Ciara crouches down next to Ben at the cabin on Days of Our Lives
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Philip discovers Gabi reading on his computer at his desk. He wonders what she’s doing in his office. Gabi makes an excuse about her laptop not working. While he muses about doing underhanded things, she secretly pulls out a flash drive from his computer. Gabi then pitches Philip the idea of hiring Jake who could give them key intel on the competition. Philip wonders if she has ulterior motives. She responds, of course, she doesn’t, while flashing back to telling Jake her plan to oust Philip from Titan. Philip says he’ll consider it.

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At Rafe’s, Ava finds Jake house hunting in the kitchen. He brings up the fact that he is subleasing his place to Ben. Ava relays that Ben is wanted for kidnapping Ciara. Ava thinks the necktie killer has reverted to his old ways, while Jake counters that Ben is fighting for the woman he loves. After they debate the issue, Ava wonders why Jake isn’t fighting for his DiMera legacy. He thinks he’ll always be seen as an outsider, so he’ll do his own thing which could mean working at Titan. He brings up the fact that he used to work for the Vitali crime family and asks if she took over for Angelo a couple of years ago. She confirms she did but she is out of the family business for good. In fact, she’s going to ask Nicole for a job at Basic Black. She grabs her phone and calls her friend at work. When she learns Nicole’s not there, Ava leaves to talk to her in person.

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Ava reads over Jake's shoulder on Days of Our Lives

Gabi breezes into the kitchen and kisses Jake. She says their plan to take over Titan — and then the world — is officially in motion.

Ciara returns to the cabin because she doesn’t have her phone. She picks up Ben’s phone from the floor and says she’ll call him an ambulance and then go to her wedding. However, she can’t get cell service. Ben struggles to sit on a stool while still clutching his sprained ankle. She declares she’s leaving… but only after she wraps his ankle. He smirks as he points out she’ll have to come a lot closer to do that. Ciara asks for his tie to make the splint. When she notes it’s not enough material, he offers to take off his shirt. She declines and rips material off her wedding dress.

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Ben writhes in pain as Ciara sets his leg and finishes the splint. Ben thanks her and then recounts how he brought her there when she was injured. She trusted him to take care of her. When Ciara looks emotional, Ben asks what she just remembered. Ciara gets upset denying she recalled anything. She doesn’t want Theo to worry about her and tells Ben she’ll send for help when she gets back to Salem. Before leaving, she says the next time he sees her she’ll be Mrs. Ciara Carver.

Ciara bursts back into the cabin declaring the car won’t start. Ben thinks it’s the universe telling her she’s not supposed to leave until she remembers their love.

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Rafe intervenes when Sami attacks Nicole on Days of Our Lives

At Nicole’s, she and Sami bicker, leading Sami to lunge for Nicole’s throat. Rafe breaks up the women. Nicole says she never would have given EJ the letter if Sami hadn’t exposed her infidelity first. Sami wonders how she got the letter. When Nicole won’t tell her, Rafe interjects to relay she got it from Philip. Sami declares this isn’t over before leaving.

Nicole apologizes for putting Rafe in the middle of her and Sami. She gets emotional as she admits what she did to Sami didn’t make her feel better. She still lost her husband and is truly alone. Rafe assures Nicole he’s there for her. She doesn’t know what she would do without him. He puts his arm around her as she leans on his chest. Ava walks in and sees them.

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Nicole leans on Rafe's shoulder on Days of Our Lives

Lucas races into the DiMera mansion where EJ coldly tells him his mistress is not there. “You and Samantha have deceived me for the very last time,” he says. After arguing, Lucas says he rushed over there because he was afraid EJ was going to kill Sami. EJ assures him he’d never harm a hair on Samantha’s head. He picks up a letter opener and proclaims, “You on the other hand. I wouldn’t give it a second thought.” Lucas puts it to his chest, daring him to do it. Sami walks in and says, “EJ. No.”

EJ pulls the opener away and says Lucas isn’t worth it. He tells Sami Harold is packing up her things. He wants her gone from the house and from his life. After EJ leaves the room, Sami tells Lucas maybe she should have let her husband kill him.

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EJ threatens Lucas with a letter opener on Days of Our Lives

Next on Days of Our Lives: Philip is unhappy with Chloe, and Gabi fills Jake in.

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