Ben and Ciara kiss while sitting on a bed at the cabin on Days of Our Lives
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When Shawn and Theo burst into the cabin, Ciara tells Shawn to lower his gun. Theo takes Ciara aside and hugs her, as Ben watches from the bed. As Theo rants at Ben, Ciara interrupts him. She gently says being at the cabin helped her remember how much she loved Ben. Ciara asks to talk to Theo outside.

Alone with Ben, Shawn informs him Allie and Claire were arrested for helping him. Ben thought they were the ones who gave him up. He takes full responsibility for the plan — which he’d do all over again because it worked. Shawn agrees he and Ciara belong together. He’s just sorry Theo had to get hurt in the process.

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Ben watches as Ciara breaks Theo's heart on Days of Our Lives

Outside the cabin, Ciara apologizes to Theo. She feels like she used him. Theo doesn’t feel that way. He knew she’d remember Ben someday but he was hoping he could make her love him so much it wouldn’t matter. Ciara cries as she gives him her engagement ring back. Ciara knows he’ll find someone else to love but Theo can’t imagine loving anyone other than her. He leaves to wait for Shawn in the car.

Ciara returns to the cabin and asks Shawn to take Theo to Abe’s. After Ciara tells Shawn this wasn’t a kidnapping but an intervention, Shawn declares the charges against Claire and Allie will be dropped. He leaves.

Ben kisses Ciara and says the worst is over. Ciara beats herself up for hurting Theo. Ben thinks they were both just victims of circumstance. Ciara lays in Ben’s arms as they talk about everything that’s happened. She can’t believe he never gave up on her. Ben would never. They were meant to be together. They kiss, which increases in intensity. Ciara rips the buttons off Ben’s shirt and they roll around on the bed exploring each others’ bodies.

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Ciara returns her engagement ring to Theo on Days of Our Lives

Later, Ben and Ciara lay wrapped in each other’s arms. She tells him to never let her go. He won’t. They are each others’ forever.

Eli tells Lani and Abe at Brady’s Pub that Paulina’s reward offer led to Shawn finding Ben. Abe is grateful but Lani’s position on her aunt doesn’t waver. Eli backs up his wife. After Eli gets word that Ben and Ciara were found, he suggests he and Lani go home to the kids. Abe says he’ll get the details on what’s happening at the cabin.

Later, Abe calls Lani to update her on Ciara’s memory returning. As he hangs up, Shawn brings Theo to him outside the Pub. Abe embraces his son. Theo knows Abe tried to warn him. He has no one to blame but himself. Abe knows Theo will find true love someday. Until then, he can lean on family.

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Eli backs up Lani as she makes a point to Abe at Brady's Pub on Days of Our Lives

At home, Lani and Eli discuss Theo, before she admits she’s still upset about Paulina. She shares the story about Paulina disappointing her about Paris. Eli doesn’t understand because it’s like Paulina dotes on her. Lani calls it an act. She doesn’t even know who her aunt really is.

Paulina opens her door and exclaims, “What the hell are you doing here?” The woman says, “Is that how you greet your Mama?” Paulina apologizes for disrespecting her mother, Olivia, but was surprised she even knew where she lived. Olivia explains Paulina’s assistant Mary told her and booked her a flight. Paulina rolls her eyes over Mary’s big mouth and then lets her mother inside her apartment numbered 227.

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Marla Gibbs as Olivia on Days of Our Lives

Inside the apartment, Olivia tells Paulina her sister is furious with her. They both want her far away from Lani. After some arguing, Olivia reminds Paulina she promised to stay away from Tamara’s daughter. Paulina responds they both know Lani’s not really Tammy’s daughter. “She’s mine.”

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At the Horton house, Xander tells Jack he was the one dealing drugs with Snyder, not Gwen. He further lies that he tricked Gwen into delivering the envelopes full of drugs. She had no idea what was in them. After prompting from Xander, Gwen backs up the story. Jack rails at Xander for taking advantage of his daughter and orders Xander out of the house. “You disgust me,” he says and stalks out of the room.

As Xander packs, Gwen wonders what he’s thinking. Xander knows Jack wouldn’t want anything to do with her if he found out she lied about Abigail causing her miscarriage. He says it’s better for him to lose a friend than for her to lose a father. He’s also doing it for Jack. He’s never had a friend like him. Jack returns. Xander makes a show of apologizing to Gwen for including her in his scheme and tells her to appreciate having a father like Jack.

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After Xander’s gone, Jack brings Gwen a cup of tea as she thinks about her kiss with Xander. She tries to defend him to Jack but he won’t hear it. He says actions have consequences.

Xander walks through the Square. He runs into Shawn who arrests him.

Shawn arrests Xander in Horton Square on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Allie tries to track down Sami, and Gabi pushes Ava’s buttons.

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