Demon Doug's eyes glow yellow
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Demon Doug tells Marlena in her office he’s the devil come back for her. Marlena thinks Doug’s mind is just playing tricks on him. Demon Doug reminds her of all the havoc they wreaked in the past. Stunned, she says, “Oh, my God.” Doug retorts, “Not God. But just as powerful, which you know better than anyone.” Panicked, Marlena calls this dementia. Demon Doug declares Doug doesn’t have dementia and Marlena knows it. When Marlena refuses to believe he is the devil, Demon Doug makes the lights go out. His eyes glow yellow. “Now do you believe me,” he asks.

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Julie and Eli looked concerned at the hospital

In the hospital lobby, Kayla urges an emotional Julie not to give up hope on Doug. Eli rushes off the hospital elevator to check in with his grandmother. Kayla explains Doug’s tests were inconclusive but he’s talking with Marlena now. Eli suggests Doug is just having a couple of bad days, but Julie explains he grabbed Paulina’s “hot cross buns.” They notice the lights flicker, wondering what caused that. Kayla goes to investigate, leaving Julie to fret to Eli about her husband. Eli embraces his grandma. When Eli gets called to work, Julie pulls out her rosary and prays for her husband.

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Back in her office, a horrified Marlena asks Demon Doug why he has come back to Salem after all these years. For the fun of it, he says. Marlena won’t let him do this to Doug and asks what he wants. Demon Doug says, “What I want is you.” Marlena insists he will never get inside her again. She orders him out of Doug. He says all she has to do is invite him back into her body. When she refuses, Demon Doug tortures Doug’s body. She screams, “Don’t hurt him!”

When Julie can’t take waiting anymore, she bursts into Marlena’s office. She finds Doug crumpled on the floor. Marlena stands nearby.

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Abe talks with John on the penthouse couch on Days of Our Lives

Abe comes by as John looks at his clerical collar and bible at home. Abe invites him and Marlena over for dinner at Paulina’s place. Abe notes something’s on John’s mind. John confirms it by sharing Johnny’s desire to make a movie about Sami which will probably include Marlena’s possession. Abe understands why he’d want to leave that in the past. John doesn’t think Johnny understands the Pandora’s Box he’d be opening. When John recalls almost losing the love of his life, Abe reminds his friend he saved Marlena by performing an exorcism. John thanks his friend. There’s not too many people he’s comfortable discussing it with. Abe tries to reassure John by pointing out it’s been over 25 years and the devil hasn’t tried to get Marlena back.

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Johnny and Allie are shocked to read Will's script in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Allie finds Johnny marveling over Will’s script in the Square. He shows her the shocking things he just read about their Grandma Marlena. Allie can’t believe Marlena was possessed. She assumes Will exaggerated to make his script more interesting. Johnny whips out his laptop to call their brother. They ask if he made up Marlena’s possession. Will says he got that story straight from their mother. But when he asked Marlena about it, she just laughed it off. Will suggests they talk to Sami.

After they hang up with their brother, Johnny calls Sami, but it goes to voicemail. Allie thinks they should talk to Marlena directly. Johnny tried, but she already left for work. Instead, he talked to John who had reservations about his movie. He suggests a reluctant Allie go butter their grandpa up with Sweet Bits to get answers.

Alone, Johnny gets a call. He answers his phone and says, “Mom. Finally!”

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Johnny makes a call from the bench in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Allie visits John with a box of pastries. He tells her how proud he and Marlena are of her. Allie uses that as a not-so-subtle segue to talk about Marlena being possessed by the devil. “There’s no way that happened right,” she asks.

Roman sits with Kate at a table in Brady’s Pub. Roman reminds his ex of the terrible choices she’s made with men. Is it so crazy to think she’d give a decent guy like him another shot? After rehashing the past, which includes his trip to Melaswen Island, Roman suggests they make it about the present. He tells Kate she is his favorite person in Salem. He thinks the way he’s feeling isn’t one way. If she says the word, he will romance the hell out of her. Kate is tempted, but love is so risky even with a great guy like him. She doesn’t want to risk that. She leaves for work. Roman smiles and says to himself that he won’t give up on her. They both know there’s something there. She just needs time to figure it out for herself.

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Roman and Kate sit across a table from each other in Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: things get more dire with Doug, and Chanel and Johnny get back on track.

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