Ben and Ciara sightsee in New Orleans on Days of Our Lives
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Justin shows up at the police station as Bonnie’s lawyer. Once alone, the prisoner recounts the scam Calista and Harrison roped her into with the million-dollar prize. In flashback, Bonnie recalls being resistant to the plan and Harrison trying to force himself on her. During a struggle, she grabbed the gun that was in his jacket pocket and shot him. When Calista returned, Bonnie ran out leaving the gun behind. Not wanting the blood money, she flushed the ticket down the toilet. She recalls looking over her shoulder for years waiting for Calista to come for her. When she finally did, Bonnie stole Xander’s money instead of trying to drain Justin’s bank account like Calista wanted. After she’s done detailing Calista’s death, Justin says he believes her. He will defend her but it will be tough considering she killed her husband, Harrison and Calista. Bonnie corrects him about her husband — Mimi was the one who did it. She couldn’t let her daughter go to prison so she took the rap. Bonnie orders Justin to never say that in court. She just wanted him to know the truth. Justin is amazed by her big heart and declares he still loves her. He wants to marry her once this is over.

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Bonnie defiantly faces Calista and her husband on Days of Our Lives

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In the Square, Philip demands to know if Gabi and Jake are plotting against him with Brady. They cover by claiming they were confronting Brady about the keylogger. Brady pointedly tells Philip Chloe’s waiting for him at work before leaving. Once he’s gone, Jake and Gabi purposely feed into Philip’s jealousy over Brady and Chloe. Philip tears off. Gabi and Jake high five and revel in Titan eventually being theirs.

At Basic Black, Chloe encourages Nicole to admit she has feelings for Rafe. Nicole thinks there’s no point. There’s no way she’d make a play for Ava’s man. She turns it back on Chloe by pointing out Philip does have a reason to be jealous of Brady. She knows her feelings for Brady haven’t gone away. He walks in, prompting Nicole to leave. When Philip’s name comes up, Brady insists he didn’t put the spyware on his uncle’s computer. She believes him. He’s glad because he couldn’t get along there without her. He likes having her around because she makes everything better.

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Brady and Chloe talk at Basic Black on Days of Our Lives

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Philip interrupts Chloe and Brady. He declares Brady told Gabi and Jake he would do anything to win Chloe back. Brady denies it. They only talked about the keylogger and how paranoid Philip is. Brady’s had enough and walks out. Chloe confronts Philip again about his jealousy. Philip just doesn’t want to lose her. He hugs Chloe who looks around pensively.

Nicole runs into Rafe outside Brady’s Pub. She awkwardly tries to keep walking but Rafe stops her. He’s not okay with them trying to avoid each other forever. Nicole is just trying to make things easier for him and Ava. Rafe thinks Ava will have to deal with the fact that he has female friends. Nicole counters he doesn’t have feelings for his other female friends like he does for her. Rafe explains that part of him did develop feelings for her but she was married. Now, he’s with Ava and that’s the end of it. He muses it’s not like she had those feelings for him… right? Nicole responds that she’s moved on from whatever feelings she might have had. They share a charged moment before she heads inside the Pub.

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In New Orleans, Ciara and Ben try to get in to see the Oak Alley Plantation, a place that was important to Bo and Hope. Though it’s closed, the woman who works there offers to show them around. After the tour, Ciara remarks that she originally thought of that place in terms of Bo and Hope’s romance but now it’s a powerful reminder of the country’s ugly history. The tour guide says in order to move forward we have to reckon with the past. If something is built on violence it will always be there beneath the surface. We can’t ignore it. Ben is visibly affected by the woman’s words. After she walks away, Ciara suggests they head back to the French Quarter as thunder and wind roll in.

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