Allie helps Ciara get ready for the wedding on Days of Our Lives
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After Shawn learns Belle is held up at work, and therefore one more person likely to miss the wedding, he gently suggests to Ciara she postpone. Ciara rants at her brother until Allie shows up. Allie tries to share the good news about the Square but Ciara only wants to talk about the wedding — this wedding, not the one with Ben. Allie promises not to bring Ben up. She helps Ciara with her hair as Shawn leaves for the church.

Shawn, Ciara and Allie before the wedding on Days of Our Lives

In his apartment, Ben tells Claire he has to take Ciara to the cabin because that’s where it all started for them. Ben doesn’t want to make her an accomplice though. Claire responds she is willing to aid and abet. Ben lays out a plan to swoop up Ciara on his bike, just like Bo did with Hope. Claire points out it’s super toxic and Bo did that in the “dark ages.” Ben thinks he’ll find another form of transportation then. All he needs is someone to text him when Ciara is leaving. Someone like Allie.

Back at Shawn and Belle’s place, Ciara starts to cry as Allie puts the finishing touches on her. She says marrying Theo is all she wants. When she goes to the bathroom to put on her dress, Ben calls Allie. He knows if he can get Ciara alone for a little while he can get her to remember. Allie’s onboard.

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After Ben hangs up the phone, Claire says she has a plan to keep the guests from realizing Ciara is missing. Meanwhile, Allie leaves Ciara to take care of something and will meet her at the church. Ciara looks in the mirror and sighs. She says, “And she lived happily ever after.” She thinks about Ben but says to herself, “Ben means absolutely nothing to me.”

At Julie’s Place, Theo learns over the phone that Chad can’t be his best man because he has to go to New York on emergency business. Theo tells Lani and Abe he feels like something is really off about this wedding but he thinks Ciara would fall apart if he backed out. After learning Eli has to testify in court, Lani offers to stand up for her brother. He accepts and then steps away to get the bill. Lani and Abe share their concerns about the wedding but agree they have to support Theo.

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Philip makes a point to Nicole on Days of Our Lives

Belle and EJ discuss a major deal at DiMera Enterprises and then move on to talk about Sami and the anniversary party. Belle knows her sister is the same conniving bitch she’s always been and marvels over EJ not seeing Sami for who she really is. Belle wonders how Sami would feel if someone did to her what she did to Nicole. Belle leaves for the wedding as EJ mulls that over.

Nicole drinks wine while looking at the smashed photo of her and Eric. Philip knocks on the door. She tries to get rid of him but he says it’s important. She lets him in and tells him Eric left Salem. He’s not surprised but tells her she can get revenge on Sami for exposing her infidelity. He pulls out Kristen’s letter, calling it the detonating device to blow up Sami’s marriage. Nicole smirks as she reads in print that Sami cheated on EJ with Lucas.

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Nicole holds a letter in one hand and a glass of wine in another on Days of Our Lives

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As EJ hangs up with Chad in his office, Nicole walks in. EJ needles her about the party, which only adds to Nicole’s joy as she hands him Kristen’s letter. EJ’s face hardens as he reads it. He tells Nicole she can go now. Nicole assumes it has to hurt knowing it was Lucas. After she leaves, EJ screams while swiping everything off his desk. He then calls someone demanding a new number for Kristen.

Sami finds Lucas in the DiMera living room. Lucas knows she orchestrated everything at the party and calls her a hypocrite. He admits he almost told EJ everything but he didn’t because he loves her. He’ll never understand why she loves EJ so much after the way he’s mistreated her but he will keep her secret. Sami tears up as she apologizes for dragging him into this. Lucas isn’t sorry because he loves her so much. If and when things go wrong with EJ, Lucas says he will always be there for her.


EJ comes home after Lucas has left. He tells Samantha he had an overwhelming urge to come home to his loving, faithful wife.

Belle enters the church to find Shawn who wearily shares all the mishaps from the day. Theo, Lani and Abe enter. Shawn asks Belle how his smile is. She says strained, just like Abe’s.

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The Carvers and the Bradys gather in front of a stained glass window in church on Days of Our Lives

Allie enters the church. She tells Shawn Ciara is outside waiting for him. Later, Shawn walks “Ciara” down the aisle. When Theo lifts the veil, he sees Claire standing there. She says, “Surprise.”

In the backseat of a car, Ciara tells the driver he’s taking the wrong way to the church. Ben looks back and says they aren’t going to the church. “Happy anniversary, Ciara.”

Allie, Theo and Shawn talk before the wedding on Days of Our Lives

Days of Our Lives will be pre-empted until August 6 due to the Tokyo Olympics.

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