Abigail considers Chad's request on Days of Our Lives
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At the Salem Inn, Xander grabs the phone out of EJ’s hand as he waits to talk to the judge. They trade barbs about Xander going to prison and EJ’s time in Nashville. EJ punches Xander, sending him flying across the room. Xander gets up with blood on his mouth and lunges at EJ. They full-on brawl. EJ chuckles over getting the last laugh as he gets in the final blow. After he walks out, Xander crawls to the bed declaring the one who gets the last laugh will be him.

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EJ and Xander brawl at Salem Inn on Days of Our Lives

At the Horton House, Gwen imagines Jack becoming enraged upon learning the truth about her miscarriage. She snaps to the present and tells him the lie Xander came up with.. that Snyder was blackmailing her over being a former prostitute. She cringes as she tells Jack Snyder was one of her clients who ended up being her doctor. He threatened to expose her past unless she did what he wanted. Gwen apologizes for everything she’s done in her past and to Jack’s family. Jack blames himself for how Gwen’s life turned out. Through tears, he assures her she’ll always have a place in his life and his heart. Jack will do everything he can to help and support her. Gwen cries as she expresses how grateful she is. Jack gets a call from Jennifer and steps out of the room. Alone, Gwen calls herself a coward but she couldn’t let her father hate her.

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Gwen tries to tell Jack the truth on Days of Our Lives

Chad tells Abigail Jennifer let him in when he sees her in Boston. She tentatively steps into his arms for a hug. When she frees herself from his embrace, Chad tells her how much the kids miss her. She misses them too which is why she writes and video chats every day. Chad asks her to come home. Abigail says she can’t leave her mother alone to deal with Laura’s estate. She needs more time. Chad begs her to talk to him. Abigail brings up Gwen’s baby. His baby. Her niece and their kids’ sibling. She blames herself for killing that child. Chad assures her it’s not her fault and that she’s a great mother. Abby can only think about how Gwen could have been a mother too but she took that from her. Chad urges Abigail to find a way to forgive herself. She asks if there’s any part of him that hates her for what she made happen to his child. Chad insists no part of him in his body or soul that hates her for anything. He asks her to fly back with him today so they can be a family again. Abby wants that but she still has a hard time trusting him. Chad will help her do that. However long it takes. Whatever he has to do. He is devoted to making her happy. To making her feel safe and loved. He’s nothing without her. “What do you say,” he asks. “Come home with me.” Abigail agrees.

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Chad begs Abigail to come home with him on Days of Our Lives

Johnny visits Marlena in her office at the hospital. He tries to butter her up with talk of how amazing she has been with Allie and in their lives in general. She sees right through it and asks what he wants. After another failed at charming her, Johnny admits he wants funding for his movie. She asks what the movie is about. He hasn’t settled on one idea just yet but wants the focus to be on someone who inspires him. Marlena suggests he talk to Will who had some experience in Hollywood. Johnny thinks Will’s script about Sami could be exactly what he’s looking for. Marlena says she’ll talk to John about investing but suggests he work on his elevator pitch.

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Marlena and Johnny visit in her office on Days of Our Lives

Johnny comes home to find his father nursing his wounds. He informs a glaring EJ he’s going to make The Sami Brady Story but not all characters will get their happy Hollywood ending.

Doug doesn’t know who Julie is talking about when she mentions Alice in the Square. She shows him her grandparents’ plaque in the Square. He says they look like fine people but admits he doesn’t know who they are. Doug’s not sure what’s wrong with him but Julie assures him they’ll fix it.

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Julie kisses the back of Doug's hand on Days of Our Lives

Julie brings Doug to the hospital. She tells Kayla about Doug’s memory issues. Doug asks if he has Alzheimer’s. Kayla explains there are a lot of potential causes for his memory lapses. She will do a lot of tests so they can figure out the next step together. Alone, Doug tells Julie that even if he forgets their names, he will never forget how much he loves her.

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