EJ and John have a heated discussion on Days of Our Lives
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At home, Paulina stutters as she tries to tell Lani something. Olivia interrupts to ask Lani for a snack. When Lani steps away, Olivia says telling the truth might make Paulina feel better but Lani will lose the only mother she’s ever known. When Lani returns, Paulina promises to never lie to her again. If she does, may God strike her mama dead. Lani forgives her aunt and agrees to start over. As they hug, Paulina shoots daggers at her mother who gives her a thumbs up. Lani shares that Abe told her about her abusive relationship with Ray. Paulina is taken aback, leading Olivia to interject that she needs to rest.

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Paulina, Lani and Olivia laugh together on Days of Our Lives

After Lani has left, Paulina vents about wanting to tell Lani the truth. Olivia reminds Paulina if Lani knew the truth, she’d lose not just her mother but her father as well. Olivia urges Paulina to let sleeping dogs lie.

Abe drops by Eli and Lani’s to update his daughter on Theo. Eli tells him she went to see Paulina. As they talk, Eli realizes Abe is close to forgiving Paulina himself. Abe would like to repair their relationship but he’s reluctant because of Lani’s anger. Eli thinks there’s hope.

Lani comes home and gets updated about Theo. She in turn tells Eli and Abe that her grandmother is there and that she and Paulina cleared the air. She says family is the most important thing to her. Abe hugs his daughter and tells her how much he loves her.

Eli, Abe and Lani talk at the loft on Days of Our Lives

At the DiMera mansion, EJ turns to see Johnny (played by Carson Boatman) emerge from the tunnels. EJ’s thrilled to see his son who asks where Sami is. EJ fills Johnny in on Sami’s infidelity. Johnny is surprised she’s not there making a scene. EJ doesn’t care where Sami is. They have a drink as Johnny tells his father he’s looking for investors for his movie. EJ asks Johnny to work for him instead. Johnny has no interest in punching a clock. He defends his passion for movies when EJ belittles it. Johnny says he doesn’t need his father’s money, he’ll ask his mother. EJ snipes, “Good luck finding her.” Johnny slams his drink and walks out.

Tripp rushes to hug Allie when he sees her at the hospital. He’s thrilled she’s been released from jail. They kiss as Chanel exits the elevator. Chanel suggests they all go celebrate Allie’s freedom but Allie has to go to her grandmother’s for help with Sami. Chanel hands Allie documents to sign for their bakery. As she does, Chanel and Tripp exchange awkward glances. Chanel then watches as Tripp and Allie walk away.

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Allie and Tripp kiss at the hospital on Days of Our Lives

Marlena comes home to John as he gets off the phone with Belle. John relays to his wife that Allie and Claire were released from custody and that Ciara’s been found and reunited with Ben. Marlena then learns Sami’s marriage is over. Apparently, EJ vented to Belle during a business meeting about his wife’s tryst with Lucas. Marlena thinks they’ll find their way back to each other but John points out EJ threw Sami out of the mansion. Marlena wonders why they haven’t heard from her.

When Tripp, Allie and Henry visit John and Marlena, Allie explains no one knows where Sami is. Tripp wonders if Sami just left to cool down. Marlena and Allie know she wouldn’t just give up on EJ. John thinks maybe EJ wasn’t telling Belle the whole truth. Allie wonders if he thinks EJ did something to Sami.

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John and Marlena visit with Tripp, Allie and Henry on Days of Our Lives

After John leaves, Marlena reassures Allie about Sami and then tends to Henry in another room. Tripp tries to convince Allie to stay positive and suggests they get take out later. Allie wonders if they should have had dinner with Chanel who looked sad. Tripp assumes Chanel probably isn’t over her feelings for her. However, he muses Chanel could meet someone to help her get over Allie.

John stops by to see EJ, demanding about Sami’s whereabouts. EJ insists he doesn’t know where she is but John persists. Realizing John thinks he could have hurt her, EJ furiously declares he just kicked Sami out of the house. He promptly does the same to John. After John leaves, EJ downs his drink and throws the glass at the wall.

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EJ throws a glass in the DiMera living room on Days of Our Lives

John returns to penthouse and explains EJ stuck to his story. Marlena and Allie get text messages from Sami’s number that read she wants to be alone to figure things out.

Back at the mansion, EJ puts his phone away. He tells Stefano’s portrait, “Now that that’s settled, what are we going to do about Giovanni?”

Chanel has a drink at Julie’s Place as she thinks about her kiss with Allie. She tells herself she needs to get over it. Johnny bursts in yelling out for a drink. He sits with Chanel after they eye each other. He asks if she’s single.

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Johnny and Chanel toast at Julie's Place on Days of Our Lives

Later, Johnny learns his credit cards have been cut off. Chanel notes she’s been there and pays his tab. Johnny puts his number in her phone under the name Giovanni because that’s what his grandfather called him. They clink glasses.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Ben has something to tell Ciara, and EJ has plans for his son.

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