Chloe and Brady at the Kiriakis mansion on Days of Our Lives
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Eli interrupts Rafe while he thinks about Nicole at the station. They discuss Bonnie’s arrest as Eli notices a photo of Rafe and Nicole on his boss’ phone. When he asks for an update, Rafe says he and Nicole won’t be seeing each other anymore. Eli wonders if Rafe was being honest with Ava about wanting to be with her over Nicole. Rafe insists he was. Eli backs off. He is happy for him and Ava but notes it sucks he had to lose a friend in the process.

Ava finds Nicole thinking about Rafe at Julie’s Place. She sits down explaining she dropped off her resume for the chef position. Nicole thought she wanted a job at Basic Black. Ava thinks that would be too awkward. Nicole insists Rafe was never interested in her but Ava counters Rafe told her he was. Nicole is sorry but Ava explains they had an honest conversation about it. She wonders how Nicole really feels about Rafe. Nicole assures her friend she has nothing to worry about. Ava appreciates that and believes her not seeing Rafe is best for now. Rafe walks in. He kisses Ava and awkwardly acknowledges Nicole who leaves. When Ava steps away, Rafe looks at the photo of Nicole.

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Ava and Nicole toast with wine at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

Abe comes upon Paulina talking to Carver and Jules about being their grandmother. He wonders why she would call herself that. Paulina chugs a glass of wine before responding that all this family time has her thinking about the future and if they might get married someday. If that happens, then she’d be the twins’ grandmother by marriage. Abe admits the idea has crossed his mind as well. She wonders if he wants to marry her. Not tomorrow, Abe says, but he has thought about it. He agrees that things feel right and he could see getting married, should things continue in this direction. Paulina says he is worth waiting for and then jokes, “How about a week from Friday?” Abe tells her he loves her. She says, “I love you too.”

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Abe and Paulina in each other's arms on Days of Our Lives

Brady and Chloe rush into the Kiriakis living room wondering why the cops are there. Lani tells them about Calista’s murder and leaves. Chloe can’t believe someone was killed down the hall from her bedroom. Brady declares that’s why she’s coming home with him. Chloe feels safe enough there but Brady still thinks it’s traumatic. Chloe calls him out for trying to keep her away from Philip. Brady admits it. You can’t blame a guy for trying, he says. But Chloe absolutely can. His war with Philip over her stopped being funny two decades ago. It needs to stop — now. She accuses him of thinking everything is a joke and for laughing at her, not with her. Brady apologizes but makes another quip. He apologizes again calling it an old habit. He grows serious as Chloe agrees, “Very, very old.” Brady agrees that he shouldn’t interfere in her personal business and leaves to check on his grandfather.

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At Rafe’s, Philip tells Gabi and Jake they found a keylogger on his laptop. He knows Gabi put it there. She plays the innocent act but Philip fires the both of them. Jake steps in to suggest someone could have put spyware on Gabi’s computer too. It could be a company-wide problem. He suggests Philip call IT to confirm, as Gabi quietly panics. After Philip gets confirmation Gabi’s computer was hacked too, they throw suspicion on Brady.

After Philip has left, Jake boasts to Gabi that he put the keylogger on her laptop a while back in case Philip discovered it. Proving he learned a thing or two about playing chess at the DiMera mansion. He gloats, thinking it’s the move the future CEO of Titan would make. Gabi retorts that the job is hers considering this whole plot was her idea. They expect Philip to implode over Brady and toast to victory.

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Philip confronts Jake and Gabi at Rafe's house on Days of Our Lives

Brady returns to the Kiriakis living room. He notes his and Chloe’s wedding anniversary is coming up. Philip comes home as they reminisce. He grabs Brady calling him a son of a bitch, accusing him of spying on Titan. He vows to put his ass in prison for corporate espionage. Brady scoffs and walks out. Philip orders Chloe to stop working for Brady. Chloe challenges him to find proof first. They shake on it.

Brady finds Nicole eating ice cream in the Square. She says she’s eating her feelings. He asks if he can get in on that. She hands him her container.

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Nicole and Brady commiserate over ice cream in the Square on Days of Our Lives

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