Paulina unburdens herself to Marlena on Days of Our Lives
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After stopping by Sweet Bits for some treats, Abe tells Paulina he’s meeting Lani and the twins for dinner. He asks if she’d like to join them. She has something to do and kisses him goodbye.

Abe meets with Lani at the Pub. As they talk about Paulina, Abe mentions how much she loves the babies, even calling herself their grandmother. Lani looks surprised. Abe explains Paulina brought up marriage. He wonders how Lani’d feel about that. Her opinion means a lot to him. Lani hates that she hurt the people she cares about but she knows Paulina tried to make things right. She also knows Abe is lonely and Paulina has brought a smile to his face. So if he wants to marry her, he has her blessing. They hug.

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Lani looks wide-eyed at Abe on Days of Our Lives

On the phone in her office, Marlena asks John how he’d feel about investing in a film. They agree they need to talk about it before hanging up. Paulina drops by with pastries for Marlena. She also wants to talk to her about something very private. Marlena assures her everything she tells her is confidential. Paulina reveals there are secrets she knows that could tear the whole family apart. If Abe knew, he’d hate her forever. Marlena doesn’t believe that’s true. Paulina knows it is because Abe is not Lani’s father. Marlena is confused. Why would Tamara lie about that? Paulina reveals the other secret — that she is really Lani’s mother, not Tammy. She tells Marlena how she gave Lani to Tamara to protect her from her abusive father. Marlena offers to help her if she decides to tell Abe and Lani the truth. Paulina makes Marlena promise to keep this secret between them. Marlena again assures her everything said is in strict confidence. Paulina is relieved to unburden herself and to have a judgment-free zone to do it. Marlena suggests she book future appointments. Paulina agrees to it and thanks her for her help.

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Marlena learns Paulina's secret on Days of Our Lives

After Paulina has left, Marlena talks to John again on the phone. She says she needs time to digest her session with a patient.

In a hospital room, Julie sits by Doug’s side holding his hand as Kayla begins a series of tests. She has him answer simple questions and perform an easy task. Kayla then asks Doug to repeat the five words she had him remember at the beginning of their session. He does it perfectly. Julie cheers. Kayla doesn’t think there’s anything seriously wrong with him and tells him he’s free to go.

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Kayla meets with Doug and Julie at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

Paulina runs into Doug and Julie at the elevators. As they wait, Doug eyes Paulina with a smile. She turns to him in surprise and says, “Doug Williams. Did you just grab my ass?” Horrified, Julie apologizes to Paulina who brushes it off. Julie later calls Kayla to tell her what happened. She suggests they run the MRI after all.

Doug looks at Paulina at the hospital elevators on Days of Our Lives

Back in the Square, Chanel and Allie celebrate making a profit on their first day. They hug as Tripp walks up and sees them. Chanel assures him nothing romantic is going on, in case he was worried. She then mentions Allie not being happy about her dating Johnny. Allie tells Chanel it’s her decision about what to do with Johnny. She just wants to celebrate their success. Tripp agrees and offers to buy them all champagne.

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From the Kiriakis mansion, Johnny video calls Will. After catching up on their lives, Johnny brings up his movie. He wants to make it from Will’s script about their mother. Will wonders if he’s talked to Sami about it. Johnny would but she’s not returning his calls. However, he knows Sami’s life has been dramatic which is why she’s the perfect subject for his movie. Impressed with Johnny trying to make his dream come true, Will sends him the script. Will is impressed with Allie’s business venture as well. Johnny stammers and asks if Will ever thought Allie played for “his team.” Will looks confused. Johnny keeps it moving and just says he’s looking forward to reading family secrets in the script.

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Johnny walks up as the threesome sits at a table toasting. He asks if there’s room for one more and gives Chanel flowers to congratulate her on her opening. After words with Allie about his dating history, he declares he’s changed. Chanel invites him to sit with them. He does and they all clink glasses, even Johnny and Allie. Johnny brings up his film and tells his sister his movie will be based on Will’s screenplay about Sami. Allie thinks it sounds way to personal. She wonders what actor would even do justice to playing Sami Brady. Johnny asks, “What about you?” Allie points out she’s not an actress but Johnny declares he can make her a star.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Abigail makes a request of Chad, and painful memories of the past resurface for John and Marlena.

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