Rafe and Nicole in a close moment on Days of Our Lives
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In the Square, Gabi saunters off after taunting Ava about Nicole and Rafe. Ava squints her eyes and says to herself, “You might want to be a little more careful about who you turn your back on.”

Ava sits at a table composing an apology email to Rafe. She reconsiders and starts rewriting a harsher version when Steve approaches. On Steve’s advice, she deletes the email while sharing she and Rafe had a big fight this morning. She thinks he should be delighted to hear that. Steve isn’t. In fact, he owes her an apology. He’s learned to let go of his anger with Bonnie who has proved she wants to change. He thinks Ava deserves the benefit of the doubt too. Ava confides in Steve her jealousy over Rafe and Nicole. Steve suggests Ava take Rafe at his word and believe that he’s not interested in her friend. Ava thanks him for taking the time with her. She decides to trust Rafe and Nicole.

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Steve gives Ava advice in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Rafe invites Nicole in for breakfast when she shows up on his doorstep. Nicole relays that Gabi suggested she stop by to see him. Rafe wants to be there for her but explains that Gabi was just trying to make trouble for Ava. Nicole suggests they stop hanging out to make Ava feel better. Rafe doesn’t like that idea but Nicole believes he and Ava are good for each other and suggests they see where they could go. Rafe gets riled up at the thought of cutting her out of his life. Nicole tears up. She will miss him but she can’t see him for a while. It’s best this way. After more failed pushback, Rafe reluctantly agrees. Nicole says it’s just for now. They hug, as Ava stares through the window.

Philip stops Jake from leaving his office. He says he respects his mother’s opinion but he makes his own decisions. He welcomes him to the company. Philip believes his intel on DiMera will make him an invaluable asset. Gabi joins them, in full agreement. Philip leaves without explanation saying he’ll be back in a few hours.

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Philip, Jake and Gabi at Titan on Days of Our Lives

Jake sits in Philip’s chair and says this is right where he belongs. Gabi orders him out of “her” chair and says they have things to do. She locks the door, declaring they need to turn the office upside down to find dirt that will get Philip thrown out of the company. As they dig, Jake brings up Gabi pushing Ava’s buttons at the house. Jake warns his girlfriend to stay away from the former mob princess because she’s so ruthless. When they can’t find anything incriminating, they decide to use the office for more personal reasons. They throw everything off the desk and make out.

At Basic Black, Chloe accuses Brady of messing with Philip regarding the New York trip. Brady assures her that’s not the case while reminding her Philip is not her boss. She wonders if, as her boss, he’s ordering her to go to New York with him. Brady would never. But he could use her help and she’ll be able to see her son.

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Gabi grabs Jakes tie from across the desk at Titan on Days of Our Lives

Philip shows up with a new proposal for a business deal between Titan and Basic Black. Brady says he’ll look at it on the jet. As Brady leaves the office, Chloe explains that Brady wants her to go to New York with him. Philip trusts her but he doesn’t trust Brady. She says he’s more important than business so if he gives the word, she won’t go. Philip would never keep her from her job. They kiss as Brady returns. Chloe leaves to call Parker. Before exiting himself, Philip casually says to Brady, “You do anything inappropriate with my girlfriend in New York, or anywhere else, I will kill you.”

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Philip and Brady square off on Days of Our Lives

Bonnie and Justin sit stunned in the Kiriakis living room. Furniture is turned over and food is all over their clothes. They chuckle over Victor not taking the news of their engagement well. Bonnie isn’t fazed by Victor’s disgust but she assumes Justin is wondering if there should be a wedding at all. Justin kisses the cream cheese off her neck to prove to her he can’t wait for their wedding tomorrow. Bonnie mentions she has to lock in Kayla as her maid of honor, prompting Justin to call Sonny. After Justin learns Sonny can’t make it, Bonnie suggests he ask Steve to be his best man. She thinks it will give legitimacy to their union if Steve supports it. Justin agrees to ask him. Bonnie says she loves him with her whole heart and can’t wait to be his wife. Justin can’t wait either.

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Bonnie and Justin share a disasterous meal on Days of Our Lives

Justin meets with Steve at Brady’s Pub. He has a favor to ask and suggests he brace himself.

Back at the mansion, Bonnie vows to Adrienne’s photo that she will make up for all her wrongs by making Justin just as happy as she did. Bonnie hears a noise and looks up. She says, “Oh, my God. I can’t believe it. You’re alive.”

Next on Days of Our Lives: Allie prepares to meet Chanel’s new guy, and Bonnie gets a surprise visitor.

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