Allie and Henry visit EJ on Days of Our Lives
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After wishing Philip luck on his interview with Philip over the phone, Gabi drops her bag outside Rafe’s front door. She finds Sami’s necklace when she bends down to pick up her stuff. Inside the house, Gabi asks Ava if the necklace is hers. Ava says no, leading Gabi to taunt that maybe it belongs to Rafe’s secret girlfriend. Ava and Gabi exchange insults. Gabi then needles that the necklace could belong to someone Rafe is really into… someone like Nicole. Gabi puts the necklace on as Ava insists Nicole is her friend and isn’t interested in Rafe. Gabi doesn’t think even Ava believes that.

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Rafe consoles Nicole in her bedroom on Days of Our Lives

Nicole sobs in her bed as she takes off her wedding ring. Rafe enters and sits in a chair next to her bed. He reveals he brought Duke with him. Nicole weakly smiles. She admits she couldn’t face work today and cries over not being able to hide from Holly how heartbroken she is. Rafe gets up to hold her as she cries. Rafe reminds Nicole what a force of nature she is and that has nothing to do with a man. He encourages her to get out of bed as the first step to moving on. She follows his advice and gets up to brush her teeth and wash her face.

Ava calls Rafe while Nicole is in the bathroom. She has food ready but he says he won’t be home for a while because he’s at Nicole’s. She offers to come over with the food but he brushes her off. He’ll have leftovers when he gets back. After hanging up, Ava throws the food away.

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Nicole feeds Rafe in her bedroom on Days of Our Lives

Gabi returns to the kitchen to get in more digs about Rafe choosing Nicole over Ava and her manicotti. Meanwhile, Rafe makes Nicole mac n cheese at her place. She declines until Rafe says Holly was the driving force behind it. Nicole digs in and then feeds some to Rafe who hogs it. Nicole playfully tries to get the bowl back from him.

In the SPD interrogation room, Lucas fills Allie in on everything that’s happened with him, Sami, EJ and the letter. He gets a message from Belle informing him the charges have been dropped. Allie is free to go. She hugs her father and leaves to get Henry.

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EJ burns a letter on Days of Our Lives

EJ burns Kristen’s letter and throws it in the fireplace while declaring his marriage will not be rising from the ashes. Chad breezes into the room wanting to celebrate a deal he closed. EJ isn’t in the mood. He reveals his backstabbing wife is gone and not coming back. Chad is sorry to hear about Sami and Lucas. When EJ gets snarky about Chad being a cheater as well, Chad says both their marriages are worth fighting for. EJ is sorry for taking things out on him but from now on he’s going to focus on being CEO of DiMera. Chad corrects him, co-CEO.

After Chad leaves the room, Allie shows up with Henry. EJ is happy to see them. She reveals she knows what happened with him and Sami. Allie knows her mother loves him and asks if he can forgive her. Even if that were a possibility, EJ points out Sami isn’t around to forgive. He has no idea where she is but mentions she went to talk to Gabi.

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Allie heads over to Rafe’s place to ask Gabi if she knows where Sami is. At the same time, the door to the DiMera tunnels opens. EJ turns to look in surprise.

Eli tries to console Lani at home about Paulina. He thinks she should try and forgive her aunt, if only for herself. Lani will try but she needs to know why Paulina has run so hot and cold her entire life. Eli suggests she demand answers.

In her kitchen, Paulina reminds Olivia that she is Lani’s mother — not Tamara. Paulina’s mother recounts that they had no choice but to let Tamara raise her. When Olivia calls Paulina’s ex horrible and abusive, Paulina recalls thinking Ray was going to kill her. She knew if he found out about the baby he’d never let her go. Olivia knew Lani would be safe with Tamara, who insisted it was all or nothing. Paulina couldn’t ever tell Lani the truth and had to keep her distance. Paulina feels terrible about standing Lani up for their Paris trip but Olivia made her cancel it. Olivia feels for Paulina but reminds her Lani will be devastated if she finds out her whole life is a lie.

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Paulina and Olivia talk about Lani on Days of Our Lives

Lani knocks at the door. Olivia urges her daughter to ignore her but Paulina opens it. Lani runs to hug Olivia when she sees her and then updates Paulina on finding Ciara. She tells her aunt she forgives her for everything but she wants a promise that she’ll never lie to her again… about anything. Paulina says she has something she needs to tell her.

Next on Days of Our Lives: Johnny comes home to Salem, and Olivia tries to keep Paulina quiet.

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