Marlena looks horrified at Doug on Days of Our Lives
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Julie tests Doug’s memory by showing him photos of their family. Kayla stops by with results of Doug’s MRI. She relays there’s some shrinkage of his brain volume, but that’s normal for a person his age. She can’t rule out Alzheimer’s just yet though. She wants to order a PET scan, but it’s expensive. Julie doesn’t care if it costs the moon. They need to get to the bottom of this. Kayla suggests he see Marlena so she can assess if he has dementia.

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Julie and Doug look through a photo album on the couch at home on Days of Our Lives

John and Marlena eat Allie’s donuts at home as they discuss Johnny’s movie. Marlena tells him it will be about Sami. John thinks it’s a terrible idea assuming the moment Sami walked in on them having sex will be in the film. Marlena doesn’t think Johnny will portray that, but John counters that moment drove Sami’s behavior for years. How could Johnny leave out that context? Marlena thinks they’ve all gotten past it, including Roman. He reminds her their affair destroyed Marlena’s marriage and family. It left her feeling vulnerable which led to the darkest time in her life. Marlena reminds him the movie is about Sami, not her. Kayla calls to ask Marlena to meet with Doug. Before she leaves, an emotional John tells Doc he loves her.

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John leans in on the couch to make a point with a concerned Marlena on Days of Our Lives

EJ comes to Johnny’s room to pitch him working for DiMera again. Johnny passes and shows him the script for his movie about Sami. EJ expresses disdain so Johnny says he can just write him out. EJ doesn’t think that’s possible considering he’s the love of Sami’s life. Johnny counters, “From what I’ve read, that title belongs to Lucas.” EJ calls that absurd, but Johnny continues to needle his father. EJ warns his son if it takes this too far, he could live to regret it.

As Chad brings Abigail home, she flashes back to her fight with Gwen at the top of the stairs. She reads cards in the living room from her kids welcoming her home. Chad wants to bring her things to their room, but Abigail stops him. They still have a lot of things to work out and she’d feel more comfortable doing that in separate beds. Chad says, whatever you need.

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Abby and Chad relax at home on Days of Our Lives

EJ enters and smiles upon seeing Abigail. He annoys Chad with commentary about their marriage and Gwen. He then blames Chad for his issues with Johnny. After Abby defends Chad, EJ backs off and leaves.

At the Pub, Lucas and Katie bring Roman pastries from Allie’s bakery. Lucas watches with interest as Kate helps wipe powdered sugar off Roman’s face as they reminisce about their life together. After Roman walks away, Lucas asks his mother if they are hooking up again. Kate scoffs, but Lucas reminds her how great they used to be. As Lucas delights in teasing his mother, Johnny walks in. Roman joins them again, as Johnny tells them all about his movie and asks for funding. Lucas’ ears perk up when he hears EJ hates the idea. Johnny asks his grandfather how he’d feel about his film portraying John and Marlena’s affair. Roman is fine with it as long as someone dashing plays him. After getting Roman’s support, Johnny asks Lucas if he’s interested in investing. When Lucas hedges, Johnny tells him he’s a big part of the movie. In fact, he’s the love of Sami’s life in it. That’s good enough for Lucas — he’ll sign a check right now. Kate passes, as not to tick off EJ.

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Lucas, Johnny and Kate sit smiling at a Brady's Pub table as Roman stands nearby looking at his grandson on Days of Our Lives

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Once Johnny has left, Kate accuses Lucas of backing Johnny’s film to stick it to EJ. Lucas would rather talk about her and Roman. He urges her to give him another chance as the barkeep walks up. Lucas makes his exit, leaving Kate to tell Roman her son thinks they should get back together.

Johnny stops by to see his Grandpa John about the movie. John expresses his concerns and agrees to circle back after talking more to Marlena. Johnny is cool with that and leaves to finish reading the script. John pulls out a box containing his bible and clerical collar. He looks at an article about Marlena’s possession.

Johnny reads Will’s script in the Square. He says, “What the hell? Grandma Marlena was possessed by the devil?”

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John holds a bible and a clerical collar while sitting on the couch on Days of Our Lives

In Marlena’s office, Doug admits he knows something is wrong with him. He does strange things and he doesn’t know why. As they talk, Marlena brings up Doug locking Julie in the freezer on accident. Doug’s face hardens. He says, “That was no accident. I locked that bitch in there on purpose.” Marlena is stunned as Doug laughs. He declares, “I’m not Doug.” His voice deepens as he eerily says, “It’s been over 25 years Marlena. But did you really think I wouldn’t come back for you?”

Next on Days of Our Lives: Allie gets a look at Will’s script, and Roman and Kate reminisce.

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