John angrily talks on the phone on Days of Our Lives
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DiMera, EJ DiMera makes a dinner reservation over the phone at Brady’s Pub. Lucas overhears, assuming he’s making plans for him and Sami. After EJ corrects him, the men sling insults at each other. Roman intervenes when the men puff up their chests. Lucas grins as he tells EJ he’s investing in Johnny’s movie. Oh, and he’ll be surprised by who “your wife’s real love interest is.”

Lucas confronts EJ at Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

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After Lucas has left, Roman tells EJ he’s investing in Johnny’s movie too. EJ spits that his son’s place is at DiMera. Roman asks, “Do you ever think about how stupid you are?” The men argue about family, with EJ calling Sami a tramp. Roman warns EJ if he keeps talking that way, he’s “damn well gonna get one.” EJ apologizes, but Sami is the one who cheated. Roman points out he’s far from a great husband. Not to mention he’s pushing his son away.

Kate stops by to see Philip at the mansion, worried about Lucas. Philip thinks she would stop obsessing over her kids’ love lives if she had one of her own. She tells him Roman suggested they get back together. However, love is risky and she doesn’t want to take that risk again. And yet… there’s something about him.

Johnny calls John at home looking for his grandma. John says she’s not feeling well and is resting. John tells his grandson they decided to pass on his movie. Reliving those memories is painful. Johnny glibly counters reliving the past could “exorcise” those demons. John angrily tells him what happened to Marlena was horrific and needs to stay private. He orders him to leave the possession out of his movie. Johnny hangs up and says to himself, “That’s the only part I’m leaving in.”

Marlena tosses and turns in bed. She dreams of fighting internally with the devil over Doug. She bolts awakes and yells, “No!” John hears her and runs to the room. He comforts her as she says she had a horrible nightmare, but she can’t remember it. Just something about Doug. She worries she made him feel worse. John suggests she listen to her recording of their session for answers.

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Abby tensely smiles on Days of Our Lives

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Back at the DiMera mansion, Abby finds Johnny and asks about his movie. She wonders if Will included her affair with EJ in his script. Johnny confirms. After some ribbing, he assures her he’s cutting it out. He’s just focusing on Marlena’s possession. As they debate the exploitive nature of his film, he explains he wants to use the people who are connected to the horror as his actors. He asks her to play Marlena. Abby’s taken aback, but as someone with D.I.D., she knows something about someone taking over your life. Johnny asks if she’ll accept the role.

Tripp meets with Julie in Doug’s hospital room. She relays that Doug did not have a good night. Tripp calls agitation a common side effect of dementia. Julie tersely tells him her husband doesn’t have dementia. Tripp apologizes. She knows if she prays for her husband, he will get better. She asks if Tripp believes there is a scientific explanation for everything. He does, but he doesn’t think faith and science are mutually exclusive. She agrees to keep the faith while he focuses on the science.

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Tripp talks with Julie who is sitting by Doug's bedside in the hospital on Days of Our Lives

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In the Square, Chanel tells Allie about watching “The Exorcist” with Johnny. She kept dreaming the devil was coming after her. Allie can’t believe Johnny is going through with the movie considering how upset her family will be. Chanel is more worried about him upsetting the devil. After Allie again assures Chanel she’s fine with her dating her brother, she talks about how incredible Tripp has been. However, she couldn’t say, “I love you” back when he said it to her. She looks deeply at Chanel. When she says it for the first time, she wants to make sure she really means it. Tripp arrives. Chanel wistfully watches as Allie kisses him.

Chanel and Allie share a tense look in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

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At the hospital, John goes to see Doug while Marlena listens to her session with the patient in her office. In Doug’s room, John urges Julie to go home to rest. He’ll stay with Doug. After she leaves, John talks to Doug about Marlena. He awakens and manages to tell John that Marlena tried to kill him.

In her office, Marlena hears the devil speak through Doug on her recording. When she rewinds to listen again, it garbles. She startles as she hears the devil’s voice say, “Did you really need to play this tape? I’m so hurt you’ve already forgotten our little reunion. Allow me to refresh your memory.”

John visits Doug in the hospital on Days of Our Lives

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