A shirtless Ben presses his forehead agasint Ciara's on Days of Our Lives
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In New Orleans, Ben tells Ciara he is afraid his baby will turn out like him — and he’s not trying to bring evil into the world. She holds him as he breaks down in tears. Ciara reminds her husband that he faced his demons and overcame them. She urges him to let her, and her love, help him face this now. Ben points out her love can’t change his DNA or what genes he passes down. Ciara counters it’s the way one is raised that makes the difference. She knows he will be the best father and it will make all the difference. Ciara also knows she won’t change his mind in one conversation. Right now, she just wants them to love each other. They kiss as they fall back on the blankets and pillows near the fire.

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A robed Ciara hovers over a shirtless Ben who holds her face and kisses her on Days of Our Lives

Asleep in bed, Ben dreams about their future. As Ben and Ciara celebrate their 10 year anniversary, their son reveals he strangled the nanny with “daddy’s necktie.” Ben jolts awake. When he says he doesn’t remember his dream, Ciara assures him everything will be okay.

Tripp comes over to Allie’s after work. She serves him dinner as they talk about Johnny’s movie. Allie informs her boyfriend Johnny wants to tell the story of how the devil possessed their grandmother. Tripp chokes on his drink. After hearing the story, he thinks there is a scientific explanation for everything that happened. Tripp finds evidence online to back up his argument. Allie understands his skepticism, but she trusts her Grandpa John. If he says Marlena was possessed, that’s good enough for her.

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Johnny and Chanel hold glasses of wine while talking on the DiMera couch on Days of Our Lives

At the DiMera mansion, Chanel worries Johnny’s movie will literally tempt the devil to walk through the door. Tony walks in, startling Chanel. Johnny asks Tony to be a consultant on his movie since he was there and saw Marlena’s possession up close and personal. Tony corrects him. That wasn’t him. It was his evil cousin, Andre. Chanel whispers to herself, “White people are crazy,” when Tony recounts how he was stranded on an island during that time. He suggests Johnny talk with John and Marlena for a first-hand account. When Johnny says he tried and failed, his uncle opines that the past is often best left buried.

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Chanel watches as Johnny holds out Will's script to Tony in the DiMera living room on Days of Our Lives

After Tony leaves the room, Chanel agrees that Johnny should drop the whole movie idea. Johnny declares he won’t give up on his film, but Chanel wants to talk about something else. They start making out. Johnny suggests they go upstairs. He has protection this time. Chanel grins as she tells him that’s not happening tonight. She wants to slow things down a bit. He suggests they watch more movies. Chanel agrees. She wants to just have fun with him before they end up in bed. Johnny is prepared to woo her. She can’t wait to be wined and dined by him. They kiss deeply. Chanel backs off to urge Johnny not to make his movie. “You’re playing with fire.”

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Eli and Julie face each other in the hospital lobby area on Days of Our Lives

Eli tries to reassure Julie at the hospital as she anxiously waits for word on Doug. Eli knows Marlena will get to the bottom of it. John calls Julie and offers to say a prayer in the chapel with her. After she hangs up, Julie continues to fret. Eli offers to check on Doug for her.

John arrives after Eli walks away. She shares her concern over Marlena’s behavior. John reassures her, but suggests they go say a prayer for both Marlena and Doug.

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Julie clings to John in an embrace at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

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In Doug’s hospital room, MarDevil taunts the patient before picking up a pillow to smother him. Internally, Marlena cries out for the devil not to hurt Doug. Eli enters causing MarDevil to stop her deadly attack. “Marlena” calmly asks Eli to step outside so she can continue her conversation with Doug. A panicked Doug struggles to talk, but manages to say, “Don’t leave me. Please.” A concerned Eli suggests “Marlena” join Julie and John who are praying in the chapel. MarDevil reluctantly leaves.

MarDevil looks in the chapel to see John and Julie praying. She listens as John tells Julie his love and prayers brought Marlena back to them when she was possessed. It proved no matter what they face, they get through anything together. “Marlena” interrupts them. After Julie leaves, “Marlena” and John express their love.

Alone with Doug, Eli tries to make sense of what his step-grandfather is trying to tell him. Julie returns to Doug who struggles to get out any words about Marlena. Julie says they’ll talk in the morning.

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