Tripp and Allie have drinks at a restaurant on Days of Our Lives
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After Henry’s checkup, Allie runs into Kayla at the hospital. She asks her aunt if Tripp is upset she didn’t say she loved him back. All Kayla knows is Tripp cares about her a lot. Allie cares about him too but she was caught off guard. Kayla thinks she did the right thing by not reciprocating. Saying I love you is a big deal and shouldn’t be said just as a conditioned response. Allie isn’t sure she loves him but she does like being with him and misses him when he’s not around. She marvels over Tripp’s capacity for forgiveness but wonders if she what she feels for him is out of guilt or gratitude for how he takes care of her and Henry. Kayla is sure she’ll figure it out in time. Allie doesn’t think she can ask him to put his life on hold for her. Kayla is confident he’ll wait for her.

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Tripp carries a box for Chanel in the Square on Days of Our Lives

Tripp runs into Chanel carrying a large box in the Square. After he helps her bring it to the bakery, she gets them coffees. He brings up the fact she met someone. Chanel grins as she gives too many details about their date. Tripp thinks it would be nice if it turned into something for her. Chanel snarks, “Because then I won’t be in the middle of you and Allie?” That’s not what Tripp meant. Channel understands and hopes they can eventually get past the awkwardness. Tripp suggests they all go to the new bar off the Square.

Tripp shows up at the hospital and asks Allie to have drinks with Chanel and her new guy. Kayla offers to watch Henry and walks off with the stroller. Allie is eager to meet who Chanel has her sights on now.

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Tony and Anna greet Johnny on Days of Our Lives

Tony and Anna take advantage of a rare moment of privacy and kiss in the DiMera mansion. When Tony feels like they’re being watched, Johnny reveals himself while filming them on his phone. They enthusiastically welcome him home and learn of his filmmaking dreams. He suggests they could bankroll his whole enterprise. After ensuring he has a vision, Anna says she’s on board.

When Johnny asks if Tony will do it, EJ enters and says, “No, he won’t,” declaring Johnny will be working at DiMera. He then reminds his brother that financing Johnny’s film would be acting against the interests of the company. Tony snipes at EJ but tells Johnny he has to decline. Johnny steps to his uncle, calling him Fredo. Johnny quickly apologizes but Tony brushes it off. He then reminds EJ of his reckless past and how he didn’t like taking direct orders either.

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Johnny introduces Chanel to EJ on Days of Our Lives

After Tony and Anna leave, Johnny and EJ argue. EJ softens wondering how Johnny will know he won’t like working at DiMera if he hasn’t tried it yet. He just wants them to spend time together. Before Johnny can give his father an answer, Chanel bursts in. After meeting EJ, Chanel invites Johnny out for drinks. EJ says Johnny has plans but Johnny leaves with Chanel. Tony returns to gloat over Johnny turning EJ down.

As she waits at the bar with Tripp, Allie’s mouth drops when Chanel walks in with Johnny.

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At Brady’s Pub, Steve interrupts Justin’s bumbling about to tell him he doesn’t have a problem with Bonnie anymore. Justin is happy to hear it and asks him to be his best man. Steve says he’d be honored but wonders if Bonnie wants him there. Justin explains Bonnie suggested it and even likes him. Steve knows Adrienne would want them to stay family. Justin agrees. He can’t wait to tell Bonnie, who he knows is serious about leaving her past behind her.

Bonnie passes out when she sees a woman enter the Kiriakis mansion. The woman brings her to the couch and slaps her face to wake her up. After coming to, Bonnie says she thought the woman was dead. The woman exclaims, “You thought wrong. Calista Lockhart is alive and well!” Calista (played by Cady Huffman) detects Bonnie isn’t happy to see her, accusing Bonnie of killing Calista’s brother, a.k.a. Bonnie’s ex. Bonnie insists she didn’t do it. Calista moves on to accusing Bonnie of shooting her own husband to death. When Bonnie threatens to have her thrown out, Calista pulls out the gun Bonnie used to kill Harrison — and her fingerprints are still on it. Calista threatens to use it to put Bonnie back in the slammer unless she pays her what’s hers — namely the money Bonnie stole from Harrison after the scam they planned. Bonnie says she doesn’t have that kind of money but Calista looks around assuming she’s living high on the hog. Calista suggests she ask her fiancé for it as Justin walks in.

Bonnie faces Calista on Days of Our Lives

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