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Philip surprises Chloe with a bouquet of flowers reminiscent of their high school days. Chloe’s touched. He points out it’s been 22 years since they met. She was the one who got away. However, he has learned from his mistakes and promises to take perfect care of their tree and of her. They kiss. When Brady’s name comes up, Philip declares he now knows his nephew wasn’t the one who was spying on him. It was Jake and Gabi. And he’ll make sure they regret playing him for a fool. Chloe makes him promise not to bad mouth Brady to her again. He obliges. She suggests Brady might be happy to help him bust Gabi and Jake. Philip doesn’t think he needs him. However, he’s going to wait until he’s ready to make his next move, which is stealing Gabi’s company.

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Philip brings Chloe flowers at the mansion on Days of Our Lives

Jake drops by John and Marlena’s place to see Brady. He asks how his talk with Victor about Philip and Gabi went. Brady wonders how Jake knows that he did talk to his grandfather. Perhaps he’s keeping tabs on him? Jake tries to smooth talk his way around it, but Brady suspects he’s angling for the CEO position at Titan. When Jake presses for more information, a wary Brady ushers Jake out. From the hallway, Jake listens in as Brady talks with Victor on the phone. Jake hears him say he has no interest in getting in between Philip and Chloe.

Chloe meets up with Brady at Titan. He assures her he rejected Victor’s plan to break up her and Philip.

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Ava smirks in between Rafe and Gabi in the kitchen on Days of Our Lives

Rafe questions his sister’s presence in his kitchen. He thought she moved out… again. Gabi retorts “I’m back. Again.” Rafe doesn’t mind having her there, but he does mind the way she treats his girlfriend. Gabi calls her a heartless bitch, as Ava walks in. Ava calmly watches as the siblings bicker over her. She offers to move out as to not cause any more trouble. Rafe won’t hear of it. He just wants his sister to take the high road for once, just like Ava is. Gabi rolls her eyes as Ava flashes to telling Philip about Gabi and Jake’s plan to oust him from Titan. After more bickering, Gabi relents and reluctantly apologizes to Ava.

Later, Rafe tells Ava he appreciates her effort to get along with Gabi. If his sister doesn’t change her attitude, she won’t like who he chooses. After Rafe leaves for work, Philip stops by to see Ava. He says, “How would you like to help me bring down Gabi Hernandez?”

Gabi meets Jake in the Square. He tells her what he heard about Brady, Philip and Chloe. Gabi thinks Chloe is the Achilles heel they’ll use to bring down Philip.

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Nicole in a red dress at Titan on Days of Our Lives

EJ startles Nicole at Basic Black as she looks at Duke. He assures her she’ll never see Xander in that office again. After discussing Xander’s latest brush with the law, EJ asks about the stuffed bear. Nicole tells him he’s Rafe’s. EJ mocks both Duke and Rafe. When he detects he hit a nerve, he wonders if there’s something going on between Nicole and the commish. She says no but he can see she wishes there were. EJ thinks Nicole can do much better than that “dolt.” In fact, he smirks, she has. He asks her out for dinner.

Gwen visits a handcuffed Xander in the interrogation room. She blames herself for this mess. Xander repeats that she’s worth it. She whispers, “I’m going to get you out of here no matter what it takes.” Xander thinks a jailbreak would be incredibly sexy, but Gwen says she’s going to confess. When Xander rejects her plan, they try to figure how to find a competent lawyer who would be willing to represent him.

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Gwen visits a scowling Xander in the interrogation room on Days of Our Lives

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Justin walks into the interrogation room looking for Bonnie. Gwen tries to convince him to defend Xander. Justin refuses. When he mentions the judge he’s presenting Bonnie’s case to, Xander declares he’s corrupt. He’s the same judge EJ bribed regarding his own case. Gwen suggests Justin blackmail the judge to help Bonnie and Xander while she finds the evidence Justin will need against him. Justin leaves without agreeing to the plan. Gwen and Xander try to figure out how to prove the judge is on the take. Gwen has an idea.

In the squad room, Justin learns from Rafe that the judge restricted Bonnie’s visiting privileges for bad behavior.

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