Ciara and Ben share a charged moment on Days of Our Lives
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Tripp runs out of the shower in a towel to answer the door to Chanel. She’s looking for Allie but Tripp tells her she’s not there. Chanel relays that Allie never came home. Worried, Tripp calls Roman who tells him Allie and Claire were arrested. Chanel wants to go help Allie but Tripp says if anyone should go to the station it should be him. Chanel accuses him of being possessive but Tripp just wants to make it clear that he and Allie are a couple. Chanel is aware. She knows Allie made her choice and promises he won’t get any trouble from her. They agree to go to the station together — after he puts on some clothes.

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Tripp and Chanel worry about Allie on Days of Our Lives

Belle marches into the police department to demand Eli let Claire and Allie go. Eli would be happy to release them as long as they tell him where Ben took Ciara. It doesn’t end until Theo gets his bride back. Belle accuses him of making it personal. Eli admits it because Theo is family. Belle reminds him Allie and Claire are his family too. Eli reminds her Ben committed a crime and urges Belle to get the cousins to tell them what they know.

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Eli and Belle confer at the Salem PD on Days of Our Lives

Belle and Eli enter the interrogation room to get answers from Claire and Allie. The young women remain mum. Belle asks for time alone with her clients so Eli leaves. Belle tells the girls they could go to prison for aiding and abetting a kidnapping. She wonders if they are really willing to risk that for Ben Weston.

Tripp and Chanel enter the squad room as Eli takes Allie and Claire to lockup. After Belle leaves to talk to the D.A., Chanel tells Tripp they have to find a way to help Allie.

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Tripp and Chanel see Allie and Claire at the station on Days of Our Lives

Outside the Pub, Abe and Theo see a reward poster for information on Ben and Ciara. They assume Victor put up the money but Paulina arrives to claim responsibility. Paulina had to do something when she heard. Theo and Abe are touched and thank her. Lani approaches and tells Paulina to leave her family alone. She sees the reward poster and calls it irresponsible because it makes the cops’ job harder. She wishes she knew who put them up. Paulina pipes up. Lani rants at her aunt for trying to buy forgiveness. She insists they don’t need her help and rips down the poster. Theo defends Paulina who also appeals to her niece. Lani won’t hear it and orders Paulina to go. Paulina hangs her head and walks away.

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Abe tells his daughter that was uncalled for. They bicker until Theo says they need to focus on finding Ciara. Theo stalks off, as Abe wonders why Lani can’t let Paulina make amends.

Theo drops by Paulina’s place to thank her for trying to help find Ciara. Paulina thinks she already did.

Ciara wakes up in a t-shirt and sweatpants in the bed at the cabin. She sees Ben slumped asleep in the chair. She softly looks at him and takes a deep breath. She reverts to her defensive disposition when Ben stirs awake. Ciara threatens to leave but Ben reminds her the car broke down and it’s too far to walk. She’s determined though so Ben tells her to get the food he brought out of the car before she hikes twenty miles.

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Ciara returns to Ben at the cabin on Days of Our Lives

Ciara returns with a cooler and finds Chinese food inside. Ben reminds her it’s what they had on their first date. Ciara agrees to eat it but insists it won’t make her magically fall in love with him again. Ben accepts defeat. He won’t stand in her way of returning to Salem. She promises to send for help as soon as she gets there but orders him to never pull anything like this again. He assures her he won’t. He declares he’s done all this because he found the person he waited his whole life for. She shines her light in the darkest places of his life and they are meant to be together. He recalls how he took the advice of a fortune cookie to follow his heart when she was missing. He recounts the lengths he went to find her. He hands her a cookie believing whatever she finds inside will help her remember they are meant to be together. Opening it is the last thing he will ask of her.

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Ciara obliges and reads the fortune that simply says, “Yes.” Ben looks heartbroken that it doesn’t say more. Ciara gets up to leave but has flashes of their life as she walks toward the door. Ben jumps up and says, “You’re remembering right now.” Ciara denies it and runs to the door. Ben calls out for her not to go. He knows she’s remembering. Ciara stops and recalls Ben proposing with a fortune cookie. She leans against the doorframe, looks lovingly at Ben, and says, “Oh my God.”

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