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In Miami, the least-discrete thieves on the planet pull guns on Paulina and insist she hand over her ring. When she refuses, saying it was given to her by her good friend Michelle (cough Obama cough), the men don’t care. In fact, one says that the other has a real issue with empowered women. Somehow, none of the other patrons at the restaurant pull out phones to record the incident or, you know, call the police as Paulina eventually hands over the ring and the thugs take off. Lani and Eli give chase and, once one of the men is tackled by Eli, gunfire rings out.

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One of the baddies gets away (the one with Paulina’s ring), while the other is arrested. But he refuses to give up any information, including who hired them to steal the bauble.

Marlena and John cross paths with Tony and Anna at the auction house in Zurich. They exchange a bit of small talk. Anna’s surprised to hear John’s looking to pick something up for his wife. “Honey, bidding in this place is like buying a yacht,” she quips. “If you have a price range, you can’t afford it!” John is about to fill Anna in on the sapphire in the necklace she intends to bid on when they are interrupted by the auction starting. Having been told by Shane that someone nefarious would be bidding against them, John and Marlena wonder if Anna and Tony might be their rivals. Determining that’s not likely, Doc and her spouse say there’s only one thing they can do: outbid Anna!

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Soon, bidding on the necklace begins. Tony tries to reign in Anna, but she believes the necklace is the key to saving Austin and Carrie’s marriage. Bidding is intense but the auction is brought to a halt when the auctioneer has a man in a bowler hat removed by security. During the break, Anna fills Marlena in on why it’s so important that she win the auction when it resumes. Marlena, in turn, reveals that John is on official business and can’t let them win. It seems as if they’ve reached an understanding, but once bidding resumes, Anna steals John’s bidding paddle then tops his last offer, walking away with the prized possession as a stunned Marlena asks John what they’re going to tell Shane.

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Carrie worries after finding out Anna and Tony didn’t check in to their hotel. Grabbing a coat and apparently determined to wander the streets of Zurich until she finds them, Carrie’s about to exit when Austin — wanting to prevent her from finding out what they’re really up to — pretends to get a text from Tony saying that they switched hotels. Despite his complete lack of a poker face, Carrie buys what her hubby’s selling.

Leo is surprised to find Sonny and Chad standing outside his door at the spa in Phoenix. Leo says that Sonny doesn’t seem happy to see him. “Is anyone ever happy to see you?” snarks a clearly upset Sonny. Assuming Sonny is sleeping with Chad, Leo says that while he adores Will, “You have traded up!”

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Sonny is darn close to attacking Leo when in walks Will. “I just adore bedroom farce, don’t you?” says Leo to Chad. (Big shout-out to Greg Rikaart, aka The Young and the Restless‘ Kevin, for somehow playing Leo as slimy and adorable at the exact same time.) “Would you believe me if I told you it’s not what it looks like?” he asks snidely, prompting Sonny to lose his ish and punch the guy.

Needless to say, Will is stunned to find out that his husband thinks he’s sleeping with Leo, of all people. “Sonny,” sighs Leo, “I am sorry to say that Will only wants me for my peacock.” Will fills Sonny in on all of the saga of the Alamanian Peacock, including Hope’s involvement. (“This part is so confusing!” says Leo.) It turns out Leo has a lead on the missing emerald, which Will is trying to track down for a story. Turns out Leo has been stringing Will along for weeks, but this time has promised to take Will to the gem. Leo admits his source can’t meet with them until the next day, and Chad suggests they not let Leo out of their sight. The only solution? As Leo puts it, “Sleepover!” Will realizes it’s a lot to ask, but promises to make it up to Sonny for putting up with Leo’s nonsense for one night. He vows that once he files this story, he’ll take several weeks off and they can take a vacation in Paris.

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Outside the jewelry store in New Orleans, Billie and Ben see a man approach Ciara and reach into his jacket. Assuming he’s about to pull a gun, Billie tackles the guy… only to find out he’s a fellow ISA agent named Kyle. Immediately, Billie and Kyle begin butting heads, especially after she finds out that Shane sent the guy in as backup. Kyle has figured the identity of the pair who bought the jewel-encrusted pin out from under Billie: Miles and Sophie, who have a connection to Princess Gina. As it happens, they are hosting a party in the garden district which Kyle thinks they should crash. Because the couple in question would recognize Princess Gina (meaning Billie can’t go undercover as Hope’s alter ego), Kyle suggests perhaps Ciara can attend… as Gina’s daughter, Gretta!

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Kyle protests, but Billie points out that Ciara is the daughter of two great cops, so obviously, she’s qualified. (Apparently, that means I can both fly a plane and sell real estate, based on what my folks have done in the past!) “Go to a party? Pretend to be royalty?” Ciara’s in! Ben is roped in to be her reluctant escort, but worries about the whole ballroom dancing thing. When Billie says he must have danced at his wedding reception, Ben points out that the church blew up before they could have one. The obviously solution? Billie and Kyle give an impromptu dance class right there on the street.

Duly impressed, Ciara and Ben head back to their hotel room to practice their dance skills. They’ll need to be perfect, warns Billie, because the people at the party will expect nothing less. And while they do a bit of swaying, Ben realizes that he’s never danced — or made love — to a princess, and they set out to correct the latter of those issues by falling onto the bed in a passionate clinch.

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