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Ben and Ciara’s friskiness is interrupted when Shane arrives. Ciara’s thrilled to see her uncle, but Ben is uncomfortable. He admits to Shane that he is “responsible for” the death of his niece, Paige. (Of course, by “responsible for” he means “strangled to death as part of a rampage.” Shane essentially shrugs off Ben’s confession, saying he made peace with that ages ago. Upon being given the gem Ben and his wife retrieved, Shane says it is beautiful but wonders “if these jewels are really worth all the pain they’ve caused.”

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The next morning, Ben admits he got no sleep because he couldn’t stop thinking about Shane. “It was like [Paige’s death] didn’t matter to him,” says Ben. “Considering what I did, I just expected a bigger reaction out of him.” Seconds later, it seems Ben’s about to get what he wanted when Shane returns… and points a gun at his chest! A weak and disheveled Shane says that the previous night, someone had knocked him out and locked him in a supply closet. 

Will is working on his story about last night’s adventure when he is shocked to find out that Austin has been arrested as an international jewel thief! For his part, a handcuffed Austin insists to Carrie that he’s innocent while, back at their apartment, Anna blasts John, blaming him for her son-in-law’s arrest. “Because of you, my daughter could lose her husband!” Billie, too, believes her brother is innocent. Kyle, fearing a conflict of interest, tries to stop her from interfering, but is unable to. She enters the interrogation room to try and get answers from Austin, but the conversation soon devolves into his sister and wife discussing how hot Agent Graham is. 

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Waking up very hungover, Chad rolls over to snuggle with Abigail… only to discover Leo in his bed! Leo says they not only enjoyed a night of passion, but that Chad proposed! A freaked Chad goes to the living room, insisting that Leo is lying. “Of course he is,” declares Will, pointing out that Chad has both Abigail and taste. Leo stands by his claim and admits to being disappointed that Chad is so upset, “given that your best friends here with Bert and Ernie.” Checking security footage, Will confirms that Leo snuck into Chad’s room 10 minutes earlier. 

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As the others trash talk him, Leo tries getting them to admit they had a good time the previous evening. “When is the last time you had a night out on the town and cut loose?” he asks. “That’s why it was so easy for you to believe that Sonny was cheating on you. You’ve become an old married couple! You’ve been stuck in a rut, and I was just trying to unstick you!” When they point out he’s far too selfish to do anything so selfless, Leo suggests that maybe he just wanted them all to be friends. 

Graham arrives at Carrie and Austin’s apartment, followed soon after by the fake Shane. Retrieving the last of the stolen gems, Kyle and Shane exit, thanking John on behalf of the kingdom of Alamania. Moments later, John gets a call from the real Shane, who realizes that his twin brother Drew just walked off with all of the stones. Before Shane leaves to rack down his brother, Ben apologizes to him about Paige. Shane has a far more expected reaction than did Drew, telling Ciara he “hopes to God you’re right about this guy.” 

In Miami, Paulina finds out that the orange diamond was, in fact, one of the missing gems. Lani hopes this means her aunt’s longtime friend Michelle will, knowing the ring was made from a pilfered jewel, be more forgiving. But looking out the window, she sees that MIchelle is heading straight for the house on a jetski. When the woman in question arrives, it turns out she is not Michelle Obama, as Paulina had implied, but rather Michelle White (thus explaining references to “the White house). 

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“Shane” and Kyle return the full-restored Alamanian Peacock to Lord Sebastian of Alamania. John and Billie burst in, guns drawn. Drew insists he’s Shane, but John proves otherwise when the guy can’t remember the birthdate of his supposed wife, Kimberly. Busted, Drew pulls out a gun and holds it on Kyle. Marlena enters and asks Drew why he’s gone bad given that the last time she saw him, he’d turned his life around. Drew says that true love Camilla died and once that happened, he saw no reason to stay on the straight-and-narrow. Marlena tries talking sense into Drew, but he shouts, “This head is not for shrinking!” 

Drew is about to leave with both the Peacock and his hostage, but thanks to a tip from Carrie and Austin, John exposes Kyle as Drew’s partner! Putting a gun to Marlena’s head, “Kyle” admits his real name is Dimitri Von Leuschner, cousin of Carly Manning and Frankie Brady. Dimitri says that the Alamanian Peacock actually belongs to the house of Von Leuschner, as it  was to be part of Carly’s dowry when she and Lawrence Alamain married. Although that original wedding didn’t happen, the Alamains failed to return the Peacock given that it was Carly who jilted Lawrence. But as Lord Sebastian reminds Dimitri, Lawrence and Carly did eventually marry… and she later killed him! But Dimitri is having none of it and wants the Peacock back. 

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But wait, there’s more! As Drew explains, the reassembled Peacock can “activate satellites armed with deadly lasers” that will cause mass destruction in “key cities” around the world including Zurich, New Orleans, Miami and, of course Salem. Why? Because once the power of the Peacock has been demonstrated, the powerful countries of the world will pay to keep their citizens safe. But when Drew tries to activate the Peacock, it fails to work. As it turns out, Leo swapped out the real emerald with a duplicate. 

In the resulting melee, Marlena grabs a gun and warns Drew that while she doesn’t want to shoot him, she will to protect her family. Billie aims her gun at Dimitri, who says that for what it’s worth, he did enjoy their tango. “You’re gonna have a lot of new dance partners in prison,” she smirks. She considers finishing what Kristen started by blowing off his privates, but ultimately decides it’s not worth the paperwork. 

The next day, Abe declares his love to Paulina. In return, she admits that she probably doesn’t deserve him. Lani and Eli join them and everyone prepares to head back to Salem. Paulina wants everyone to make sure they have everything, prompting Lani to say that her aunt reminds her of her mom sometimes. Ben tells Ciara that he will always be the person who killed Paige and the others. But he realizes that “being guilty isn’t helping anything. I just have to be better” and help others. While celebrating the success of Will’s article, Sonny acknowledges that maybe Leo had a point about them needing to loosen up. Chad chimes in to say that while he’s not planning to don drag again, the whole thing made him realize how much he misses Sonny and Will. They make plans to spend more time in the future. In Alamania, Shane says that the Peacock is no longer a lethal weapon, and Billie laments having been fooled by Kyle/Dimitri. Lord Sebastian points out she saved the world, suggesting she take the night off and have dinner with him at the castle. 

At Carrie and Austin’s place, everyone agrees they should do this again but, as Marlena chimes in, “next time without the international crime spree.” Austin learns the ISA’s charges against him have been dropped, and Carrie is credited with having figured out that Kyle was a fake. After a round of last hugs and pics, Marlena asks if John is ready to take her back to Salem. 

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