EJ kicks Gabi Jake out Days
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EJ drops by the Salem PD and tells Rafe that he wants the million dollars he took from Bonnie back, seeing she stole it from Xander who was supposed to pay it to him for legal fees. Rafe tells him that the DA is holding the money because it’s evidence, and he’s not getting it back until the Lockhart case is resolved. They bicker, and Rafe eventually shuts the conversation down saying he can’t help him.

EJ wants his money

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At the Salem Inn, Gwen tells Xander that she couldn’t tell Jack the truth, so she used Xander’s prostitute story and Jack was understanding. Xander says he’s back on good terms with Jack too thanks to her but wonders where they stand with one another. Gwen opens up that she’s not used to men doing things to help her, and for so long she learned to turn off her feelings as a survival instinct. The one man she opened up to was Jake, and he cast her aside for Gabi. Xander can relate as he’s slept with countless women, but only ever loved Sarah. However, in the end, she chose someone else over him. Gwen hates Sarah for hurting him, which is why she finds it best to not have feelings. She thinks they should part ways before things get messy between them but admits she doesn’t want to. They share a passionate kiss and fall back onto the bed.

Gwen and Xander bond Days

After sex, Xander asks Gwen if she’s still feeling nothing. Gwen realizes there is nothing standing in the way of them being together with the Jack issue resolved. Xander notes, “Except me getting thrown back in jail.” Gwen thinks if EJ was going to have him tossed back in jail then he would have done so by now.

At Rafe’s place, Ava fills Philip in on the fact that Gabi and Jake are plotting to oust him and take over Titan. In return for the information, Ava would like him to keep her in mind if a job opens up at Titan. Philip thought she wanted to be a chef. Ava relays she called Julie’s Place only for the old man to curse her out, and she’s had enough of working with crazy people. Ava suggests after firing Gabi and Jake that he could hire her because she has fashion sense. Philip can’t fire Gabi because her company is profitable, but he won’t let her get away with this.

Philip glares at Ava in Rafe's kitchen on Days of Our Lives

Rafe arrives home and wonders what he owes the pleasure to Philip’s presence. Philip decides to let Ava explain and departs. Ava informs Rafe that she was asking Philip about a job at Titan. She shifts the topic to Jake and Gabi, who moved out. Rafe inquires if his sister said where she was going. Ava says she didn’t leave a forwarding address. Rafe gets paged and has to deal with an issue. He tells Ava this may take a while and departs and not to wait for him to have dinner.

Ava explains her job idea to Rafe Days

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At the Kiriakis mansion, Victor asks Brady if they have a deal and if he will try and take Chloe away from Philip. Chloe waltzes in wanting to know the answer to that question herself. Brady assures her that it’s not what it sounds like, but Victor confirms it is. Victor feels she is clouding Philip’s judgment and not good for him. Chloe asks, “So I’m good enough for Brady?” Victor notes thanks to Kristen setting the bar so low where Brady is concerned, even she can crawl over it.

Chloe is upset with Brady and Victor Days

Victor departs, and Chloe rants to Brady about his grandfather. Chloe wants to know what he spoke to Victor about. Brady admits he feels Philip is losing focus at Titan. Chloe says, “So you weren’t out to steal Philip’s girlfriend, just his job.” Brady explains Gabi and Jake came to him and said Philip was behaving erratically. Chloe feels they have their own motives. Brady knows and swears he doesn’t want Philip’s job, but he just wants Philip to be more focused at work. She informs him that Philip is trying to change, unlike Brady, who she accuses of turning into Victor. Brady feels that when Philip is around her he becomes crazy.

Philip arrives and asks Brady why he’s there. Brady explains he was visiting his grandfather. Philip is glad to hear that because Victor’s been down since Maggie’s been gone. He knows his father misses him and asks Brady to stay for dinner. Brady accepts the invitation. Philip confesses he knows Brady wasn’t the one spying on him and owes him an apology. They shake, and Philip leaves to tell Henderson to set another plate. Alone, Chloe tells Brady that she told him that he was wrong about Philip. Brady says, “We’ll see.”

Brady and Philip make peace Days

Gabi and Jake arrive at the DiMera mansion and find Abby is back. They inform her that they are moving back in. Chad enters and declares, “Over my dead body!” Gabi reminds him that this is her house she inherited from Stefan, and has been letting him stay there out of the kindness of her heart. That’s over, and she orders him to pack his crap and get out. Chad wonders why now? Gabi and Jake reveal they are making big moves soon, and this is part of their plans. Abby tries to appeal to Gabi as a mother and cries her kids live there. Gabi tells Abby she and the kids can stay, but Chad must go. Chad agrees to leave as to not cause a scene in front of their children or uproot them but swears he’ll be back.

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Later, Chad returns followed by EJ. Gabi tells EJ that she just kicked his brother out and he’s next. EJ pulls out a piece of paper and declares he now owns the house. Gabi grabs the paper, which is the deed to the house. EJ reveals, without admitting it, that he bought the bank that owns the deed to the house. EJ tells Gabi and Jake they are the ones who can get the hell out. Gabi threatens to call her lawyer, but EJ says she’ll need to do so elsewhere as she’s trespassing. Jake suggests to Gabi they leave, which they do.

EJ kicks Gabi out Days

EJ laughs and says, “That was fun!” Abigail thanks EJ, and Chad heads upstairs to get the kids for dinner. Abby invites EJ to join them. EJ decides to eat in his room because he’s waiting for a call. Abby wonders if there is trouble coming. EJ explains, “When someone tries to take something that belongs to me, they usually end up regretting it.” Abby assumes this is about Gabi. EJ reveals there is more fun to be had.

Chad and Abby thank EJ Days

Gabi and Jake return to Rafe’s place and let Ava know they are back for good. They sit down to enjoy the tamales Gabi made earlier.

Rafe turns up at the Salem Inn and knocks on Xander’s door. Gwen is still in bed and they were expecting room service. Xander answers and Rafe informs him the charges against him have been reinstated and he’s under arrest.

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