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Ben and Ciara return to their room in New Orleans after being caught in a downpour on the way home from a jazz club. The couple kisses as a storm rages outside and makes their way to the bed to make love. Afterward, Ciara reflects on how beautiful Oak Alley was, even given its ugly past. She comments on how quiet Ben is being. Ben was thinking about the tour guide saying that to move forward they must reconcile with the past. He couldn’t help think she was in a sense talking about him. Ciara feels he hasn’t ignored his past and has been facing it. She reminds him he’s gone to therapy and trying to make up for the pain he caused others. Ben feels it doesn’t change what he did, and it will always be a part of him. She wishes he would stop torturing himself.

Ben admits he hasn’t been able to stop thinking about his past since she brought up having a baby. He worries he could pass his mental illness genes onto their child. Ciara realizes that’s why he’s been hesitant to have a baby. Ciara asks him to be honest, will he ever want to have a baby with her?

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Chanel visits Johnny at the DiMera mansion to watch The Exorcist. Johnny pours them champagne and they sit down to watch the movie. Eventually, Chanel gets too frightened and tells Johnny to turn it off. She can’t believe such an old movie is so scary. Johnny hopes his movie turns out half as well. Chanel begs him not to make his movie. He says it’s just a movie, it’s make-believe, and there is nothing to worry about.

Johnny pushes her to finish the movie and says she can squeeze his hand if she gets too scared. They finish the film, and Johnny comforts her by pointing out that it all worked out in the end and the devil was defeated. He then realizes how he can make his movie a surefire hit. He decides to rewrite Will’s screenplay to make the possession the sole focus of the movie.

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At the Brady Pub, Steve chats with Kayla about what is going on with Doug. Kayla says his condition has them all worried, and it’s a mystery what’s happening to him. Abe and Paulina arrive, and Steve invites them over. Kayla tells Paulina they’ve heard so much about her. They enjoy dinner, and Steve asks Abe how John is doing. Abe says John has been thinking about the past, including Marlena’s possession by the devil. The statement causes Paulina to choke on her burger. Paulina thinks Abe must be joking. Steve and Kayla heard the stories but weren’t in Salem at the time to witness it. Abe was, and he assures them it happened. Paulina can’t believe Satan himself was in Salem. Kayla wonders why John is dwelling on this now. Abe reveals that Johnny is making a movie about Sami’s life and the possession is going to be part of it.

Paulina excuses herself to use the ladies’ room, and Abe asks his friends what they think about Paulina. They like her, so he reveals his plans to proposed tomorrow night. Paulina returns as Kayla tells Abe they couldn’t be happier for him. Paulina wonders why that is. Kayla explains they are just happy they found one another, and Steve says they expect to see more of Paulina.

At the hospital, Eli checks on Julie, who is sitting with Doug. He’s sedated, and Julie fills Eli in on Doug collapsing in Marlena’s office, and that Marlena appeared not to be herself. She tells him that Doug also said, “He went into her,” and feels he was trying to tell her something. Doug begins to stir awake. Julie explains why he’s in the hospital, and if he remembers what happened. Doug blurts out Marlena’s name over and over and becomes agitated. Julie asks Eli to stay with Doug while she gets a nurse and calls Marlena.

Julie worried about Doug Days

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At John and Marlena’s, Marlena, with her eyes glowing yellow, finds John’s box of mementos from her first possession. She tries to touch the collar, but it burns her. She laughs about the mark they made on the town years ago and says, “Salem ain’t seen nothing yet!” She looks in the mirror and notes how marvelous she looks after 25 years. John returns home and apologizes for being late and explains their dinner order was mixed up. He asks Marlena, who has her back to him if she’s okay. Marlena’s eyes return to normal, and she tells him that she’s just been thinking about Doug. John notes she seems a little shaken and spots his box of mementos. He apologizes for leaving it out. She inquires why he was going through it. John explains he was talking to Johnny about his movie and what happened to her. John was hoping they’d never have to think about that horrific experience again, and he has a bad feeling about Johnny dredging up all those old memories.

Marlena finds John's collar Days

They sit down to enjoy dinner, and Marlena asks about Johnny and the movie. John says the boy hadn’t read the full script and he had to tell him and Allie about the possession. John says after all these years he believes it was their love that defeated the devil, and their faith in God. He pulls out his old bible, and Marlena blurts out, “Put that damn thing away!” John asks why she’s so upset? Marlena apologizes and says all those bad memories have her on edge. She suggests he put the bible back in the box and they should stop talking about it. John feels this is why Johnny shouldn’t make the movie because it’s inviting evil back into their lives. They are interrupted by a phone call from Julie, who tells Marlena that Doug woke up and is very agitated. She can’t understand him, but he keeps saying her name. Marlena explains to John that she has to get to the hospital to check on Doug. John says he’ll say a prayer for Doug, and he takes the dishes into the kitchen. Marlena says she can’t have that bumbling old man revealing that he’s back.

John Marlena Bible Days

At the hospital, Julie tells Doug that she called Marlena. He exclaims, “No!” He tells Julie that Marlena needs help, and then passes out.  Later, Marlena arrives and meets Eli and Julie in the hall. They tell her Doug told them she was the one who needed help, and Julie hopes Marlena can help him. Marlena decides to check on Doug and indicates it’s best she see him alone.

Back at home, John thumbs through his old bible and reads a passage used in exorcism.

Marlena enters Doug’s room and finds him awake and restless. With her eyes glowing, she tells him that they have to do something about his tattling.

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