She needs their kitchen to make a new pie for Paulina.

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Abe pours Paulina a glass of wine as she sits at a candle lit table in her apartment on Days of Our Lives

After getting help from Eli and Lani, Chanel returns to Paulina’s place with her newly baked pie. She learns of the engagement and they all dig a fork into the pie. Meanwhile, Eli and Lani enjoy the pecan pie at home, as Eli smooches on his wife.

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Paulina, Chanel and Abe taste key lime pie in Paulina's apartment on Days of Our Lives

Johnny comes home to find Chad playing chess and Abigail reading the movie script. Johnny wonders if Abigail has decided to play Marlena in his movie. Chad tells his wife he’ll back her one hundred percent if she wants to do it. Abigail grins and accepts the role. Johnny says now he just needs one more committed investor. He looks to Chad, who worries how EJ will react. Johnny doesn’t think he should let his big brother tell him what to do. Chad notes his options are ticking off EJ or dashing his wife’s acting dreams.

At Julie’s Place, Rafe can’t believe Nicole and EJ are on a date. EJ points out they were married before, twice in fact. Nicole interjects they’re just catching up. Rafe exchanges barbs with EJ and walks to his table with Ava. After grousing about Nicole being on a date with EJ, Rafe apologizes to Ava. However, he glances over to Nicole, who looks over to him. EJ calls Nicole out for “mooning over Rafe” and suggests they have cook make them something at the mansion. EJ gives Rafe and Ava their already opened expensive bottle of wine, throws money on the table and leads Nicole out.

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Rafe and Ava stand arm in arm at Nicole and EJ's table at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

At the mansion, Abigail calls acting just a fun challenge. She doesn’t want to cause problems. When Johnny assures her he’s making the movie no matter what, Chad agrees to fund the film. Johnny and Chad hug as Nicole and EJ arrive. EJ fumes upon learning what has transpired. He wonders if they’ve all gone insane. EJ orders Chad not to give a dime to Johnny. Chad smirks and says, “You can’t stop me.” EJ counters, “The hell I can’t.” EJ steps to his brother, but the women pull the men apart. Johnny closes the door behind EJ and Nicole as they walk out. He asks if Chad has changed his mind about investing. Chad says he’s all in. After an exuberant Johnny bounds out of the room, Chad suggests he and his wife open a bottle of champagne, go upstairs and celebrate being in the movie business together. Abigail calls it a tempting offer, but she’s not there yet. She doesn’t want to rush it. Chad agrees. She kisses him on the cheek and leaves the room. He runs his thumb over his cheek and then his lip.

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Abby and Chad goofily smile at each other in the DiMera living room

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Outside, Nicole tries to calm EJ down, but he doesn’t understand why everyone is against him. He just wanted to be a good father to his son. Nicole suggests EJ is trying to regain some control after Sami’s affair by telling his son and brother what to do. Nicole suggests he back off a little bit so he doesn’t push everyone away. EJ fights tears as he says he’ll take her advice under consideration. In return, he’ll make her dinner himself. He holds out his hand to her. Nicole accepts it.

At the restaurant, Ava pours herself a glass of wine as Rafe rants, opting to order a beer. Ava pointedly asks if he’s jealous. Rafe assures her he’s just worried about Nicole, considering her history with her ex. Ava reminds him Nicole can make her own decisions and there’s nothing they can do about it. Rafe agrees and apologizes. He’s still not drinking EJ’s wine though.

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