Doug grabs the hospital tray in MarDevil's hands on Days of Our Lives
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In his Kiss the Cook apron, Abe calls Lani from Paulina’s house. He asks his daughter to stall her aunt because he’s planning a surprise. After he hangs up, Chanel shows up. He tells her he’s proposing to her mother tonight and wonders what she thinks about him being her stepfather. Chanel says he’s the best thing that’s happened to her mama in forever. She knows he’ll make her happy and it will be nice having a stepdad like him. Abe thinks it would be wonderful to have her as a stepdaughter. She gives him her blessing and they hug. He proudly shows Chanel his menu of Paulina’s favorites that he made after consulting with Big Mama. Chanel hates to inform him, but her grandmother got it wrong. Paulina hates pecan pie, but she loves key lime. Chanel offers to help him make it.

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Chanel faces Abe in Paulina's apartment on Days of Our Lives

In the Square, Paulina tells Lani she’s heading home. Lani gets her to stay by asking her advice on where to take Eli for a surprise trip. They sit as Paulina suggests several cities including Paris. Lani flinches as she says she’s never been. Paulina realizes that’s because of her. She apologizes for breaking Lani’s heart by not taking her there when she was a child. She wants to clear the air. Lani gets a text from Abe giving her the all-clear. She says they can do it another time. However, Paulina wants to say something once and for all. She recounts the letters she wrote planning their dream trip. Lani says she read them until they fell apart. Paulina admits she cut her sister out when making their Paris plans. When she found out, Tamara understandably forbade such an extravagant gift. So they lied about her being busy with work. Lani assures her she forgives her and begs her not to worry about it again. They hug, as Lani gets another text from Abe.

Back at Paulina’s, Abe marvels over Chanel making a pie so quickly. Chanel asks if she can stay to see the look on her mother’s face when she shows up. When she does get home, Paulina is touched to find Abe’s surprise. However, she hates key lime pie.

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Nicole pensively stares at Duke on her desk at Basic Black on Days of Our Lives

As Nicole pensively looks at Duke on her desk at Basic Black, EJ arrives for their date. After spotting the bear, he asks if she’s still pining for Rafe. She denies it. He hopes so since the whole point of their date is to move on. EJ suggests getting rid of Duke could help her do that. He drops the bear in the trash can. Nicole says they should head out. However, she runs back to secretly take Duke out of the trash before they leave.

In his office, Rafe recalls running into Nicole outside Brady’s Pub. Ava enters and invites him out to dinner.

As Nicole and EJ drink wine at Julie’s Place, EJ disparages Rafe, who shows up with Ava. When Rafe assumes they’re having a business dinner, EJ corrects him. “This is pure pleasure.”

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Rafe and Ava stand arm in arm at Nicole and EJ's table at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

Doug wakes up in his hospital bed and sees MarDevil standing over a lifeless Julie. He presses his call button before getting out of bed to confront MarDevil.

Before John can press play on Doc’s recording, Kayla walks into Marlena’s office. She reminds him that’s protected under doctor/patient confidentiality. John knows, but he was tempted to listen to it considering Doug’s wild claims about Marlena trying to kill him. Kayla gets a call about someone pushing the call button from Doug’s room. They head out.

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Kneeling, Kayla leans over Julie lying on the hospital floor on Days of Our Lives

John and Kayla find Doug struggling with MarDevil. Kayla rushes to Julie who slowly stands. John gets Doug settled back in bad as MarDevil says she saw Doug hit his wife over the head. Doug insists that’s not what happened. Julie only remembers getting Doug water when something hit her. She insists her husband would never harm her. Doug shouts “Marlena” did it. MarDevil suggests Doug be sedated when he repeatedly says he needs to protect his wife. Kayla agrees and administers it. After John and “Marlena” leave, Julie insists Doug didn’t hit her. Kayla says there was no one else in the room. Julie points out “Marlena” was.

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John holds Marlena on Days of Our Lives

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John and MarDevil get coffee in the lobby. John asks why “Marlena” left her office to see Doug. Did the recording jog her memory? MarDevil confirms and says Doug is more of a threat to Julie than she thought. He said he wanted to kill her. John tells “Marlena” that Doug said she tried to kill him. As John worries about Doug and “Marlena” plays along, Kayla and Julie join them. Julie tells “Marlena” she is wrong — Doug would never attack her. MarDevil says she’s sorry, but Julie needs to face the truth. She thinks Doug is a danger to himself and others. She recommends that he be committed to Bayview.

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