Gwen finds a seductive way to thank Xander on Days of Our Lives
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As a shirtless Xander opens his hotel room door, Gwen says she came to apologize. He assures her he’s fine. EJ is working to clear him of all charges… for a million dollars, that is. Stunned, Gwen says no one has ever done anything so selfless for her before. Xander responds that he’s never done anything so selfless. Gwen moves close and gives him a passionate kiss in thanks for each thing he’s done for her. She pulls him onto the bed and says, “This is for the million dollars.”

After sex, Xander remarks that was well worth the money. Gwen laughs. He asks if there’s anything else selfless he can do so she’ll thank him all over again. When she says no, he offers to show her how Scots say, “You’re welcome.”

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Shirtless Xander talks with Gwen in his hotel room on Days of Our Lives

Lani brings Eli to Paulina’s place to meet her grandmother. Olivia is sorry she wasn’t there for their wedding or the christening but she’s there now because she didn’t approve of Paulina dating her sister’s ex, Abe. Lani admits she was weirded out by it at first too but she got over it.

Abe talks with Paulina in the Square about her burying the hatchet with Julie. He notes she and Lani did the same. Paulina is grateful for that but wonders what about them. Abe agrees to try and start over. They kiss. He tried to stay mad at her but he can’t deny how he feels. It will be a relief to get past the secrets and lies. Paulina flinches, causing Abe to ask what’s wrong. She says she was thinking the only thing good about breaking up is getting back together. Abe suggests they go to Paulina’s place so he can meet her mother. Paulina worries Olivia has too many opinions about them but Abe wants to confront it head on.

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Abe and Paulina reunite on Days of Our Lives

Abe and Paulina show up to the condo where Abe meets Olivia. She’s wary when they announce they’ve made up. She calls it a terrible mistake and Paulina knows why. Abe assures everyone he’s forgiven Paulina for Price Town and they’re starting over fresh. Eli and Lani leave to get the kids home. Abe follows suit. Olivia warns Paulina she’s fooling herself if she thinks she can reveal the truth now. There’s nothing more Paulina would like than to tell Lani she’s her daughter. But she knows she has to take her secret to the grave if she wants Lani in her life.

Allie looks away when Tripp tells her he loves her in bed. She’s not ready to say those words. Tripp understands and doesn’t want to pressure her. Allie explains she’s never said those words to anyone else so it’s a big deal. She doesn’t want to hurt him. Tripp is understanding, assuring Allie she never has to explain herself to him. He gets a page and says he has to get back to the hospital.

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Tripp and Allie in bed on Days of Our Lives

Allie goes to Marlena’s to pick up Henry. But first, she tells her grandmother what happened with Tripp. She also shares her confusing feelings for Chanel. Marlena suggests she sort them out before moving forward with Tripp.

Tripp enters Kayla’s office revealing he lied about having to get back to work. He thinks he just ruined everything with Allie. Kayla thinks she just needs time. Tripp is afraid that time will allow her to realize she doesn’t love him back. He worries she doesn’t share his feelings because there’s someone else.

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Johnny flirts with Chanel on Days of Our Lives

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Chanel grabs Johnny for a kiss at Julie’s Place. They grin as they pull away. Johnny suggests they go someplace more private. She happily agrees but when he calls for the check her smile fades.

Johnny brings an impressed Chanel to the DiMera mansion. He leads her upstairs to his bedroom where they eagerly make out. Chanel stops to make sure he has protection. Johnny digs through his bag but can’t find anything. He says he’ll run to the pharmacy but Chanel suggests they just hang out for a while. She admits she might have been rushing things for the wrong reasons. Johnny assumes it’s about the girl she was telling him about. Chanel says she likes him but admits she needs to get over her friend. Johnny grins while offering his services if she ever needs help with that. She thanks him and deeply kisses him. Chanel backs away when things heat up. They flirt before she leaves.

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Chanel calls Allie from the Square to share good news about the bakery. She also shares she saw that guy again. Allie says she’s happy for her. Before hanging up, Chanel breezily says, “Love you.” Allie says, “Love you too,” and looks pensive as she pulls her phone away from her ear.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Brady makes Chloe an offer, and Kate warns Philip.

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