Brady gets played by Jake and Gabi in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives
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From inside the restaurant, Philip calls Chloe to check in. He asks her to join him for lunch but she’s too busy. After hanging up, Ava sits down near him at the bar. He glibly wonders if she’s trying to shake Julie down. She informs him she’s applying for a job there. He gets in digs about her being in the mob but she assures him she’s gone legit. She’s never been happier. He’s sorry to hear that. If she had her old connections she could have had someone break Brady’s legs for him. Ava assumes the issue is over a woman, leading Philip to open up about his issues with Brady going after Chloe. Ava knows exactly how he feels and launches into her story about Rafe and Nicole. Philip wonders if she can get past the jealousy.

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Ava confides in Philip on Days of Our Lives

Nicole walks into the Basic Black office as Chloe hangs up with Philip. Chloe tells Nicole about Philip acting like a jealous teenager. She then asks Nicole how she’s doing. Nicole tells her friend she and Eric and are getting a divorce and she can’t be friends with Rafe anymore. However, Rafe told Ava he has feelings for her. Chloe wonders how she feels about that.

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Chloe glares at Basic Black on Days of Our Lives

Gabi and Jake approach Brady as sits in the Square. They accuse him of spying on Titan. He insists he had nothing to do with that keylogger. In fact, he didn’t even know what a key logger was. Gabi believes him and expresses concern about Philip’s behavior. Gabi and Jake lay it on thick over their “worry” Philip is going to run Titan into the ground. Brady’s glad he’s not the only one who has witnessed his uncle’s insane behavior. Gabi suggests Brady talk to Victor about it. Brady wonders if they have ulterior motives. Gabi insists she’s just concerned about the future of her life’s work — Gabi Chic. Brady needs to think about rocking that boat but Gabi points out Titan is his and Rachel’s legacy and he should protect it. Philip walks up wondering what is going on.

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Jake and Gabi as a united front in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

In the interrogation room, Bonnie hallucinates Calista sauntering in and pointing a gun at her. Bonnie cowers as Rafe enters. He wonders why she’s so scared. She calls it a bad dream but Rafe points out she is awake. After Rafe mentions that she fired her public defender, he asks if she wants to tell him her side of the story. Bonnie insists shooting Calista was self-defense. Rafe wonders why Calista wanted to kill her with that particular gun. Bonnie plays dumb. Rafe asks if it had anything to do with the gun being used to kill Calista’s husband. He shows her a letter that was among her things. It details Bonnie killing Calista’s husband and stealing his money. Bonnie insists it’s a lie. Rafe thinks the evidence suggests otherwise and if the case goes to court she’s going down.

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Justin listens to Steve at the Kiriakis mansion on Days of Our Lives

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In the Kiriakis living room, Steve tells Justin that Bonnie didn’t make bail. Justin is happy to hear it. He never wants to see that con artist again. He’s glad he got out before Bonnie took everything. Steve reminds Justin that he was the one who convinced him people can change. Justin thinks he was wrong. Steve wonders if he’s wrong now. Justin can’t believe Steve is defending Bonnie. Steve just thinks there’s more to the story. There was something off about Calista. He knows Justin feels betrayed but it’s not like him to turn his back on Bonnie. He encourages him to visit Bonnie and hear her out. Justin doesn’t want to be played for a fool again. Steve assumes Justin still loves her.

Back in the interrogation room, Rafe demands to know why Adrienne took Xander’s money. Justin busts in to declare the interview is over. “Says who,” Rafe wonders. “Says her attorney,” Justin responds.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Ben and Ciara go on nostalgia-filled trip, and Philip makes an accusation.

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