Ben proposes to Ciara again on Days of Our Lives
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Belle enters Nicole’s office to deliver divorce papers. They discuss Sami’s involvement in exposing Nicole’s infidelity as EJ enters. When Belle leaves, EJ tells Nicole how grateful he is that she told him about Sami and Lucas. He feels liberated and is happy the truth is out. Nicole knows he’s hiding how he really feels. He becomes enraged, declaring Sami is done making a fool of him. Nicole understands he’s angry but feels there’s pain there too. She can relate but urges him to face it head-on or else it will eat him up alive. EJ says he’s focusing on DiMera and brings up Johnny. He asks Nicole to talk to him. She predicts that EJ’s attempts to prevent his son from pursuing his dream will only make Johnny more determined to prove him wrong. Regretting having even asked Nicole to help, EJ vows that one way or another, he’ll change his son’s mind.

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EJ makes a request of Nicole on Days of Our Lives

Claire finds Ciara at her parents’ place. Ciara tells her how grateful she is to her. Without Claire, she never would have remembered how much she loved Ben. Ciara apologizes for how horrible she was to her and declares she wants them to be as close as they used to be. Shawn walks in as they hug. He’s thrilled to see they have made up. After Ciara leaves to meet Ben, Belle comes home. Claire tells her parents she’s leaving Salem. They’re dubious about her plans but Claire calls it a great opportunity. Belle tears up as she asks her daughter if she’s really ready. Claire used to be scared about not controlling her insecurities and jealousy but she feels confident now. Making peace with Ciara has given her more courage. She asks Belle and Shawn to support her. Of course, they will. They believe in her. They all decide to go to John and Marlena’s to tell them together.

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Claire and Ciara make up on Days of Our Lives

After looking at Ciara’s wedding rings at home, Ben pays John and Marlena a visit. They’re thrilled to hear Ciara got her memory back. Ben enthusiastically tells Dr. Evans they did it. When Ciara joins them, Ben gets down on one knee to propose — again. He pulls out the washer and asks Ciara Alice Brady to marry him. Ciara says of course she will marry him as John and Marlena look on. He tells her Marlena agreed to marry them and suggests they do it right now.

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Claire, Shawn and Belle come to John and Marlena’s to relay Claire’s news. Ciara asks Claire to take care of Theo for her and then asks her to be her maid of honor. Ben invites them all to stay for the wedding.

Allie rushes into Johnny’s arms in the Square and welcomes him home. Johnny meets his nephew Henry and tells his sister how sorry he is for what Charlie did to her. He’s proud of her for being such a great mom and for moving past what happened. Johnny then tells her about his movie and EJ’s disrespect. They discuss their mother’s drama with both their fathers and how Sami left town for some alone time. She asks about his love life. Johnny explains he just met someone he’s definitely interested in. Allie gets a call from Ben’s phone, causing Johnny to panic about the Necktie Killer. Allie tells her brother to chill out and then answers to Ciara who asks her to deliver her phone.

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Johnny and Allie catch up on Days of Our Lives

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After Allie has left, Johnny sees the Sweet Bits store sign. He wonders aloud what that is. Chanel approaches him, saying don’t knock it til you try it. Johnny says he’d love to sample some of her Sweet Bits but settles for a lunch date instead.

Allie arrives at John and Marlena’s thrilled to discover Ben and Ciara are getting married. Ben thanks Allie and Claire for all they did for them. With Marlena as officiant, the ceremony begins. Ben suggests they skip to the good stuff, and Ciara agrees. “I remember saying that our life wouldn’t be perfect,” she says of their first wedding. “Man, that was an understatement! But when people are as connected as we are — heart, body, mind and soul — you really can get through anything. And you knew that, and you never gave up on me.” Ben promises he never will, reminding her of the time she said her love would fix him. “When we were apart, I was shattered,” he admits. “But even on my darkest days, I felt your love and that’s what gave me the hope to know that one day you would come back to me and I would be whole again.” After exchanging rings, the two are pronounced man and wife and share a passionate kiss.

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