Ben and Ciara camp out on Days of Our Lives
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Ben and Ciara wake up in each other’s arms in a tent. Ben pulls out the book Shawn gave them and they read a poem out loud. Things turn passionate as they kiss. Later, while eating breakfast, Ciara realizes she’s out of birth control pills. Ben takes a bite while suggesting they just call in a prescription to a nearby pharmacy. Ciara says, “Or… not.” Ben looks up and clears his throat. He asks what she means. Does she want to use another kind of birth control? Ciara says, “What if we have a baby?”

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Jack and Gwen talk on Julie's couch on Days of Our Lives

At home, Gwen reads an article about EJ pulling strings to get Xander out of his legal mess regarding Snyder. She feels bad Xander is being publicly crucified for something he didn’t even do. She pulls out her phone to call him when Jack walks into the living room. She can’t believe her father wrote that hatchet job on Xander. Jack reminds her it’s his job to report such things. In fact, he
hopes to uncover evidence that will get the charges against Xander reinstated. As they debate the issue, Gwen blurts out that Xander isn’t the guilty one — she is. She confesses that she was the one working for Snyder and Xander was just trying to protect her. Jack asks why she agreed to run drugs in the first place. She admits he was blackmailing her.

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Xander wakes up in his hotel room thinking about his night with Gwen. EJ stops by to show him the article Jack wrote. Also… he wants his million dollars back. Xander wants his job first. EJ assures him he’ll have his Basic Black contract today but all the money better be there or else he’ll have the charges reinstated.

EJ meets with Nicole at Basic Black. He wants her to give Xander his job back. Nicole says over her dead body. As co-CEO, he orders her to do it and hands her a contract to sign. She refuses, reminding him her contract states she and Brady have full autonomy over personnel decisions. There’s no way in hell either one of them would hire him. He explains he needs to get Xander a job so he can get his million dollars back. It’s the principal of the thing. When Nicole still refuses, he threatens to fire her. EJ bets she can use her hatred for Xander to drive him out of the company by the end of the year. Nicole asks if he wants to bet a million dollars. EJ smirks and tells her to sign the contract.

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Nicole balks at EJ's request on Days of Our Lives

Steve finds Kayla on the couch at home hungover from Bonnie’s bachelorette party. She notes something was bothering the bride last night. Steve gets her water and aspirin as Kayla recalls Bonnie saying her mood had something to do with her sister-in-law, Calista.

Bonnie jolts awake in bed after having a nightmare about Calista outing her as a murderer to Justin. Justin tries to soothe her as Calista bursts into the room. She offers Bonnie a blue handkerchief that belonged to her late husband. Through gritted teeth, Bonnie insists she already has something blue. Justin gets out of bed to start getting ready for the wedding, leaving Calista to ask Bonnie for her money. Bonnie explains she couldn’t steal Xander’s money because she can’t risk going back to prison. Calista issues more threats before heading downstairs.

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In the living room, Calista rants to Justin about her husband’s murderer not facing justice. Justin offers platitudes and then heads out to give Bonnie her makeup bag, assuming she’s getting ready at Kayla’s. However, he later discovers she’s not there, while Steve arrives at the mansion and meets Calista.

Bonnie stops by Xander’s hotel room to invite him to her wedding. She spots the briefcase full of cash as Xander wonders what’s really going on. She talks around it, suggesting he jump in the shower to get ready. After he reluctantly agrees, she swipes his key card on the way out.

While Xander showers, Bonnie sneaks into the room and transfers the cash from the briefcase to her bag. She panics when EJ bangs on the door. Xander yells from the shower that he’ll be right there.

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Bonnie butters up Xander on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Ben is resistant to Ciara’s suggestion, and Steve has an interesting encounter.

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