Sami stands up to a defiant EJ on Days of Our Lives
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From his bedroom, EJ calls Kristen and tells her he got her letter. When she asks what he’s going to do about Samantha he says, “Believe me, I have plans.” He explains he threw Sami out of the mansion and that there’s no possibility of forgiveness. He notes how pleased Kristen sounds and says goodnight. After hanging up, EJ finds the necklace he bought Sami from Tuscany.

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Lucas and Sami have emotional conversation on Days of Our Lives

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Sami lashes out at Lucas in the DiMera living room for pulling the letter out of the fire. Now EJ knows everything and it’s all his fault. Lucas insists he tried to prevent EJ from finding out but Sami thinks he put Philip up to doing his dirty work. Lucas admits he was upset about her and EJ. He confided in his brother but he refused to go along with Philip’s plan. Lucas is sorry for how things went down. Sami softens. He proclaims his love and says maybe this is their chance to finally get back together. Sami isn’t convinced her marriage is over. This is just what she and EJ do. She will make EJ come around.

EJ returns to the living room wondering why Lucas is still there. Sami says he was just leaving. Lucas whisphers they aren’t finished but Sami insists they are. Lucas reluctantly leaves. EJ dangles the necklace in front of her and drops it. He calls it payment for services rendered. Sami picks it up, refusing to leave the mansion. She knows Gabi will let her stay for as long as it takes to make him forgive her. EJ says, “You can stay until hell freezes over. It won’t make a difference to me or how I feel about you.” Sami knows he loves her. She steps closer to him and says, “You can’t get rid of me that easily.” After she leaves to talk to Gabi, EJ promises the portrait of his father that Sami won’t get away with humiliating him.

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Gabi grabs Jake for a kiss on Days of Our Lives

At Rafe’s, Gabi gloats to Jake that she made a slight modification to Philip’s computer. She explains that she put a keylogger on his computer which will allow her to see every key stroke he makes. Now, they watch, listen and gather information to find the perfect way to sabotage him. Jake calls her a diabolical genius and pulls her for a kiss. Gabi muses that once they get Philip thrown out of the company, she’ll slide in as CEO. Jake counters that he could take the position. Gabi takes offense and they argue until things turns flirty. They head upstairs to explore what it would be like to work under each other.

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Chloe and Philip disagree on Days of Our Lives

Philip becomes frustrated in his office when his computer freezes. It starts working again when Chloe stops by. She asks him to dinner but he coldly suggests she have dinner with Brady instead. She doesn’t know what he’s talking about. He informs her he waited for her at the pub after Nicole and Eric’s party but she never returned from going after Brady. Chloe implores him to trust her or they will never stand a chance. Philip backs down. She’s right and he’s lucky to have her. He brings up the mess with Sami and Lucas, confessing he gave Nicole Kristen’s letter. Chloe doesn’t necessarily approve of Philip’s methods but she is happy Sami will reap what she sowed. Philip apologizes for being so jealous of Brady and suggests they have a do-over of that night. They kiss.

Lucas races into Philip’s office as Lucas and Chloe plan to continue their makeout session at home. Chloe says she’ll meet Philip there and leaves. After Lucas tells his brother what happened, Philip vows to fix it. Lucas tells him to leave it alone because he doesn’t stand a chance with Sami. Philip syas she’s making a big mistake passing up a man who loves her the way Lucas does. As Philip leads Lucas out, his laptop lights up and a program restarts.

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Lucas talks to Philip in the Titan office on Days of Our Lives

Ava enters Nicole’s apartment and finds Rafe holding her friend. “Am I interrupting?” she asks. Nicole explains how Sami destroyed her marriage and how she got her revenge. After she tells her tale, Nicole asks why Ava stopped by. Ava inquires about a job at Basic Black. Nicole thinks her working there would be a great idea. Ava says they can talk about it later and suggests they all go out to dinner. Nicole thanks them but she just wants to be alone. Rafe tells Nicole he’s just a phone call away if she needs anything. Ava averts her eyes and recalls past conversations about Nicole wanting Rafe for herself.

Outside Rafe’s place, Sami knocks on the door and calls for Gabi. Someone comes up behind her and puts a cloth over her face until she passes out. She drops the necklace as she’s dragged off.

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A black gloved hand covers Sami's mouth on Days of Our Lives

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