Brady and Chloe disagree in a hotel room on Days of Our Lives
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At Nicole’s apartment, Tripp tells Allie that Chanel almost slept with Johnny. Allie doesn’t take the news well, declaring her brother is a love ‘em and leave ‘em type of guy. She worries Chanel will get hurt and runs out to talk to her brother, leaving Tripp behind.

Ava shows up looking to visit with Henry. Tripp tells her he’s with Steve and Kayla. As they eat the food Ava brought, Tripp fills his mother in on Allie and Chanel. Ava suggests Tripp talk to Allie to find out exactly where he stands. Otherwise, he might find himself the odd man out, which is a very lonely place to be.

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Chanel and Johnny cozy on the DiMera couch on Days of Our Lives

Chanel and Johnny make out and flirt at the DiMera mansion. Before they get a chance to go upstairs, Allie flies into the room accusing Johnny of being a player. He doesn’t appreciate his sister trashing him in front of Chanel and tells her to go. Allie refuses. As the siblings continue to argue, Chanel says she’ll be the one to leave and walks out. Johnny asks if Allie is jealous. She denies it but Johnny doesn’t believe that. He assumes she doesn’t either.

Chloe calls Philip while he eats at the Pub. She tells him she and Brady had to make an emergency landing on the way to New York. They’re stranded in the middle of nowhere at some motel. Philip bristles but she assures him it’s just for the night.

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Belle and Philip talk at Brady's Pub

Belle enters as they hang up. Philip snipes that her brother is still after Chloe. Belle laughs at his suggestion that Brady orchestrated plane trouble but Philip asks her to call the pilot to find out if Brady paid him off. Belle says he sounds desperate. Philip admits he is. He can’t let Chloe slip through his fingers again, reminding her he lost Chloe to Brady before. Belle grabs his phone before he can make arrangements to fly to Chloe. She says he’ll come off as a total psycho. Belle advises him to stuff his paranoid jealousy and chill out. Belle leaves when Philip agrees not to do anything stupid.

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Brady knocks on Chloe’s motel room door, soaking wet. He explains when he walked into his room, he found an elderly couple going at it on the bed. The man jumped up, called him a pervert and threw a bucket of ice water at him. Chloe laughs. Brady explains the room was double booked and there are no others available. He was hoping he could stay with her. Skeptical, Chloe asks if he planned this. Brady retorts that’s more her boyfriend’s style but offers to sleep in the lobby if it makes her feel better. She allows him to stay but knows Philip won’t be happy about it. He suggests she not tell him. Chloe insists she’s over Brady but admits he’s a touchy subject with Philip. She asks why he really invited her on this trip. Brady admits he likes spending time with her. She calls that a problem considering she has a boyfriend. Chloe calls Brady the problem here, pointing out she gave them a chance to be together but he chose Kristen. She tears up as she recalls how she kept her distance but he’s not doing the same thing for her.

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Chloe stomps into the bathroom to change for bed. When she exits, she finds Brady trying unsuccessfully to sleep in the chair. She invites him to share the bed with her. He gets in putting a blanket between them. She eyes him before rolling over to face away from him.

Back at the Pub, Philip knows Brady will try something with Chloe. He calls to charter the company plane to fly out to where Chloe is staying.

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Ciara and Ben share their news with Shawn on Days of Our Lives

Ben and Ciara visit Shawn as he gets off the phone with Claire. They grin as they share their plans to honeymoon in New Orleans. Shawn and Ciara note how important the city was to their parents. Shawn invites them to stick around for dessert Belle is bringing back from the Pub. He gives them their wedding present — a copy of the book of poetry Bo gave Hope for her 18th birthday. He notes it is a bit of a tradition in their family. Ben thanks him while quipping he feels the pressure to live up to their love story. Shawn calls his parents’ story an incredible one, just like Ben and Ciara’s. He then notes Belle is taking a while and understands if they need to leave. Shawn wishes them a great honeymoon, adding, “Laissez les bons temps rouler” — Let the good times roll.

Ben and Ciara kiss as they put on helmets and ride off on their motorcycle.

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Ben and Ciara flirt on a motorcycle on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Philip walks in on Chloe and Brady, and Ava takes Rafe by surprise.

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