EJ makes Xander an offer at the police station on Days of Our Lives
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EJ arrives to see Xander in the Salem PD interrogation room. He declares he’s there as his lawyer. Xander is surprised EJ would offer up his services considering he “allegedly” tried to kill his wife. EJ isn’t upset he tried to off Sami and Lucas, he’s upset he didn’t finish the job. Xander gloats over being right about them sleeping together.

EJ brings up the million dollars Sami gave Xander — he wants it back. When Xander refuses, EJ points out he’s in a world of trouble that only he can get him out of. Xander counters he can hire Justin at the family discount. EJ wonders when was the last time he won a case. Xander calls that a fair point. EJ can pull strings guaranteeing Xander walks out a free man. Xander points out he’ll be left with nothing if he gives him the money. EJ offers to reinstate him at Basic Black and pulls out a contract for Xander to sign. One million dollars for his freedom. He holds out a pen. Xander eyes him.

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Julie gives Gwen a disapproving look on Days of Our Lives

At the Horton House, Jack informs a guilty-looking Gwen and Julie that Xander is in jail. He fills Julie in on Xander’s drug-running with Snyder while insisting Gwen’s an innocent victim. Julie raises an eyebrow at Gwen, suggesting Xander could be covering for her. Jack thinks that’s absurd. They can barely stand each other. Julie counters she walked in on them making out on the couch. Gwen insists Xander would never take the fall for her. After more digs at Gwen, Julie stomps out to oversee the return of Alice and Tom’s plaque in the Square.

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Jack hugs Gwen on Days of Our Lives

Alone, Gwen suggests to Jack that perhaps Xander deserves a second chance. Jack will never forgive Xander for putting her in danger. He can’t lose her. She’s his daughter and he loves her. Gwen cries and says she loves him too.

Xander enters a Salem Inn room. As he’s about to take a shower, Gwen knocks on his door.

Allie drops by the hospital to see Tripp. She tells him about Ben and Ciara’s wedding, how Claire left town, and that her brother Johnny’s home. Tripp eagerly suggests they set him up with Chanel. Allie stammers and then tells him Johnny just met someone. He suggests they grab something to eat.

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Allie and Tripp flirt at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

At Julie’s Place, Chanel tells Johnny about the bakery she’s opening with her BFF. After she sings her friend’s praises, he asks if this person has a name. Before Chanel can answer, Paulina walks up and asks if they are on a date. Johnny says yes while Chanel responds no. Eyeing Johnny, Paulina says her daughter has done worse. Johnny grabs a chair and invites Paulina to join them. Chanel’s mother happily sits while alluding to Chanel’s history with Xander and girls. Chanel shares that she’s sexually fluid. Johnny is cool with it but says he’s one hundred percent into women. He looks at Chanel as he says, “One in particular.” Chanel shoos her mother out after agreeing to move back in with her.

Outside Julie’s Place, Paulina runs into Tripp and Allie. She relays Chanel’s inside on a date. After Paulina leaves, Allie thinks they should give Chanel some privacy and suggests they go home for some alone time.

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Paulina crashes Chanel and Johnny's date on Days of Our Lives

At home in bed, Tripp tells Allie he loves her. Her eyes dart around as she looks up at him.

Back inside the restaurant, Johnny asks about the girl Chanel is into. Chanel tells him she’s none of his business but assures him there’s nothing to worry about. Especially since she’s with a cute boy. They kiss.

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Johnny and Chanel kiss on Days of Our Lives

Paulina finds Julie sitting at Tom and Alice’s plaque in the Square. She asks if they can start over. Julie tears up and says she’d like that.

On crutches outside his apartment door, Ben is dismayed he can’t carry Ciara over the threshold. She suggests they enter together on equal footing, as partners. He thinks that’s a great idea and welcomes Mrs. Weston home.

Inside, Ben points out they didn’t get to enjoy their wedding night the last time they got married. She coyly reminds him it’s the middle of the afternoon. Ben thinks they should make up for lost time. Ciara likes the way he thinks.

Later, while wrapped up together in bed, Ciara and Ben marvel over the shared dreams they had about their future while she was kidnapped. Ciara isn’t surprised that after everything they’ve been through they are so connected. Ben jumps up to find an old shirt of Ciara’s. He tells her to put it on and puts on some music. They enjoy their first dance as husband and wife.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Tripp puts his heart on the line, and things heat up between Xander and Gwen.

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