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As they get dressed for the party, Ciara says that after a lifetime of having heard about the adventures her parents had, she’s excited to have one of her own by posing as Princess Gina’s daughter, Greta. The plan: Infiltrate the Faversham party to retrieve the amethyst broach.

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Ben questions Ciara about something he read in his dossier regarding Austin and Greta spending time running around a virtual Garden of Eden wearing nothing but fig leafs. (Those of us who lived through it still flinch at the memory!) When they arrive at the party, they quickly meet the Favershams… and realize that they’re at a sex party! Sophie says they don’t like the word swingers, because it has seedy connotations. When Ben seems uncomfortable, Sophie suggests he and Ciara leave. But knowing they have a mission, she insists they stay. 

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Ciara uses Miles’ purple-furred handcuffs to keep him strapped to the bed while she searches for and steals the gem. While she’s doing that, Sophie is busting “Austin,” revealing that she once took a trip with the real Austin and his wife. She assumes Ben and Ciara took on fake identities to crash the party. “I can’t blame you for role-playing,” she coos. “It’s my favorite pastime!” Ciara arrives to find Sophie straddling Ben and — when the hostess suggests that “two is company, three’s a party” — drags him away. 

Back at their hotel room, Ciara wonders if someday, she and Ben might wind up like the Favershams, looking for thrills when their marriage becomes boring. But Ben assures her that will never happen. “What you and I have, my love, is always going to feel like a honeymoon,” he assures her before they make love again. 

Billie tells Shane that she and Kyle left Will and Sonny in charge of retrieving the emerald. She says everything should go well as long as Leo doesn’t screw things up. Shane says that the ISA believes whoever took the ruby also has the citrine. As for the sapphire, Billie says she and Kyle will retrieve it from Kristen.

Arriving at a half-dressed Kyle’s room, Billie finds him reading Kristen’s file. When the two agents aren’t flirting, she says that back in the day, she, Kristen and their gal pal Jennifer had plenty of good times. Before, that is, Kristen took a dark turn. But she still knows how Kristen thinks.

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Billie and Kyle arrive in Amsterdam, which she believes might be Kristen’s location since it’s where the DiMera troublemaker went last year while on the run with Brady and Rachel. Sure enough, they find Kristen sitting at a table in her favorite cafe. “I assume you’re here to arrest me, but I’m not sure for which crime,” admits Kristen. She won’t, however, hand over the gem because she’s being highly paid by someone to deliver it. And not only does she have a gun, but “it’s aimed directly at Agent Twinkletoes’ crotch! So I suggest you run along, or I’ll turn [Kyle] into a Ken doll!” 

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Billie isn’t pleased with her longtime friend. “I love you, but this behavior? It’s not OK!” Kristen throws Billie’s past in her face, including the time she slept with her daughter’s boyfriend. “I haven’t even started on your porn career or your drug problem!” Things quick devolve to the point where the women are breaking glassware and flipping tables (a clear homage to The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, on which both their portrayers appeared). Although Kristen gives the agents the slip, she drops the necklace and Billie is able to retrieve it. While celebrating their victory, Kyle admits that Billie might be “the most extraordinary woman I’ve ever met, not to mention the most beautiful” before planting a kiss on her! Although fraternizing with fellow agents is against the rules, Kyle says that “some rules are worth breaking.” 

Carrie and Austin celebrate their romantic reunion by making love. As it turns out, he finds it a very big turn-on when she says the word “Alamanian.” Austin gets a call and finds out he has to leave immediately on a business trip. As he’s preparing to leave, John shows up with pastries. When Carrie goes to slip one of the tasty treats into her husband’s bag, she’s shocked to find a baggie containing the two missing jewels… leaving Carrie and John with a whole lot of questions for Austin! 

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After hitting on Chad, Leo says he — and the DiMera name — will play a crucial role in tonight’s attempt to retrieve the gem. Turns out their mysterious contact has an issue with an article that Titan published and doesn’t want to deal with Will. The meeting is taking place at — where else? — a gay bar. Leo informs them that while Jackie couldn’t come — apparently she had something better to do than hang out in a bar trying to retrieve a stolen gem? — she did say they should look for someone “tall, beautiful and fabulous.” Enter drag queen Cori Blake, owner of the bar and host of the evening’s event. 

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Corey tells Chad she’ll sell him the gem but only if one of them can prove “worthy” by winning a drag show. Will, Sonny and Chad reluctantly don drag and compete, with Chad — aka Bullinda Chinashop — declared the winner. Keeping her word, Cori hands over the jewel. As the guys are later celebrating having completed the mission, they realize Leo is missing… and so is the emerald! Elsewhere, as Leo admires the stone, Shane approaches. “Going somewhere, Mr. Stark?”

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