Chloe annoyed as Brady and Philip fight on Days of Our Lives
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Brady lies awake in the motel room bed, as a sleeping Chloe rolls over and puts her arm on him. Brady gently pushes her off. “You are not making this easy,” he whispers. Chloe snuggles in deeper, as Philip lets himself in the room. “Why am I not surprised,” he snipes. Chloe wakes up as Philip rants at Brady who enjoys needling his uncle.

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Philip pleads with Chloe on Days of Our Lives

Chloe orders Brady out and then yells at Philip for demeaning her with his possessiveness. Philip insists he trusts her. It’s Brady he doesn’t trust. He’s learned his lesson though and offers to take her to New York on his jet. Chloe declines his offer. She’ll stay there with Brady, reminding Philip he trusts her. Brady returns when the manager threatens to call the cops on him for loitering in the lobby. Chloe says Philip was just leaving. Philip kisses Chloe, wishes her a good meeting, and walks out. Brady gets back in bed as Chloe sighs. She grabs some blankets and sleeps on the floor.

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EJ reaches out to Johnny on Days of Our Lives

EJ walks into the DiMera living room. He overhears Johnny’s bumbling attempt at recording a video message for Chanel who won’t answer his texts. The men get in digs about the other’s relationship until they admit they’re both out of line. Johnny confides in his father about his disastrous double date. He worries Chanel will believe what Allie said about him being a player. EJ advises he prove Chanel wrong by proving he’s interested in her for more than just sex. Johnny can’t believe he’s talking about this with his dad. EJ misses how they used to talk about everything. He thinks they could have that again if he comes to DiMera. Bristling at EJ’s conversation swerve, Johnny wonders who the real player is here. EJ just wants Johnny to realize that family working together is what it really means to be a DiMera. Johnny declares he’s not a company guy, he’s a filmmaker. EJ wonders what Chanel will think about his failed pipe dreams. Johnny insists he’ll make his movie and Chanel will be by his side at his premiere. EJ spits out “When she wants nothing to do with you, don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

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Paulina and Chanel embrace on Days of Our Lives

At Paulina’s, Chanel stares at her phone trying to figure out how to respond to Johnny’s text messages. She tells her mother Giovanni is really Johnny DiMera. Paulina is impressed by his pedigree but Chanel insists that’s not why she likes him. She adds things went south when she learned he is Allie’s twin brother. Now, she can’t ignore Allie’s accusations of Johnny being a player. Paulina wonders if Allie is warning her to protect her or because she wants Chanel for herself. Chanel reminds her mother Allie had her chance but she didn’t take it. However, she doesn’t want to lose a friend like Allie over Johnny. Paulina doesn’t think she should give up a boy she likes just because Allie doesn’t like it. As long as she doesn’t step on others, she should never be afraid to go after what she wants.

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Allie confides in Nicole on Days of Our Lives

At home, Allie tells Nicole how Johnny accused her of being jealous of him and Chanel. She calls it ridiculous. Nicole asks, “Are you sure?” After comparing Allie’s situation to her own, Nicole suggests Allie be honest about why it bothers her so much that her brother is dating her best friend. Allie allows that maybe she was jealous. She feels like a fool and wonders how she’ll fix it. Nicole knows she and Tripp will work it out. As for Chanel and Johnny, she’s a good friend and a great sister. They won’t want to lose her any more than she wants to lose them.

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Ava and Rafe make up on Days of Our Lives

Rafe comes home to find Ava sitting in the kitchen waiting for him. She declares she’s moving out because she saw him with Nicole. Rafe says she has it all wrong. What she saw was him saying goodbye to Nicole. Ava asks who Rafe really wants… Nicole or her? Rafe admits there was a time when he thought about Nicole as more than a friend but he never acted on it. He and Nicole agreed to stay away from each other so he can try and work things out with Ava. Unless she doesn’t want that, of course. Ava cries. She wants to be with him but not if he wants to be with Nicole. Rafe wants to be friends with Nicole but Ava is the woman he wants to be with. He hopes they can get past what happened. Through tears, Ava says she does want to be with him. She’s never felt this way with any other man. It hurt when she thought he wanted Nicole. Rafe is confident they can make this work. They kiss and head upstairs.

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