Ben and Ciara lay in each other's arms at the cabin on Days of Our Lives
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When Allie’s alarm goes off, Tripp mutters that she should shut it off. But Chanel — in bed with the pair — offers to do it instead. Of course, Allie wakes up and we realize she’d only been dreaming the threesome. Proving themselves to be environmentalists, she and Tripp decide to shower together. Meanwhile, Chanel and Johnny exchange flirtatious texts which quickly prove that she is bi… lingual, that is, as they text in Italian.

At the Dimera mansion, EJ tells Stefano’s portrait that he’ll figure out a way to bring Johnny into the family biz. Of course, he hasn’t bothered to close the door, so Chad walks in on the one-way conversation. Catching Chad up on Johnny’s return and his desire to be a filmmaker, EJ vows that his son will join DiMera Enterprises, come hell or high water. Pointing out that Johnny and Chad have always been close, EJ suggests his brother might help bring the young man into the fold.

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Johnny and Chad embrace on Days of Our Lives

Chad isn’t particularly thrilled with the suggestion, pointing out that while EJ is obviously grooming Johnny to take over, that might have a negative impact on Thomas and Charlotte’s future. “Chad, they’re still children who watch a television show called Train Man,” points out EJ. Chad, clearly familiar with the concept of Soap Opera Rapid Aging Syndrome, counters that his children will be grown “in the blink of an eye.” No sooner has Chad asked how his interests will be protected than in walks Johnny.

Before long, Johnny is in full-blown sales pitch mode and Chad is totally supportive, encouraging him to follow his dreams. EJ, meanwhile, sits in his comfy chair fuming. EJ again shuts down his son, who vows to do whatever it takes to succeed. “If there’s one thing I will never do, it’s work for DiMera!” After Johnny storms out, EJ asks why Chad didn’t help change the boy’s mind. Chad points out that they hadn’t yet agreed on how this would benefit him so, in essence, tough noogies.

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Johnny and EJ talk at the mansion on Days of Our Lives

At the hospital, Tripp talks to Kayla about Allie’s friendship with Chanel. Without getting into all the details, he shares that he wants to be cool with the situation and hops that the three of them can figure out how to co-exist. Tripp says he doesn’t want to look like he’s “staking his claim,” especially given what Allie went through with Charlie. Kayla assures her stepson that he is smart and sensitive and she’s sure he’ll handle this well. “Love is always a risk,” she adds, “but if you don’t put your heart on the line, you’ll never know.”

Meanwhile, Chanel and Johnny’s phone flirting is interrupted when Allie arrives. A glowing Chanel catches her friend up on her meeting with Johnny (without mentioning his name) and the fact that he started the day by sending her a “thirst trap” photo. Allie takes Chanel’s phone so that she can check out the pic, but it’s already been deleted. Well, says Allie, at least share his name. “Do you forget that I’m a Horton and a Brady?” reminds the blonde. “If I don’t know him, someone in my family probably does.” But before Chanel can spill, she’s called away on business. And as soon as she walks away, guess who approaches Allie? That’s right, her twin and Chanel’s secret beau, Johnny!

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Theo, in full-on moping mode, meets with Claire at the pub. “I am so sorry that you were hurt by what happened at your wedding,” she begins. Theo, however, is having none of her apology. Claire admits she was desperate for Ciara to remember not only Ben but the fact that she didn’t hate her. “I know that there is nothing I can say or do that will make this easier for you,” continues Claire, a fact upon which they seem to agree. But Theo eventually acknowledges that Claire had tried to warn him that sooner or later, Ciara would get her memory back. “I was bound to get hurt at some point,” Theo sighs. “It was just a question of when.”

Eventually, Theo says that he’ll be OK, adding that he needs to jet back to Africa pronto because his company’s social media person has quit without giving notice. While Theo has no idea who could possibly replace the employee on such short notice, Claire immediately offers up herself for the job. They quickly strike a deal and, when he says she can’t work remotely, prepare to leave Salem that day.

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Ben goes from cuddling his pillow to rolling over and realizing his dream wasn’t just a dream, he and Ciara really have reunited. “Our real life together. That’s the dream,” he tells her before they begin making love, both forgetting about his injuries, at least temporarily. Having worked up an appetite, both realize they are hungry. But their proposed fortune cookie feast is delayed long enough for her to admit that, although she and Theo had been about to marry, they hadn’t actually had sex. Although Ben claimed he didn’t care either way, he is clearly relieved to hear that she had, in her own way, remained faithful. She, too, is happy that despite her being declared dead and having amnesia and basically living out a real-life version of The Perils of Pauline, Ben, too, has remained faithful. “Not so fast… ” he, in essence, says.

“You kissed Claire?” a shocked Ciara gasps upon hearing Ben’s confession. But soon, he’s convinced her not to be mad at either of them, and Ciara has to admit that she’s been pretty awful to her gal pal. “She called me a stone-cold bitch, and she was right,” the beauty acknowledges. Realizing how helpful Claire has been, Ciara says she owes her niece not a tongue-lashing but a thank you. Deciding it’s time to head back to the real world, Ben points out the limo’s engine isn’t working. “Well, you are a mechanic and I am Bo Brady’s daughter,” says Ciara. “So I’m thinking that between the two of us, we can get that engine going in no time!” Agreeing that together they can fix anything, they reluctantly get out of bed, ready to head home and start their lives again.

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Chad and Theo hug on Days of Our Lives

Theo swings by the mansion to see Chad, who is apparently the last to hear that his wedding didn’t exactly go as planned. The men hug it out and play one final game of chess before Theo has to head back to Africa. Meanwhile, Claire goes to tell her parents that she’s leaving town but instead is reunited with Ciara. And back at Ben’s apartment, he looks at a picture from his and Ciara’s wedding, then takes their wedding rings out of a drawer and smiles.

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Chad and Theo play chess on Days of Our Lives

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