Calista spies Xander with a briefcase talking to EJ in the Square on Days of Our Lives
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Chad visits Jack at home with a playdough bowl Thomas made for him. He asks if his father-in-law has talked to Abigail and if she’s ever coming home. Jack doesn’t have any more information than Chad does. Chad’s scared his marriage is over and asks Jack to talk to Jennifer. Jack promises to talk to them both.

Chad confides in Jack on Days of Our Lives

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At the Salem Inn, Gwen exits the bathroom in a robe to find Xander in bed with a room service tray on his lap. He suggests they gobble it up and then each other. Gwen thinks this whole thing is mental but succumbs to his charms and gets back in bed with him.

Trask drops in on EJ to yell at him for pulling strings for Xander. She puts him on notice — the DiMeras’ days of running roughshod over the people in this town are over. He chuckles at her threats but she warns she won’t stop digging until she finds something to use against him and his drug-dealing client. Melinda hits a nerve when she talks about Johnny being home. He orders her out of his house.

Trask meets with EJ at the mansion on Days of Our Lives

After sex, Xander gets a call from EJ who tells him he’s officially off the hook. Xander gives a thumbs up to Gwen. EJ continues that Xander can pick up his effects at the station and then EJ will collect what he’s owed. After Xander hangs up, they get out of bed to get dressed. Gwen doesn’t know how to thank him for all he did for her. Xander points to the bed, noting she already did. Gwen wistfully says this will never happen again considering how Jack would take learning they’re a thing. Xander suggests they keep it a secret. Gwen knows secrets don’t keep in this town so it will have to be goodbye. Xander weakly smiles as he says he understands.

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On the phone, Xander gives Gwen a thumbs up in bed on Days of Our Lives

Gwen comes home to find Chad with Jack, who wonders where she’s been. She lies that she got up early and went to see an employment counselor. Chad glares when Gwen says they asked for a reference from her last employer. Chad agrees that she won’t be getting one from him. After she leaves the room, Jack urges Chad not to give up on his marriage.

Later, Gwen returns to Jack who gets word Xander is free. Jack rants that it will not be okay if Xander doesn’t stay away from her.

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Justin shakes Calista's hand in front of Bonnie on Days of Our Lives

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Justin meets Bonnie’s sister-in-law Calista at the Kiriakis mansion. Bonnie lies that after Calista friended her on social media, she invited her to the wedding. Calista makes veiled comments and then suggests they toast with champagne. Justin leaves to grab a bottle. Calista threatens Bonnie that she’ll expose her dirty deeds unless she pays her the million dollars she owes her. Justin startles Bonnie when he returns, popping champagne. She insists she’s just jittery about the wedding as Justin pours them all a glass. Calista toasts to ‘a million blessings’ for the happy couple. She then asks which room she gets to stay in. Bonnie chokes on her champagne and says she’ll get her a room at the Salem Inn instead.

After Calista has left, Bonnie tells Justin the caterer wants the money upfront. She asks for a blank check and she’ll fill in the amount. Justin grins. He’s already taken care of everything. All she has to do is show up and they can start their lives together. Bonnie tears up as she says she wants that so much.

Xander and EJ walk through the Square after Xander gets his things back from the SPD. EJ demands the money. Xander won’t hand over the briefcase until he has his job back at Basic Black. As he heads into the Salem Inn, Calista emerges from the bushes smiling. Bonnie calls explaining she couldn’t get the money. Calista looks toward the hotel as she says she has an idea on where Bonnie can get it.

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Calista spies Xander with a briefcase talking to EJ in the Square on Days of Our Lives

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Allie and Johnny are surprised to discover the other is the person they’ve been hearing so much about from Chanel when they all meet (along with Tripp) at the new bar in the Square. Johnny suggests they just get to drinking as the twins try to explain their complicated family dynamic to Chanel. Tensions rise when Johnny brings up the fact that Chanel and Allie kissed. Allie and Tripp leave when Johnny won’t stop making snide comments about his sister being into Chanel.

Johnny brings Chanel back to the mansion. He notes how complicated things just got. Chanel assures him he has nothing to worry about and they kiss.

When Tripp and Allie get back to Nicole’s, Allie rants about what a jerk her brother was. She doesn’t want Chanel to get hurt and hopes she breaks it off. Tripp relays that Chanel almost slept with him.

Allie looks annoyed as Johnny explains over drinks with Chanel and Tripp on Days of Our Lives

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