Enraged, Philip holds his head in his hand as he sits at his desk on Days of Our Lives
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At home, Lani admits to Eli she missed the twins during her first day back to work. He playfully grabs snacks for a stakeout in the nursery to observe their suspects, Carver and Jules.

Paulina messages Eli and Lani to come to her place for dinner. Abe reminds her they just spent the weekend in Miami with them. That’s why Paulina wants them there, to talk about their adventures. Lani messages back that they’ll be there. Paulina’s thrilled and wants to prepare an elaborate meal. Abe closes his eyes, wishing they could just order pizza.

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Eli, Lani, Paulina and Abe toast with wine at Paulina's place on Days of Our Lives

After cooking, Abe and Paulina enjoy a glass of wine while canoodling on the couch. Eli and Lani arrive with dessert and the twins. They all grab a glass of wine as they discuss their weekend, as well as Lani going back to her dangerous job. Lani and Eli assure Paulina she’s a badass and then they get called in on a case. The Grants leave the babies with Abe and Paulina, who urges Lani to be safe.

Alone with the twins, Paulina whispers that she’s their grandmother. But it’s their little secret. Abe walks up behind her with a troubled expression on his face.

Chloe calls Belle, interrupting her dinner with Shawn at the Pub, to rant about Philip. Belle gets up to talk to Philip for Chloe, promising Shawn she’ll be back quickly.

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Belle talks to Philip in the Titan offices on Days of Our Lives

Philip composes a rage email to Brady in his office about him moving in on Chloe. Belle storms in. She tells him all his anger at Brady will bring him down. Belle urges him to delete the ugly email and just enjoy being with Chloe. Philip agrees it’s hateful but he pushes send anyway. However, his computer freezes and it doesn’t send.

After Philip sends his computer to IT to figure out why he’s been having so many problems with it, Belle lectures him again on his anger issues and leaves. Philip gets a call from IT and exclaims, “You found what on my laptop?”

At the kitchen table, Gabi spies on Philip’s emails from her laptop. She learns he found Brady and Chloe together in a motel. Jake cackles. Gabi suggests they use his anger to trigger him to go off on Brady. Jake warns if they’re not careful someone could get killed. However, he agrees to help find a way to push him to the brink. When Gabi grows frustrated over not seeing any email updates from Philip, Jake distracts her with kisses. Before they can head upstairs, Philip ponds on the door. When Gabi opens it, he asks, “Why the Hell are you spying on me.”

Belle returns to Shawn at the Pub. He doesn’t care what happened with Philip. She’s sorry she left him but he relays he just talked with Claire and booked them a couple of tickets to visit her. Belle’s thrilled.

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Bonnie, in her wedding dress, stands behind Justin as he confronts Xander on Days of Our Lives

At the Kiriakis mansion, Xander accuses Bonnie of stealing his money. Justin orders Xander out. Xander is happy to oblige but first, he’ll go upstairs to get his cash. Bonnie stops him. He can’t go up there. Kayla wonders why not. Bonnie says he can’t because of Calista. Justin wonders what is up with her and her sister-in-law. Bonnie tries to cover, talking about all the mimosas Calista drank. Xander promises to be quiet and dashes upstairs. Bonnie runs out to follow him, with a confused Justin trailing behind.

Xander finds the bag of cash in Bonnie’s room. As she tries to stop him from leaving with it, the bag falls and a gun spills out. She quickly grabs it but Xander wonders what she’s doing with it. Justin enters, “Yeah, Bonnie. What are you doing with a gun?” Xander collects his cash, notes Calista is sleeping like the dead, and walks out. Justin asks if Calista is okay. Bonnie slumps her shoulders. Justin walks over and throws the covers off Calista. He gapes as he sees blood.

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Justin discovers Calista's dead body in bed on Days of Our Lives

Alone in the living room, Steve tells Kayla she looks as beautiful as she did on their wedding day — all of them. They wonder if Xander was telling the truth about Bonnie stealing from him. Xander returns with his bag of cash, proving he was. Not only that but he’s called the cops.

Eli and Lani arrive as Justin demands answers from Bonnie in their room. After Calista’s body is wheeled out on a stretcher, Eli and Lani arrest Bonnie and lead her away in tears.

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Lani watches as Eli arrests Bonnie in her wedding dress on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Philip wants answers, and Brady has a surprising suggestion for Chloe.

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