Chad calls Sonny on Days of Our Lives
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After all the family upheaval lately, John and Marlena look forward to some downtime at home. John gets a call from Shane who needs him and Steve in Zurich as soon as possible for a top-secret case. John calls Steve who can’t go because of Justin’s wedding. Marlena suggests she go with him instead. That way, she can visit Carrie and maybe even help out on the case. John happily agrees.

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Marlena suggests she to to Zurich with John on Days of Our Lives

Jake and Gabi wake up in bed anticipating his first day of work at Titan. Gabi finds an online article about Jake’s new gig. He hopes his brothers are reading it while choking on their scones. They grin as they plot the DiMeras’ downfall and then fall back into bed for a “team-building exercise” before work.

Tony walks into the DiMera living room where Chad eats a scone while reading the article about Jake. He tells his brother he just heard Anna tear out of there. After Tony leaves a call for Anna to call him back, Chad laments the state of his marriage. Chad leaves after Tony assures him things will work out.

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Chad runs into Jake and Gabi in the Square. After the threesome exchange professional digs, Gabi and Chad exchange personal ones about Abby and Arianna living elsewhere. Gabi assures Chad she’ll have her daughter back soon but Chad is doubtful. Gabi wonders what he knows about it considering he hasn’t talked to Sonny in some time. She snidely suggests he give his BFF a call to congratulate him on taking his company public.

Anna urgently visits Roman at the Pub. Carrie and Austin had a terrible fight, so they need to get to Zurich to help their daughter. Roman doesn’t think that constitutes an emergency, telling Anna it’s none of their business. He’s adamant that they stay home. Anna declares she’ll handle this herself and leaves in a huff.

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Tony ponders Anna's suggestion on Days of Our Lives

After getting confirmation from Roman that a trip to see Will and Sonny is a good idea, Chad calls Sonny. They make plans for him to come for the weekend.

When Anna gets home, she tells Tony about Carrie’s drama. Tony agrees with Roman that Austin and Carrie should work out their problems themselves. When Anna won’t budge, Tony declares he’ll go to Zurich with her.

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Eli sleepily walks out to his kitchen, wondering why Lani set his alarm so early. She reminds him they’re having breakfast with her Auntie P. She brings him coffee while he suggests they cancel. Lani explains this is Paulina’s way of making everything up to them and there’s no way they can back out.

Paulina talks to Tamara on the phone at home, assuring her Abe will never find out the truth about Lani. Abe enters wondering what that was all about. Paulina makes up a lie to cover and then bemoans how the chef she hired for brunch canceled on her. Abe is confident they can whip something up themselves and kisses her.

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Lani and Eli happily accept Paulina's invitation to Miami on Days of Our Lives

Eli, Lani and the twins show up at Paulina’s place where Abe passes out mimosas to toast to second chances. When Eli smells something funny, Paulina discovers her breakfast casserole has burned. Eli suggests they reschedule since he has to be at work anyway. Paulina counters that instead of breakfast in Salem, they do lunch in Miami! She asks if they can tear themselves away from Salem for the weekend. After some convincing, which includes suggesting Doug and Julie watch the kids, Eli and Lani agree.

At home, Lani says she can’t wait to show Eli all her favorite haunts in Miami, as well as the bikini she’s been waiting to wear all summer. He can’t wait to see her in it… and out.

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Back at Paulina’s, Abe tells Paulina this trip is very extravagant and impulsive. Paulina is just happy and sees love and joy ahead of them. Abe agrees that’s worth a celebration. She can’t wait to see Miami through his eyes. Abe wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world.

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