Xander opens his hotel room door with shaving cream on half of his face on Days of Our Lives
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Ben asks Ciara at the campground what the rush is to have a baby. She responds that when she’s with him she can’t help but imagine their future together. Ciara finally has him back and they’re finally together. Now, she wants to make their dreams come true… but only if he’s on board. He points out babies are expensive and he’s not getting rich at the garage. Ciara suggests she get her job back at Titan. They don’t have to be rich to have a baby. They will manage. When Ben says he doesn’t want to just manage having kids, Ciara wonders if he doesn’t want to have a baby with her at all. Of course, he does, he’s just trying to soak up every moment he can with her now that he has her back. Being there on the road with her is the happiest he’s been in his life. He’s not ready to give it up yet. He asks if they can postpone the baby talk for now. She agrees and looks forward to their future. However, she looks off pensively when Ben hugs her and kisses her neck.

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Ben and Ciara discuss babies while camping on Days of Our Lives

Steve meets Calista at the Kiriakis mansion and starts asking a lot of questions about her dead husband. She wonders why he’s so interested in her. He says he’s just a curious guy. Calista is curious too and asks how he lost his eye. She cozies up to him when she learns he lost it in a knife fight. She senses a vibe between them and asks him to go upstairs with her. Steve tells her he’s married. Calista crawls on top of him as she says she won’t tell if he won’t.

Justin is surprised to learn Bonnie isn’t at Kayla’s getting ready for the wedding. Kayla grabs her phone and leaves Bonnie a message as Justin grows more impatient.

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Xander runs out in a towel and shaving cream on half his face as he opens his hotel room door to EJ. Bonnie hides under the bed as EJ holds up Xander’s employment contract. Now, he wants his money. EJ hands Xander a pen to sign the papers as Bonnie’s phone buzzes. He asks the Scot if he heard that. They both check their phones and conclude the noise came from the next room. Xander signs as Bonnie quietly texts Kayla she’s at the nail salon. When EJ’s phone rings, he grabs the suitcase of cash and heads outside to take it. Xander runs back to the bathroom to finish shaving allowing Bonnie to sneak out.

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Back at Kayla’s, Justin worries Bonnie is having cold feet. Kayla assures him Bonnie can’t wait to be his wife. Her only concern at the bachelorette party was about Calista. Justin is unclear what their relationship actually is and wonders if he should talk to his fiancée about her. Kayla doesn’t think he has anything to worry about. She’s happy for him and believes Bonnie is truly a good person now. Kayla knows the situation between them all is strange but the winding road has led them all to where they need to be. She’d like to think maybe they had help from Adrienne who is smiling down on them.

Bonnie returns to the mansion, shocked to find Calista on top of Steve. After they jump up, Bonnie drags Calista out to give her the million dollars in her room. Bonnie demands the gun in exchange. Calista pulls out the gun but says she’s not getting the gun. She points it at her and says, “You are getting the bullet.”

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Calista holds Bonnie at gunpoint on Days of Our Lives

At the Horton House, Jack asks Gwen what Snyder was blackmailing her with. As Gwen’s about to spill everything, Jack gets an urgent call from Julie. He relays that Julie is locked in the freezer at the restaurant and runs out.

Gwen turns up at Xander’s door. She tells him she confessed to Jack she was the one working for Snyder. However, she couldn’t tell him the whole truth considering he ran off to help Julie. Xander doesn’t think she has to tell him everything about her miscarriage but Gwen can’t let Jack keep writing nasty stories about him.

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Gwen and Xander talk at the Salem Inn on Days of Our Lives

EJ pounds on the door. When Xander opens it, EJ shows him an empty briefcase. Xander insists the money was there this morning. EJ yells that a million dollars doesn’t just walk away on its own. EJ tears up his contract and threatens to send him back to prison. After he storms out, Gwen asks if Xander scammed EJ. Xander insists he didn’t and then recalls Bonnie stopping by. He says, “Someone else was here.”

At Julie’s Place, Jack learns Doug was the one to lock Julie in the freezer. He tries to make sense of it but Julie thinks something is terribly wrong.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Jack and Julie search for Doug, and Xander makes a startling discovery.

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