Marlena in her office on Days of Our Lives
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After Chanel interrupts Allie and Tripp’s kiss in the Square, she balks at having a drink with them. She says she’s too tired and wistfully watches them walk away.

As Allie and Tripp have a drink at the trendy bar, Ciara and Ben walk in. Tripp and Ben head to the bar to get a drink, as Ciara catches her cousin up on New Orleans, including her and Ben’s talk about having a baby. Allie gets why Ben would be wary. Having a baby changes your entire life. She thinks they should just enjoy being newlyweds for a while. Ciara notes that Ben fears passing on his genes. Allie suggests they adopt. Ciara points out an agency probably won’t want to give a child to a former serial killer. Allie suggests they hire a lawyer instead of using an agency. Ciara knows they’d love any baby, but she hates that Ben thinks he’s cursed.

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Tripp watches as Allie talks to Chanel while grasping her hands in front of Sweet Bits on Days of Our Lives

After getting beers at the bar, Ben asks Tripp if someone could pass evil on to their child. Tripp assures him there is no homicidal gene, but psychosis can be inherited. His kid would have a genetic predisposition to having it too, but there’s no way to know for sure.

At home, Ciara asks Ben what he and Tripp were talking about. He recounts their conversation, but says Tripp couldn’t give him a concrete answer. She suggests he talk to Dr. Evans.

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Ciara and Ben smile and touch noses in their apartment on Days of Our Lives

At the DiMera mansion, Chad happens upon Johnny asking Abby to star in his movie. He gets caught up on Johnny’s film centering on Marlena’s possession and agrees to hear his pitch later. Johnny gives them a draft of the script and leaves them to look it over.

Abby pours over the script as Chad tries to talk to her. He wonders if she’s seriously thinking about playing Marlena. She wonders, for argument’s sake, what’s so crazy about it. With no disrespect, Chad tells his wife she can’t act. Abby disputes his claim. Besides, she has time on her hands. Chad grins, “You’re serious about this, aren’t you?” She thinks it could help her get over being recast in her second grade play. Abigail tears up as she recounts having to face her parents’ disappointment in her. Chad feels bad and tries to comfort her. Abigail wipes a tear away and then breaks out into a grin. “See. Told ya I can act,” she says. Chad smiles and claps.

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Abby holds Johnny's movie script to her chest as she talks to a smirking Chad at the DiMera mansion

Chanel closes up Sweet Bits and finds Johnny strumming on his guitar in the Square. She grins and sways as he sings to her. When Johnny finishes, she says how impressed she is by his singing. He proclaims he’s a man of many talents. She yawns as they sit on a bench and flirt. She apologizes but Johnny understands — it’s the life of a baker. He puts a pink daisy behind her ear and says goodnight. Chanel beams as she watches him walk away.

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Johnny smiles as he puts a flower in Chanel's hair in the Square on Days of Our Lives

In her office, the devil talks to Marlena through her recorder. He tells her John’s prayer tore them apart after she so graciously invited him in. He won’t allow her to leave him. Not when they have so much work to do. Marlena won’t help him. The devil reminds her of the fun they had last time. Now, he has a grander agenda. But first, they have to tie up loose ends, a.k.a. Doug. Marlena declares she won’t hurt him. The devil says there may be another way to get Doug out of the picture. She has a choice to make, “Him or me.”


In his hospital room, Doug tells John Marlena tried to kill him. John thinks he’s just confused. Doug insists it’s true and she’ll succeed if John doesn’t do something to stop her. John assures him everything will be okay. Over Doug’s objections, John leaves to find Kayla for something to calm him down.

John finds Julie in the lobby. He relays what Doug told him. Julie thinks the medication is making him paranoid. She rushes to sit with Doug, as John looks for Kayla.

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John looks horrified listening to a recording in Doc's office on Days of Our Lives

Back in Doug’s room, Doug urges his wife to believe him about Marlena. Julie believes he’s having a hard time and assures him he’ll be himself again soon. As Julie tries to calm him, MarDevil watches from a chair in the shadows, eyes glowing. As Julie turns her back to get Doug water, MarDevil whacks her on the head with a tray. Julie falls to the ground.

John sticks his head in Marlena’s office and finds her recorder.

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